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    Health and Safety (H&S, Paternal Technocracy or PatTec) is an ideology that believes the general safety of the public is the most influential factor when decisions, and that leading health and safety experts should be consulted at every turn to reduce potential hazards.

    H&S is entirely economically variable, but insists on any private businesses taking the most thorough of measures to ensure the wellbeing of their workers, even if it makes their enterprise unviable.

    Whilst PatTec is culturally indifferent, it can sometimes be seen as more right than left, because of its interest in discouraging unhealthy life choices, and raising awareness for the negative effects of obesity and recreational drug use.




    • Liberalism - You're catching on. But you still sometimes prioritise profits over safety, and that's not allowed.
    • Ingsoc - Constant surveillance of everyone is a wonderful idea. But torturing people is not in the spirit of health and safety.
    • File:Regulation.png Regulationism - So what are we regulating? The economy? Aww that's boring :(
    • Progressivism - Maybe being obese can be beautiful. I know not of beauty; only safety. But it still increases the risk of many medical problems, and I hate risks.


    • Libertarianism - You can't have freedom, you might injure yourself.
    • Fascism - You can't use violence on protesters. What if you get sued?
    • Acid Communism - Drugs are dangerous. You're a bad influence.
    • Social Darwinism - THIS ISN'T SAFE!
    • 'Muricanism - What in the absolute fuck is going on with your healthcare prices?!

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