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    This page is 's ideology, and was mostly made for fun, it was highly inspired by HeredyBall and his self insert know as ! with that said, the page will also expand in the future

    Have in mind that is from Brazil, so is also mainly focused on issues and problems involving Brazil, and may not be compatible to other nations.


    • Protecting - My country has one of the highest crime rates and some places are basically controlled by criminal gangs and i don't think this is healthy nor acceptable.
    • Eliminating Kleptocrats - My country has the potential and everything it needed to be successful, but the people who have the power to bring that success are more worried about themselves, not their nation or the people in it.
    • Spreading solidarity and care - At the very least, everyone should have easy access to everything needed to survive on our modern society. And we should be aware of that.
    • Preserving Nation and Culture - Although we go though difficulties, it's important to never give up on what's important for us, and what makes us connected with eachother.
    • Hegemony - We should not let other countries treat us like we're their pet or something, and being self-sustainable and Stable is a good start

    Civic Beliefs

    The role of the State

    I believe that the state has some core roles such as:

    • Protecting the people - The state should give security to the people, with a strong Military to protect the country, an Armed Police to enforce law and order, and other Essential jobs like firefighters to keep everyone safe. It should punish not only the criminals and the enemies of the people but also the politicians who abuse their power for their own good. Arresting that thief would be a good start.
    • Guarantee well-being - well-being is essential to archive healthiness and happiness, and no one should suffer from lack of care just because of their social conditions.
    • Guarantee (and nationalize) basic utilities - Everyone should have access to:
      • Roads and Transportation
      • Electricity
      • Education
      • Health
      • And basic basic utilities like food, clean water and basic sanitation (This last one being an issue in most Brazilian cities... Sadly...)

    By following those, the State gets the trust and fidelity from the people, motivating both to collaborate with eachother ๐Ÿค

    The role of the People

    I believe that the people, just like the state, has some core roles such as:

    • Collaborate with the state - Everything needs popular support, and the State should know that and follow the will of the People and vice versa.
    • Find a purpose - The people should find a purpose for themselves, be it by helping others, working, educating, etc.
    • Spread Culture - Culture, Tradition, Values, History... all of those need to be preserved and teached. What even is the point of being part of a nation if you have nothing to live for?

    By following those, the People develop a sense of pride, leading then to defend and help their Nation and the people in it ๐Ÿค

    The Limit

    Going extreme in the civic compass will only cause trouble and disgrace for everyone you're trying to help. That's why we should always oppose Totalitarianism and other Hyper-Authoritharian ideologies , as those drain every single drop of liberty that an individual should have to live a normal life, but that doesn't mean that we should ever seek anarchy, as it's a totally flawed, unrealistic and dangerous idea, doesn't matter which one we're talking about, liberty is good, but too much of it can strongly backfire, and every society needs atleast some kind of authority and/or organization to function.

    Economic Beliefs


    I believe that a certain amount of Economic Freedom is required for a successful economy, not to the Point of Laissez-faire, but neither it should be a Planned Economy, because the market is naturally unpredictable and trying to take full control of it will only delay economic progress. I also think everyone should have the right to start a business and have their own property/land.


    A full Laissez-faire Capitalism would lead to outcomes such as:

    • exploitation
    • unethical mega-corporations
    • inhumane Markets (Like Human Trafficking, Drug empires, Unrestricted fire weapons) etc.

    And those can negatively impact the workers, costumers, and people related to that Market. That's why we need Regulations not only to protect the market but everyone involved. But we should not go too far on this regulations, or else it may backfire and end up retarding our economy.


    We should always try to collaborate with other nations in economic terms, since those trades generally benefits both countries in it. This could also create Brazilian markets around the world, that's why i'm in favor of economic unions, such as the MercoSur.


    i believe that corporations are a good way to expand national markets around a country and around the world, And if the Corporation follow basic human and ethical rights, we should give incentives for them to expand to international markets, to guarantee our economic stability and maybe hegemony around other close countries.

    Foreign Beliefs

    Why having a Nation?

