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    Habsburgism is an ideology who's main attribute is that it supports a state where every person is closely related or even entirely directly related (colloquially known as a "Just-My-Family-State"). It believes that this will bring everybody in the state together, as a family, and most issues in the nation will no longer persist. Habsburgism is Non-Quadrant as it could be applied to any ideology, but is very commonly associated with traditionalism due to its extreme emphasis on preserving the family unit, and is also commonly associated with Monarchism, just for fun.

    The House of Habsburg is its praxis.


    There are two main conceptions for how a Habsburgist state would be established and function.

    Orthodox Habsburgism

    Orthodox Habsburgists want to establish the ideology by interbreeding with all other members of a society until everyone is closely related.

    Ethnic Habsburgism

    Ethnic Habsburgists believe that their family's bloodline is its own race, which just so happens to be the master race. They want to segregate or eradicate anyone who is not part of their family.


    Austrian Empire

    The Austrian Empire was a monarchy ruled by the Habsburgs, the family which this ideology is named after, and they largely only wedded to members in their bloodline for political reasons. However, this would lead to their demise because they finally reached a point in which there was a son who couldn't reproduce, he had multiple mental problems and was highly deformed but he did try to rule justly in his few years of life.


    • He is very close with his family members and never hangs out with anyone else.
    • He probably believes they have all have an impure bloodline.
    • He really likes talking about the HRE and the spanish empire.
    • He hates french people a lot including the bourbon dynasty.

    How to draw

    Flag of Habsburgism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the Habsburg flag; a bicolor with black on top and yellow on the bottom half.
    3. Draw a crown.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!






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