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    Hafranism is arab socialistic ideology that was found in Karamadastan (now is Kaldemia) by philosopher and politician Hamud Hafrani.

    Firstly hafranism was declared as official ideology in Kaldemia after coup 1974. Leader of Kaldemia Ahmed Najaar declared ideas of Hafrani the official in his state. He started secularisation, nationalisation and created new autocratic regime in Kaldemia



    On December 26, 1974 Party of Patriotic Revolutionaries in ahead of Ahmed Najaar completed coup. Emir Kafir al-Albutula was overthrown and Najaar became first president of Karamadastan.

    Najaar started hard reforms in Kaldemia: he started secularisation of churches and society in general. Many churches and mosques were nationalized, many priests were arrested. Najaar also started nationalisation of fabrics and farms. He also continued industrialisation of Kaldemia.

    On January 11, 1975 officially renamed Karamadastan to Kaldemia, because old name of Kaldemia was 'too reactionary' for Najaar. On January 13, 1975 he officially adopted a constitution of Arab Republic of Kaldemia. Namely then Najaar started to build relations with Chunguai, Flowersia and other socialistic state in world.

    After successful negotiations with Hua Kuan Chunguai started to send aid for Kaldemia. This aid strongly influenced on economic growth of Kaldemia under Najaar. Next state that started to send aid to Kaldemia became Flowersia. Under presidency of Gleb Blushchenko Najaar didn't have really good relations with Chunguai. However he still supported Chunguai for pragmatic reasons
    Najaar is supporter of realpolitik and he is awesome pragmatist
    . Some later he started detente with Small Cornelia under Nick Berlinhower.

    After assassination of Blushchenko and returning of Wang Shanpan to power, Najaar again got aid from Chunguai and started detente with this state. Economic growth in Kaldemia was nearly 11% for a year then.

    Namely Najaar helped Daghman Baghdadi to separate Imerdaq out Khorisia but later was happened cooling between these states. Najaar accused Baghdadi in 'too capitalistic version of hafranism', and Baghdadi accused Najaar in 'pro-communistic policy'. Anyways both leaders are pro-chunguian politicians. Anyways they started detente in middle of 1977 to prevent the possible war.


    On September 14, 1975 Daghman Baghdadi declared region of Northern Dudeland independent state. He separate from Khoirisia and named new state Imerdaq, because locals often calls this region 'Imurtuqi'. Baghdadi declared about referendum in North Dudeland to decide a fate of country. According with results of referendum nearly 87,4% of population. Then Imedaq became independent state.

    On September 23, 1975 OGU accepted resolution 86 that recognized independence of Imerdaq. This meant that Imerdaq became legitimate state and regime. On October 17, 1975 OGU Secretary Council accepted OGUSC resolution 21 and Imerdaq (with Imerdan, Wharmyaw and Cassia) became member of OGU.

    Initially Baghdadi had good relations with Small Cornelia and respected then president Pierre Ketvire but later on was happened hard cooling between these states. Small Cornelia didn't recognize membership of Imerdaq in OGU. It wasn't so long because new president Nick Berlinhower started detente with Imerdaq. However relations of these states are too tense.

    After coup started many economic, social and cultural reforms in Imerdaq. He started mass nationalisation of oil, secularisation of society and created strong welfare state. Daghman declared a lot of local traditions 'illegal and reactionary' and started domestic anti-communistic policy. Anyways in foreign policy Daghman is too friendly with Chunguai.

    During presidency of Gleb Blushchenko Baghdadi didn't have bad relations with Chunguai except his kaldemian ally. Daghman continued to get aid from Chunguai. By the way economic growth of Imerdaq was nearly 16-17% for year then.

    Unlike Ahmed Najaar, Daghman Baghdadi is totalitarian and repressive dictator and supporter of idea about unworthiness of Defenderla. Despite Baghdadi is secular politician, he supports many islamic values over christian, buddhist or judaist.



    • Arab Socialism — Father! But I still need to embrace capitalism instead of socialism, sorry...
    • Ba'athism — My real life variation, despite I'm more socialist a bit.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism — Unconditionally yes.You are a bit outdated tho.
    • National Bolshevism — He advocates for me and this is based!
    • National Capitalism — Helped my kaldemian side a lot. Thanks for economic advisers and my nationalist system!
    • Police Statism — Thanks for security, brother!
    • Republicanism — Long live the Republic of the equals and national democracy!
    • Saddamism — Good inspiration for my imerdaqi side.
      • — I still prefer secularism to theocracy!
    • Secularism — Remove theocracy, it's Secularity time!
    • Social Authoritarianism — Literally me!
    • Totalitarianism — Basically Daghman, and we have common enthusiasm on brutality and autocracy. Despite you seems too hard for me sometime.


    • Bundism — Jew, but socialist and anti-zionist. Why did you disown our friendship, though?
    • National Agrarianism — I protects our farmers, trust me!
    • National Conservatism — Baghdadi is based, and homosexuality is definitely bad. But calm down a bit.
    • Nazism — Daghman was compared to you. But your views are too extremal!
    • Neocornelianism — I don't sure about capitalism, and imperialism is cringe but we still can be friends, at the least.
    • Pol Potism — Genocidal lunatic and weird but acceptable. Welcome to Non-Aligned gang, guy!
    • Progressivism — I advocates for secularism, introduced the women's rights, oppose to monarchy and perennialism. I am the mortal enemy of imperialism, so why do you hate me? But he support me over cornelian colonialists.
    • Reactionaryism — We used to be mortal enemies, and you want to return monarchy, but my side from Imerdaq has sympathies on you. Although my kaldemian side still wants to kill you.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — While I could embrace progressive doctrine in my first years, I never could accept you!
    • Tridinamism — My good friend who helped me to get the power, but neutrality is chad, I won't join your bloc!



    1. Daghman Baghdadi did not disown secularism and republicanism but became clearly traditionalist and reactionary.


    1. "There is no homosexuality at all, it is the sickness of the mind!" D. Baghdadi
    2. "We should keep our traditions and family values, only pure traditionalism and unconditional nationalism can lead us to republic of justice and equality!" D. Baghdadi
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