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    IngHein, or English Heinrich-Cheungism is a Hyper Authoritarian Right, Capitalist, off-compass Technocratic, Ethnonationalist, Antithetic, Culturally reactionary(Except Technology, anime) and Orwellian ideology. He strongly avow Fascism, Militarism, and as same as his father Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism, likes Anime. He is also a Dystopian ideology. ALL THE THING HE IS DOING IS FOR THE HIGHEST EFFICIENCY.


    Society and Technology

    Like his father, Heinsoc also believes a laissez-faire market will be the most efficient way of production. And he considers that Just Totalitarian.pngTotalitarian or Ingsocf.pngIngsoc way of ruling is still too weak. His way of ruling is more approaching to IMESFA, an even more totalitarian way to administrate. And he values Technical Advancement as the foremost agenda to his evolution. Therefore, his technical level is far more advanced than his Nazcaptransh.pngfather. His Kardashev scale is currently 3.9(His Nazcaptransh.pngFather's Kardashev scale is 2.5). Unlike his father, Heinsoc will not only Physically remove his opponents, but "Annihilate" them thoroughly. Like using anti-matters to devastate his enemies. The energy happened in the process of "Annihilation" will be used as the energy resource of his civic using. In his society, all the population are fully "Ascended" people(Post-humanist population). Therefore, AI in his society has full citizenship. In his society, immigration is strictly restricted. Only the top experts from the other society are able to immigrate into his society.


    In a Heinsoc's society, economy is Social Darwinist. And his corporations have to undergo several Economic Eugenic tests to ensure those corporations are eligible to be competitive in universal trading and maximise the revenue. In his corporations, the workplace is hierarchical and also Social Darwinist. The employees have to using anyway to reach the higher status in hierarchy. Also, his corporations are in the every aspect of his empire, including military, energy, colonisation, and even Administration.(In fact, all his government is unironically a mega-scale corporation.)


    In Heinsoc's society, every citizen must have the ability to fight in the battlefield.(This is easy because all his citizens are fully ascended to the robots.) And the armoured vehicles, battleships and aircrafts are fully automated. However, Heinsoc will not consider using nuclear weapon to eradicate his foes. His favourite choice of large-scale destruction is orbit railgun. To ensure the destruction of his enemies' planet.

    "Die Korporation"

    In economy part, the component of Heinsoc's administration is mentioned to be a corporation. The Corporation is in every corner of Heinsoc's society. All the officials in Heinsoc's society are well-politically and administratively trained staffs. Their administrative ability is even better than "Big Brother" in "1984" and "Benefactor" in "We"(Another dystopian novel). To ensure the competitivity of "Die Korporation" the Executive Chairman of "Die Korporation" is 20-year turn.

    "Self-Regulation system"

    This is the mechanism made by Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich Cheung. This is how this mechanism work: First, it will search all the ideologies available. (Yes, even Senate.pngSenatorialism) Second, it will regulate itself to be as Authoritarian as the most Authoritarian ideology(Currently Nullball.pngNullism). Third, it will regulate its technical advancement level to the most advanced part.(Currently Omni 06 Icon.pngOmni-06 and Nullball.pngNullism) This is only serving as the "umbrella" of On-compass ideologies (Yes, even Libleft.pngLibertarian Leftists, Leftunity.pngLeft Unitists and Authleft.pngAuthoritarian Leftists)

    Personality and Behaviour

    1. Unlike the other Ingsocf.pngIngcap.pngIngnazi.pngOrwellian ideologies, Heinsoc is not an enthusiastic user of newspeak. He may rather using German to communicate and announce his perspectives.
    2. When Heinsoc is facing Communism.pngCommunist and Socialist ideologies(Except Nazbol.pngNational Bolshevism), he will say nothing but using his scepter to hit them in head to show his hostility to them.
    3. When Heinsoc is facing Thesmolcore.pngEternal Post-Ism, he will express his esteem to Him. Because Heinsoc believes that the Eternal Post-Ism is the only "Chosen one" of the ruling of the world.
    4. Heinsoc is always emotionless. Except when he is facing Anarchoanimegirlism.pngAnarcho-Animegirlism, his expression may have a little bit of fluctuation.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a Ingcap.pngIngcap ball
    2. Change Ingcap's eye into red and pupil into orange
    3. Draw a M35 Stahlhelm of Third Reich on his head
    4. (Optional) Draw a scepter near him, with a Fasces on it.



