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    Gun Rights Advocacy, shortened to Gun-Rights is a non-quadrant although never totalitarian ideologyball who is a child of Humanist thought. He believes that the state should not be able to hinder each individual's right to keep and bear firearms to protect themselves.

    Gun-Rights has been seen hanging out in U.S Conservative Circles due to their general loyalty to the second amendment ("A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."), Libertarian Circles due their general believe in individual autonomy, and in Leftist Circles due to Marx's support of the idea as shown by the quote "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary."


    Gun-Rights, like the name implies, loves guns. He will often be seen in Gun Ranges and similar and has a collection.

    How to Draw

    File:Guns Rights Advocacy Flag.svg
    Flag of Gun Rights Advocacy
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0
    Brick Red #CC3333 204, 51, 51
    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Draw a black star on the top of the ball.
    3. Below the Star draw a Cannon.
    4. (Optional) Below the Cannon draw a variation of the slogan "Come and Take It", colour the ball red (for Left-Wing) or yellow (for Right-Wing).



    • Libertarianism - My most enthusiastic Friend.
    • Marxism - A friend I wouldn't expect to have.
    • American Republicanism - Excellent American supporter even if libertarians don't really like you!
    • Bolsonarism - You understand me. It's sad that you lost in 2022.
    • Islamo-Hoppeanism - I'm glad you agree with me.
    • Helvetic Model - My Swiss friend, just please don't actually make gun ownership mandatory, for that will still be a gun right violation.


    • Swissphobia - I was somewhat cool with you until I learn mandatory gun ownership in Switzerland was just a myth.


    • Social Democracy - STOP. TAKING. AWAY. MY. FUCKING. GUNS!
    • Libtardism - It's Armalite Rifle 15, not Assault Rifle 15 you fucking moron. I wash my guns with your tears by the way.
    • Gun Control Advocacy - You kill more people than you save.

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