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    Self Insert
    "People can really believe anything these days!" - Ismism
    This page is meant to represent HelloThere314's political views. Please do not make any major edits without their permission.
    Work In Progress
    "This page isn't even complete yet, who cares?" - Nihilism
    HelloThere314 is currently working on this page. Please do not interfere with their work. Instead, contact them to propose additional edits.

    Wiki is back yay! I'll be working to restore this page to its previous state.


    Ego.pngBeing As ItselfAnOnto.png

    PostPhenom.pngBeing In ItselfEgo.png

    Ego.pngThe Creative NothingNon-Essence.png

    Meta-Anarchism.pngRhizomatic CreationEgo.png

    Meta-Anarchism.pngThe War MachinePostHegel.png

    MathTheo.pngMathematical NominalismNon-Essence.png

    PostHegel.pngForced ConceptionsExistPhenom.png

    Absurd.pngDisunity And The Ontological AbsurdNon-Essence.png

    PostHegel.pngCo-option And The DialecticMeta-Anarchism.png

    Postsitu.pngThe SpectaclePostMarxism.png

    Postmodernicon.pngHypperreality And The PostmodernPostMarxism.png

    Meta-Anarchism.pngControl Societies And Capitalist RealismPostMarxism.png

    Ego.pngConscious EgoismSelf.png

    Post-an.pngEgoistic InsurrectionEgo.png

    Existentialist Anarchism.pngCamusian RebellionAbsurd.png

    DarkDeleuze.pngThe Political War MachineCommunization.png

    Situ.pngPolitics Of Everyday LifePost-Autonomism.png

    Post-Autonomism.pngThe Abolition Of CapitalEgocom.png


    • Rocksism.pngRocksmanylobsters - Obviously we are very different, with him relying on a sense of political realism, understanding liberation as creating more "just" systems, rather then seeing these as plainly vailed constructions. That being said, he's very friendly and he is anti-authoritarian, wich are all pluses.
    • SamTouseyShading.png07 - We both share a Deleuzoguattarian approach to philosophy, though I have a Stirnerite element at the heart of it. In terms of politics, we have very similar goals, though I think that mine are far less focused on some state of society. All in all, we are very similar, yet I have a Stirnerite element at the core of all my thought. You've been quite friendly and we're quite simular, so pretty good.


    I unfortunately cannot remember all the theory I have read at the moment, though I will try to restore this to its previous state.

    Theory I Have Written

    Theory I Am Writing

    • HelloThere314Icon.pngThe Dialectic Of One And All
    • HelloThere314Icon.pngStirner, Deleuze, And Guattari: On The Concept

    Theory I Am Reading

    • Postmodernicon.pngDisciple And Punish

    Theory Recommendations

    I unfortunately cannot remember all of the theory I have read, but I'll put the ones that have influenced me a lot. I'll be just talking of full length books.

    • Heidegger.pngBeing And Time
    • ExistPhenom.pngThe Transcendence Of The Ego
    • Existentialism.pngBeing And Nothingness
    • Absurd.pngThe Myth Of Sisyphus
    • Existentialist Anarchism.pngThe Rebel
    • Ego.pngThe Unique And Its Property
    • Egocom.pngThe Right To Be Greedy
    • Egocom.pngAll Things Are Nothing To Me
    • Post-an.pngThe Politics Of Postanarchism
    • Post-an.pngPostanarchism
    • DarkDeleuze.pngDark Deleuze
    • Meta-Anarchism.pngCapitalism And Schizophrenia
      • Meta-Anarchism.pngAnti-Oedipus
      • Meta-Anarchism.pngA Thousand Plateaus
    • Meta-Anarchism.pngPostscript On The Societies Of Control
    • Meta-Anarchism.pngChaosophy
    • PostMarxism.pngSimulacra And Simulation
    • PostMarxism.pngCapitalist Realism
    • Situ.pngThe Society Of The Spectacle
    • Situ.pngThe Revolution Of Everyday Life
    • Postsitu.pngSpectacular Times


    HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Comment if you want to discuss or if you want to be added. I will be deleting old comments.

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