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    Gustavoism is a mostly Brazil-centric, economically ambiguously left-wing ("free-market socialist), civically neutral but statist-leaning, Brazilian cultural nationalist and socially conservative ideology, de facto founded by Gustavo Henrique, a 13-year-old autistic Brazilian, in 2017, although it has evolved a lot since then. Once a former "tankie" or Nazbol, Gustavo became attracted to various ideologies until he came up with his own. It supports a market socialist economy with only strictly but fairly enforced antitrust, labour and enviromental laws, socially conservative values jointly enforced by society and the state, Brazilian culture in opposition to American one, multiracialism, Christian ethics and enviromentalism. It is anticapitalist, antiregulationist (for the most part) and Anti-Communist, and supports liquid democracy. The ideology's founder spammed it on r/Polcompballanarchy, leading to massive drama and his temporary banning from there.



    Gustavoism supports fairly deregulated market socialism, with a mixed economy with workers' self-management and workplace democracy on state-owned companies, and with small and medium businesses allowed to be private. It supports the state providing free healthcare and education for these who can't afford it. Gustavoism endorses the abolition of intellectual property. Gustavoist Market Socialism wants only three primary types of economic regulations: enviromental, antitrust and labour laws, but these would be more strictly enforced than in irl Brazil. Gustavoism sees this approach as a solution to Brazil's two biggest economic problems: overregulation and income inequality. However, Gustavoist Brazil would have a sovereign wealth fund, six taxes (progressive income, sales, LV, inheritance, corporate and progressive capital gains tax), a basic welfare state, and job guarantee.


    Gustavoism is socially conservative, strongly opposing pornography, abortion, recreational drugs (however, it supports rehabilitation for marijuana users), abortion (except in cases of rape, incest, underaged pregnancy, birth defects, or when the mother's life is in danger), trans rights (it does not hate trans people though) and supports a Nordic Model approach to prostitution. However, it supports gender equality, decriminalizing marjiuana use, and legalizing euthanasia for terminal patients.


    Gustavoism supports cultural nationalism, including mandatory national anthem and prayer on schools, classes about national culture, and a strong military. It supports promoting Brazilian culture in detriment of American one, and to make Brazil a strong, respected voice in International affairs. Gustavoism views several nationalist figures in Brazil's history as inspirations, even though their economic views were far different from his. The ideology sums its views as "Brazil-First Socialism", believing in a synthesis of moderate forms of left and Right-wing Nationalism.


    Gustavoism is opposite unity in the civic axis, believing in a strong state, but also liquid democracy. It could work with a monarchy

    Enviroment and Climate Change

    Gustavoism used to support man-made climate change skepticism, however the ideology's founder soon became an environmentalist, linking his beliefs to nationalism, socialism and social conservatism.


    Gustavoism is technologically neutral, however it opposes further technological advances for the most part, and transhumanism, and all forms of human genetical engineering.


    Gustavoism supports Catholicism as Brazil's national religion. It views protestantism as an alien culture, but supports religious freedom.


    Due to being from a mixed-race culture, Gustavoism supports multiracialism and strongly opposes racism. It is violently opposed to Nazism and any form of racial supremacy.


    Gustavoism is often portrayed with the personality of its founder. It is a happy and intelligent but eccentric ball, who has a contradictory mind and sometimes praises weird concepts. When losing a debate with progressive balls, he sometimes say he wants to be a dictator, but later explains himself saying that he was angry and did not mean it seriously. Due to his unique mix of deregulated markets, cooperative economics and national conservative leftism, Gustavoism has a hard time finding friends. He generally hangs out with other economically left and culturally right ideologies (except Strasserism, National Bolshevism and Reactionary Socialism, since he hates being called a Nazbol), but they laugh at Gustavoism when he explains their economic views, although he remains friends with them otherwise. His economic and social views are controversial, with Marxists finding the former to be contradictory, while most leftists use the latter to call him a "bigot". The ideology also spams itself in political subreddits such as r/ImaginaryElections. He really likes Greta Thunberg for some reason, and hates SJWs even more than standard Conservative Socialism, being seen complaining about them for hours an end.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Paint it green
    3. Draw a yellow star in the middle
    4. Draw a white G inside the star
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!


    Optional features might include:

    • A military hat
    • A Brazilian assault rifle




    • Dengism - You don't need to be Han to be chinese. Also you do the same thing as the United States did to Iraq and Libya, just in a more subtle way.
    • Affirconservatism - Good views but American? Bruh
    • Mutualism - Based economically, but anarchist? That's awful.
    • Gaddafism - Good views and policies, but Gaddafi was a rapist. Excluding this part, based
    • Ba'athism - Good, but Saddam fucked it up.
    • One Nation Libertarianism - Capitalism and a small state aren't the best way to preserve traditional values, but your heart is in the right place. And I oppose intellectual property.
    • Bolsonarism - God awful cuckservative president who downplays COVID and thinks neoliberalism is good for Brazil's economy and traditions. Enéas Carneiro was better.
    • Democracy - Freedom is good but your side effects aren't
    • Paleolibertarian Socialism - With Free-Market economics this could work in Brazil


    • Progressivism - Degenerate who likes porn, abortion, etc, aside from dividing the people with identity politics. Brazil will not surrender to these "People"
    • All liberal ideologies - Degenerates who want to ruin the West for their own benefit!
    • Capitalism - Degenerate and impoverishing economic system
    • National Socialism - Genocidal maniac, and a racist one.
    • File:Stalin ALT.png Stalinism - Another genocidal maniac. I used to believe in this bullshit. Socialism in one country is based thoughm
    • Neoconservatism - Ruined many nations. The only thing you "conserve" are the military-industrial complex's profits.
    • Pink Capitalism - My opposite
    • Kakistocracy - Wants rule of the stupid
    • State Liberalism - Drones don't even have pilots, dumbass
    • Trumpism - Death to America!
    • Corporatocracy - America in a nutshell
    • Illegalism - LAW AND ORDER!
    • Bidenism - We WiLl PuT sAnCtIoNs On BrAzIl!
    • Imperialism - Go away
    • Gugachacrism - STOP COMPARING ME TO MADURO!
    • New Atheism - New Atheism and its consequences has been a disaster to humanity
    • Anti-Theism - Anti-Theism and its consequences has been a disaster to humanity
    • RationalWikism - Just read the two sentences above.
    • Rational Imperialism - Scientistic anti-theist genocidal maniac
    • Social Darwinism - Help the poor
    • Lulism - Nearly the same as Bolsonarism
    • Demosism - Egoism? Paganism? Radical capitalism? Reeeeee
    • National Bolshevism - I am not your friend! I hate when people confuse me with you just because I'm economically left, culturally right and nationalist.
    • Fascism - Imperialist, Hegelian and totalitarian. I much prefer Brazilian Integralism to you!
    • Marxism–Leninism - Atheist and overregulated. I used to believe in this bullshit that killed millions.
    • Nullism and Plenderplarism - Wake up


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