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    Handism is an Authoritarian Right, Culturally Right and Economically Mixed ideology. It supports a broad area of ideals, however its main idea is that the government is divided into 4 hands. The Execution (government), the Public (public relations), the Diplomacy (foreign relations), and the Military (military (obvs)).

    Handism comes from the fictional island country called Prossutt, in a large area called Semanesia.

    The Hands

    (honestly i give up on this section i don't have the time to fill this out, if anybody wants to finish it, dm me and i'll tell you about the other two hands at their fingers, just dm me i'm komoddeddragon)


    The top hand, it has control over the Hand of the Public. The Execution contains the powers of the government, its limitations, and how it has to bow down to the Hand of the Military. The Five Fingers of the Hand of Execution are Parliament, Public Control, Police, Domestic Crisis and The Order.


    Handism believes in a parliamentary system, in which local parties are elected to have seats in parliament and can have a say in what the government does.

    Public Control

    This finger says that the government has full permission to declare Martial Law if needed if the populace is roudy.


    This finger states that the Order should have control over the police.

    Domestic Crisis

    This finger states that the government will have to give power to the military in times of economic or public crisis.

    The Order

    This finger states that the Order of the Hand shall control everything, in a Particratic system.


    This is the hand that handles control of the public. Its five fingers dictate how it functions, and how it gives power to the Execution. Its five fingers are Party, State Control, Communes, Local Relations and Religion.


    Party states that the Public has the choice to elect their chosen parties to parliament, re-affirming the Parliament finger in Execution.

    State Control

    Essentially the same thing as Public Control. The Public will have to submit to martial law if declared.


    This one states that a community has a choice to create a commune, as long as the majority of people within that community support said commune. Communes have control over their territory and have the option to resist martial law if declared. However, communes are not allowed to vote for seats in parliament.

    Local Relations

    If an area starts getting roudy, it is the Public Hand's job to fix the relations, or call in the Military Hand if things go violent.


    The Public Hand must enforce the doctrine of the Order of the Hand, which is mostly Shi'a following the Jafari school of thought.


    Despite his intimidating look, Handism is actually very friendly as long as you're not a socialist. They get along well with Hoppeanism. Handism will constantly be called a Nazi because of his secondary design, which is very similar to the Burgundian style swastika. The symbol is actually a Keufakka, which is made to represent the distribution of power between the hands. He will also, a lot of the time, be speaking Prossuttian, which no one except him can actually understand. An average Prossuttian sentence sounds like "Geofak ynt gleuy ka je ruommondoggar." (pronounced gay-yo-fak eent glo ka ya roo-oh-mon-do-gar) ((also the sentence roughly translates to "Did you see the pumpkin from earlier"))




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