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    Harmonism also called Harmonist Theocracy is the "philosophy'/way of living from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, it is based around the concepts of Friendship, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity & Loyalty and has several fictional and IRL variants


    Harmonism believes in the principles of Friendship, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity & Loyalty alongside a utopian esque Western style Socially Liberal/Progressive society. Government wise Harmonism (at least in Equestria) manifests as a Absolute Monarchy/Diarchy under the rule of the wise, benevolent, and seemingly Immortal Alicorns. and while Equestria is predominately female this is nothing to suggest that Harmonism (or Equestria) is inherently misandrist.

    The above mentioned Principles are exemplified by the "Element Bearers" who weld the Elements of Harmony which are six supernatural artifacts (tiaras) representing the aforementioned subjective aspects of harmony, said Elements of Harmony were "the most powerful magic known to ponydom" and would only activate if the wielder possesses the corresponding trait and only if all six are used in conjunction. They are usually only wielded on rare occasions as a last resort to restore and enforce the balance of peace and order.


    Equestria At War

    In the HOI IV mod Equestria At War, Harmonism serves as analog/replacement for the Democracy ideology. with the most notable difference being that Harmonism doesn't require holding elections. variants include Alicorn Rule.

    Religious Harmonism

    Religious Harmonismis is usually a dualistic religion that worships Celestia and Luna {possibly alongside other Alicorns) as living Goddesses, while also viewing Tartarus as a kind of Hell, this interpretation is almost always reserved to fanfics/fan theories but allegedly has a few IRL believers.

    Political Cupcake

    This is the version of Religious Harmonism according to the "eponymous" Polcompball user Political Cupcake, preserved for posterity.

    The Commandments Of Harmonism

    1 : Once You Worshipped This Religion You Can Not Leave This Faith At All Times Forever.

    2 : Do Not Use Impropriate Word Language Or Sign Language In Your Life If You Believe In This Faith.

    3 : Do Not Kill A Innocent Pony Whatever He Has Our Faith Or Does Not Have Faith.

    4 : Do Not Discriminate Anything That Has Different Faith, Different Race, Different Gender & Others Unless It Hate Our Faith.

    5 : Do Not Hate The Alicorns Even They Are Tyrants With The Same Faith Nor You Plan A Revolution Against Them.

    6 : Do Not Harm The Nature Environment Along With The Animals Of It Unless Self Defence.

    7 : Do Not Be Grumpy Or Maybe Sad For All The Time Of Your Life.

    8 : Please Donate Your Money And Extra Stuff For The Poor At Everything.

    9 : You Can Be A Naturist Or Have Clothes If You Want To.

    10 : Be Honest About Your Family, Your Friends, Your Workforce, Your Faith, Your Unknown Ones, Yourself & Everypony.

    11 : Celebrate The Holidays That Our Faith For Certain Days.

    12 : Please Help Everypony's Problems With Good Ideas Even A Messed Up One.

    13 : Please Have Much Many Friends As You Like To Increase The Chance Of Being One Of The Faith.

    14 : Please Go To School, Have A Family Of Your Own, Get Any Job And Do The Other Things.

    15 : You Will Have A Butt Tattoo Called A Cutie Mark Because Of Your Hobby And Carrier Even You Can Twerk For That.

    16 : You Can Do Magic Whatever You Like As Long It Does Not Harm The Faith.

    17 : You Can Be A Alicorn Deity If You Almost Follow The Rules Completely.

    That is the rules of Harmonism but wait there is a little more things about this religion so anyways it got books like The Friendship Journal, A Book That Stored Jewellery For The Friendship Of Harmony and many more but maybe Harmonism can have their own temples just like Churches or Mosques so anyway that is all even it was kind of unrealistic ideology [sic]


    In the Fanfic "What Hath Joined Together" Harmonism is known as "the Order," and is structured around stratified hierarchies based on Pony Race.




    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - Plagiarizer but at least you think my Ideals are good.


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