    For me, loving your country is about having affection for it's culture and values and wanting to improve the Nation for the common people in it, it's not about who's nation is superior, it's about help, care and consideration for everyone that lives in the same soil as you.

    National Hegemony

    For ages my country has been looked down and mocked because of how powerless it was, that's why we need to seek power and authority around the world, and stop being a "third world spectator" or "USA's Yard", but we should not directly attack any of our neighbors, instead, we should expand our economic and diplomatic influence around them, and when we have the conditions to, we should put those ideas in practice, this way we can archive a sphere of influence around our neighbors. And the benefits that this will bring for our economy and people will be totally worth it.


    I tend to not like the West's interventionist nature, and i would avoid doing it against any existing country, because it only brings a bad image and reputation to your own nation. I also believe every Nation deserves sovereignty, not only mine, and that a Nation's Sovereignty ends where another one starts, kind of Civil libertarianism but for Countries. But i'm not a Saint, i often find myself cheering or wishing for the collapse of certain nations and sympathizing our war crimes with others.


    I'm in favor of immigration, i believe that the more people to work and collaborate for your nation, the better, but only if they assimilate to our culture, or else this could create instability and dangerous polarization. We should also teach them how to operate in this world, to make it possible for them to rebuild their life here in case they are war immigrants or in other critical situations, and they should be treated like any other citizen (and receive citizenship) so they create a sense of pride just like the natives.

    Societal Beliefs

    Basic Human Rights

    • Everyone is Equal - Every citizen within the country should be treated like any other. Race, ethnicity, gender and social class shouldn't matter, they all deserve to be treated like humans and have the same opportunities and importance as any other, they are our people after all.
    • Eugenics - Eugenicism and Genocides are undesirable for obvious reasons, but since this is the PCBA, i will have to explain why these types of ideas are completely crazy, as they reduce human beings to mere sets of genes, which i find incorrect, there's way more to the human world and mind as it may look like at first.


    Education is failing, but why?

    • Lack of care - Well, first of all, never in the history of this country have we had a president that cared about education, so first we need someone apt that genuinely cares about that issue.
    • Horrible Jobs - Teachers also have terrible salaries even though they do one of the most essential jobs in society, to the point where their profession is mocked and few people want to be one when they grow up, so we also need to increase their salaries and/or working conditions, they are the ones that guide this country after all.
    • New way to Teach - We should follow the Nordic Model when teaching, some hours in class and some hours studying about what we just learned, as this is scientifically proven to be the ideal way of studying.

    Culture and State


    I am strongly against Hedonism and any form of uncontrolled "pleasure", here is a list of some:

    • Drugs - Drugs are one of the most addictive and harmful things that someone could use in their routine, using it is one of the worst decisions someone could take on their life because you become dependent on them and this kind of behavior fries your dopamine receptors with unproductive and useless activities.
    • Porn (and also Prostitution) - No different from the above, the effects are the same. if you cannot go a single week without porn, you have some serious problems.
    • Gamble - Gamble addicts will try their hardest to differentiate themselves from porn and drug addicts. The only real difference is monetary loss instead of moral coss.
    • Alcohol - Alcohol should also be banned like the ones above for similar reasons, especially for young people, but some very small amounts of it can be accepted.

    How to Combat it

    The basic and most rational thing to do is to Educate our youth on the danger of addiction, explaining how it works and showing real examples of what happens when you become addicted to such things. Again we need someone apt who genuinely cares about the problem. Heavy taxes for users and establishments of the above are also a good idea in order to demotivate the usage of such, and remember we always have the Authoritarian path, if necessary, the state should ban all porn sites, all gambling sites and establishments, imprison drug dealers and more.

    Mainstream topics

    I call those Mainstream topics because they are very common topics among social discussions.