    1. Thesmolcore.pngEternal Post-Ism - Hierzulande musst du so schnell rennen, wie du kannst, wenn du am gleichen fleck bleiben willst.(Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.)
    2. IMESFA-icon.pngIMESFA- Nur unter der absoluten regel, werden die Menschen wissen, wie zu tun ist.(Only under the absolute rule will people know how to do.)
    3. Anarchoanimegirlism.png Anarcho-Animegirlism - Sie werden dich nicht mehr verletzen, schätzchen.(They won't hurt you anymore, honey.)
    4. Ingsocf.png Orwellian Ideologies - Ein bisschen moderat, aber ohne dich werde ich nirgendwo hingehen.(Kind of moderate, but without you I will go to nowhere.)
    5. Burgsys.pngBurgundian SystemBurgsys-rectangle.png - STRENG GEHEIM.
    6. Unbanmeball.pngSabkvism - Schätzbar Existenz. Und ich werde meine Dankbarkeit für die mich stärker auszudrücken.(Estimable existence. And I will express my gratitude to you for making me stronger.)
    7. Posthumandystoball.pngPosthumanist Dystopianism - Perfekt, obwohl der Staat und der Kapitalismus immer noch gebraucht werden.(Perfect, albeit the state and Capitalism are still needed.)
    8. Posth.pngPost-Humanism - Ohne dich werde ich nichts erreichen. (I won't achieve anything without you.)
    9. Strato.pngStratocracy - LASSEN SIE MICH FRAGEN, WER STÄKER IST ALS GUT AUSGEBILDETE SOLDATEN?(Let me ask you, who is stronger than well trained soldiers?)
    10. CosmoEsoFashFlair.pngCosmological Esoteric Fascism - Nicht gut, aber perfekt.(Not good, but perfect.)


    1. Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-CheungismNazcaptangle.png - Zu moderat.(Too moderate.)
    2. Nullball.pngNullism - Die Orwellsche Regierung ist gut. Trotzdem lehnen sie ungleichheit nachdrücklich ab.(The Orwellian government is good. Nevertheless, you strongly disavow inequality.)
    3. Krater.png Kraterocracy - Immer noch zu moderat.(Still too moderate.)
    4. Horror theo.png Horror Theocracy - Mit Dystopiker. Religion hat jedoch nie existiert.(Fellow Dystopian. However, religion has never existed)
    5. File:TOFBPRTPSHIEIIECABAA.pngTOFBPRTPSHIEIIECABAA - Gut. Außer Anime zu hassen und ein Primitivist zu sein(Based. Except for hating anime and being a primitivist.)
    6. Fiat.pngF.I.A.T - Bürgerlich und technologisch fundiert. Aber Sie mögen keine Laissez-Faire-Wirtschaft!(Civically and technologically based. But you dislike laissez-faire economy!)
    7. OrangeLib.pngMutual Libertarianism - Das einzig Gute an Ihrer Ideologie ist, dass Sie ein Posthumanist sind. (The only thing good in your ideology is that you are a Posthumanist.)


    1. Egoism.pngAll of the Egoists - "Die Korporation" hat sie daran zu erinnern, dass es Egoismus und Max Stirner nie gegeben hat.("The Corporation" has to remind you that Egoism and Max Stirner never existed.)
    2. AnSynd.pngAnarcho-Syndicalism - "Die Korporation" hat Sie daran zu erinnern, dass es Anarcho-Syndikalismus und Rudolf Rocker nie gegeben hat.("The Corporation" has to remind you that Anarcho-Syndicalism and Rudolf Rocker never existed.)
    3. Oiboioi.pngFile:Oiboifloppaism.pngAny types of OiboioiismStrayaIcon.pngFile:Strayamateyeboi.png - Verdammter Libtard.(Damned libtard.)
    4. Joeybuster.pngJoeybusterism - Diese Ideologie hat es nie gegeben. (This ideology never existed.)
    5. Anti-Floppaism.pngAnti-Floppaism - Diese Ideologie hat es definitiv nie gegeben. (This ideology definitely never existed.)

    Further Information

    1. Sabkvism#Sub-H31N-1000-5 (This is the fusion of Sabkvism and Heinsoc)

    As a moderator. IngHein serves as the function of Spam-Vandalism-Agendapost Obliterator. And that is his only function. (And also correcting some people's spelling mistake ofc.)


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