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    Heelerism is an economically left and culturally far-left ideology that takes influence from furry culture. He believes that humans were effectively 'programmed' by right-wing and authoritarian ideologues to wish to dominate and possess control over each other and other living beings, overriding their inherent desire to co-operate and pursue their own self-interests.

    He styles himself as an idealistic doomer, wishing to see a brighter and better future for everyone, but otherwise dismissing it as incredibly difficult, or even impossible, and the changes already made to humanity irreversible. He seeks escape from society and institutions, but knowing it is physically impossible without giving up basic comfort to live entirely off the grid, instead retreats into his imagination or into cartoon shows where he feels 'more at home'.

    The concept of constructivism is a crucial concept in the Heelerist ideology, as to him, no being is born to feel, think, or be a certain way, instead being shaped by the environment around them, whether through interactions, experiences, or mere sensory stimulation. Ultimately, Heelerism wishes to physically, permanently reside in a world, whether real or fictional, that is free from the constants of burden, suffering and human domination, and where individuals can develop freely without any form of imposed negative societal aspect. In occasional fits of depression and alienation, he would even wish to personally achieve this through technological advancement, usually in the form of either space exploration or alternate reality. He is most likely to have at least one 'comfort character' or 'waifu' from his most favourite cartoon, and will tend to commit himself to this relationship. He will also typically perceive sexualisation by others or some pornographic content depicting them as a form of human domination on either himself or the character in question, viewing it as a form of invasion. As a result, he may be viewed by others as 'schizophrenic' or otherwise 'mentally ill'.



    • Furry.png Furryocracy - Fellow furry and enjoyer of dog cartoons. I can vibe with you as long as you don't get too horny for your own good.
    • Furkin.pngFurry Otherkinism - I like your idea, though I don't think it'll ever happen, sadly. Plus I still just want to be myself.
    • Transhfur.pngFurry Transhumanism - Don't do that, don't give me hope.
    • Acidcomf.png Acid Communism - This world is beyond saving, mate. The cappies have taken everyone else over.
    • Nihil.pngNihilism - One thing is certain: the only constant in this perceived reality is suffering.
    • Cartoonism.pngCartoonism - Watching cartoons is nice, but being in the world of one would be even nicer.
    • AUS-Unionism.pngAustralian Unionism - Your ideology is pretty based, your music sounds nice, and our country made Bluey. What's not to love?


    • 2life.pngSecond-Lifism - This isn't how it works, mate... This isn't how any of this works.
    • Antihuman.pngAnti-Humanism - I agree that humanity is fucked up beyond all repair, but killing them all is not the answer.


    • HumanNat.pngHuman Nationalism - You're the reason why this planet is doomed to fall, you self-righteous monkey-spawn. Also aren't humans animals too, in the scientific sense at least?
    • Anti-Furry Nationalism - Somehow you're even worse.
    • Anthropocentrism - You're actually the absolute worst of the bunch.
    • Cap.pngCapitalism - Your advocacy of competition and your control of society through the market mainframe has turned humans into heartless leeches.
    • Fash.pngFascism - Are you not just the above one without the mask?
    • File:Anepstein.pngPolygon5ism - You try to take away everything that has brought me happiness and corrupt it. You should be glad I haven't taken away everything of yours yet.
    • Deviant.png DeviantArtism - Ew, you draw that shit of them too? You're just as bad as the one above you on the list.

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