    • Feminism - I see no reason why women wouldn't have the same civic rights as men, but honestly, feminism should have stopped in the second wave, especially this "I should be able to wear whatever i want without being raped" crap, if someone is mentally sick enough to rape somebody, they ain't gonna care about your clothes, all you're doing is making an awkward environment for people around you with your clothes showing 75% of your skin.
    • Abortion - Abortion is undesirable, but sometimes it's necessary. Abortion is needed when in situations of Rape, Risk of life, failed preservatives etc. But of course there will be those people who will skip all safety measures for not getting pregnant and then complain about how their abortion is needed and necessary and how the state is hypocrite and yada yada yada. And this is why we should start teaching our youth on sex safety from the day they're able to reproduce, if you're conservative you may find this wrong, but it's necessary.
    • LGBT - My views on gay people? depends on who i'm hanging out with

    Ecology ๐ŸŒณ

    Why plants are important

    Plants are literally the reason we are alive on this planet, they have made it possible for us to rise as a species, they provide useful oxygen and without them we are nothing (they are also really cool and pretty). It's sad that alot of our politicians don't take this issue as serious as it really is, Specially the most popular ones .

    Plants vs Industry

    Beetween plants and industry, i tend to prioritize plants, because they are literally the reason we're alive, but at the same time, we must not destroy our industry in the name of the enviroment, we instead need to start punishing certain corporations for polluting or destroying nature, those punishments can go from mere taxes to propaganda aganist those corporations. Maybe we will have temporary negative effects in our economy, but in the long term it will be completely worth it.

    Why Ecology is not a "Leftist" issue

    I consider myself an Eco-Conservative, as i believe nature is also a part of our cultural identity, our habitat, our place of living and also our surroundings, it's the most fisicial form of conservation and should be practiced as well. I'm also a Eco-Nationalist as i consider our nature an essential part of our country and no one should intervene or invade our country because of ecological reasons (*clears throat* Macron ), and also because a whole nation should be more than enough to pressure a politician from burning trees. The point is, we should not treat ecology like a Cultural War, or even a political issue at all, else we will only delay ecological progress, instead we should come together as a Nation and fight on the same side aganist those people who destroy our nature, doesn't matter if you're right-wing or left-wing, if you're destroying our planet, i'm confident to say you're not a good person.


    Mega Based

    • Rigby Thought - You and i have a lot in common, it probably helps that we live in the same country, you also say alot of things that i don't have the courage to hehehe, also your ideal Brazil is the one i always dreamt of! But sometimes you go too far, especially with your civic beliefs. Also stop bootlicking him.


    • Skinny Populism - You're cool, i don't have much against you, you're just an average lib. I'm still wondering if you really hate fat people or if it's just a silly joke.
    • Armandonian Liberalism - I appreciate how you're one of the few sane and non-radical people on this community, your ideias seem very promising and realistic.
    • - The only notable discrepancies i see is progressivism and socialism, but besides that, i loved your ideology, especially your ecological ideas which have now influenced me.
    • Altemism - You're probably one of the few people that make Monarcho-Socialism look possible and not wacky, i think i would like to try your ruralist style of life, even if it's very different from mine.
    • Vynism - You're like an extreme, crazy version of me, maybe too extreme? Anyways love most of your beliefs especially your cultural and religious ones.
    • Craniocommunization - Me in a parallel universe where i was smart more philosophical. we disagree in a few things tho but whatever.
    • - Not a big fan of Ultraprogressivism or Anarchy but i like the way this is going.


    • MacDeko's_thought - Your ideology seems very promising but your page seems kind of vague and incomplete, and i also hate the French just like you, although it's for different reasons
    • Jefbol Thought - Your ideas are very unique and it has a lot of potential if practiced correctly, but they're not what i'm going for.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - I really admire the majority of your foreign, economic and civic policies. Specially your way to interact with other countries, like encouraging economic imperialism. But your social policies kind of ruin everything (Especially Neoliberalism). Also... common, The Brazilian Status-quo is terrible.
    • Salvationism - You look like what would happen if someone picked AuthRight and LibLeft, threw them in a blender and made a cake with the result. Other than that you're pretty decent.
    • User:Khomeinism - You're basically me but even more Anti-Western and Traditional. I think you're going too far though, you're tad too crazy and extremist. Sorry for dragging you 2 tiers down, but you fucked up very badly with the things you posted on the main wiki.
    • Niiloism - Not a big fan Ethnonationalism and Anti-Semitism but the rest is cool i guess.
    • User:EgoFutureStrasserism - Nothing very special to say, we have some similarities but your page is pretty incomplete too

    Boi what the hell boi

    • Serbian Socialism - I don't like your ideals of Communism and Titoism, they're too radical for me, i assume that if i lived in Serbia my opinion would be different, but i don't so... yeah. Atleast you hate the EU and NATO.
    • Meowxism - You're like mild flavor Stalinism, you're too Authoritarian and Left-Wing, revolution is probably a good way to enforce your ideology, since it's so radical, but the way you propose it is very chaotic. Also, don't you think that you're kind of a Revisionist? I mean you're almost a Neo-Bolshevist at this point. atleast you dislike porn... i guess?
    • Mordecaism - Your Laissez-faire thing is complete nonsense that would never work in practice, and you're too progressive for me, also how am i Brazilian Johnson if i'm not even Progressive?
    • Io - I like your funny words egoist man.


    • Glorified Communism - Your ideas are way too philosophical for me, reading your page is like entering a rabbithole, i "disagree" with most of your views, but at the same time i feel like i don't even know what i'm disagreeing with, in general, you're not what i'm aiming for.

    Add List

    Add in any format, i will delete it after adding you anyways, please don't request it on the comments


    • - Use this section for questions/critics or whatever.
    • Neo-Levithianism - Do you have the time and patience to make a portrait for my ideology please,I'll add you and give you credit,can you do it?
    • - Hello, I made some changes about you and you can make some changes in your relationships if you want.
      • - alright
        • - Why not make a change?
          • - i already changed it before you first commented there, i also don't have much to add
    • Armandonian Liberalism - You should add Neo-Mercantilism (You can find it on Protectionism) to your page, since you are an economic imperialist
      • - Added it, Thanks for the suggestion, it really seems to fit me!
      • - Hello, please help me, block me on the main wiki page, tell them I will delete the article about the holocaust, tell them I didn't read the rules, please talk to the administrators.๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
        • - THE WHAT?
    • - I meant I got blocked on the main page of the wiki, help me.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
      • - Holy shit...
      • - I should have listened to your advice. Please help me. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
      • - I'm sorry bro but there is nothing i can do, if i help you they will probably just end up banning me from both the anarchy wiki and the main one
      • - At least give me a way to talk to them.
      • - Ok, Here is the page on the main wiki where you can find the moderators, click on one of their pages and talk to them using their socials (you can find it on their pages).
      • - The manager who blocked me was named User:Athena von Krab, tell her to call me and I care if I talk to her for a few words, and this person's Twitter is also written as Elon Musk. which cannot be distinguished between Twitter users. Tell him do you have Telegram or Instagram?
      • - I don't have any of those, talk to someone else or try moving your page to the anarchy wiki i guess. But read the rules this time.
    • - stop putting corporations on my country otherwise I will put a tariff on it
      • - Hehehe no, throws 20BRL at you
    • - Add me :3


    How to Draw

    • 1. Draw a ball
    • 2. Divide the ball in 2 horizontal parts with the upper one being green an the bottom one being yellow
    • 3. Make a blue circle in the middle of the ball
    • 4. Draw the territory of Brazil inside the ball and fill it with white
    • 5. Draw a blue arrow coming from the bottom left of the Brazilian territory
    • 6. Add the eyes
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #009739 0, 151, 57
    Yellow #FEDD00 254, 221, 0
    Blue #012169 1, 33, 105
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    What do i find beauty in this world?

    • Ecology - Green life is beautiful and no one should dare to kill it.
    • Community - I find the idea of being connected to my local community very cool
    • Nation - The nation is beautiful and it's something to be proud and to fight for

    "If you have to explain way too much on how something so simple makes you happy, you're probably not happy at all"

    Things i plan to add

    • Update Economics
    • Update Teaching
    • The issue with Lula
    • The issue with Bolsonaro
    • The issue with Brazillians

    Please don't add it for me, i will only add those when i have them ready or planning on starting them. Empty tabs makes the page look ugly

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