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    Gumballism is an economically and culturally far-right, socially center-left to center-right and authoritarian ideology. that supports the beliefs of the user Gumball.


    Gumballism takes diverse aspects from the Mencious Moldbug Dark Enlightenment, such as Anti-Egualitarianism, Post-Libertarianism, Reactionary Progressivism and Formalism but adapted in the county of Argentina. now it wants to lower the power of the King, introduce a Parliamentary system, preserve our Culture, take Malvines back, practice Imperialism in the Conesur and support the West over the East.


    Gumballism supports a Neoreactionary economy, that takes aspects from Neo-Feudalism, Austriac School and the Spencerian-Darwinism. the Economy would work in a Neo-Feudalist style, where the Provinces would be Privatized and given to those who pays most. and the guy would control the Province can do nearly everything he desires to(thought it will have some limits), and he can will also appoint the mayors of the cities cuz D*mocracy bad. i'm a Social Darwinist and i consider that Welfare makes people lazy, and that we must abolish the Welfare programs nationally as well as Subzidies, Regulations, Public ownership(such as in the Healthcare and in the Education for exemple). but as i stated before that the Feudal lord can do nearly everything he wants, so he can pass as many Welfarist laws as he want, i will just dislike it but i can't do nothing because i'm too shifted to my values. i also likes the Austrian School because of their analysis of how the Market will run independent of anything and how Regulations can screw over all it.


    I'm a Reactionary Progressive as i said before, i wants to "go back to the past", while maintaning some Progressive social views. like, i supports LGBT Marriage, Abortion legalization, Weed legalization of the drugs and the unrestricted firearm ownership. i'm a Cultural Nationalist and a Argentinian patriot who is against unrestricted Immigration, as the Immigrants did nothing for us beside destroying our Country it's still mostly because of the Kirchnerist Cathedral and Foreign interference but still. i also perceived that Mens have been unfairly treated in the Argentinian society while Womens had the opposite effect, as they have become more and more powerful in the Society because of the Cathedral. so, because of that, i'm also a supporter of the Manosphere movement.


    As i said before i supports a Neo-Feudalist state working in a Confederalist framework. but i also supports Formalism, where the richest CEOS can control the Government. and there will be a Royal Family of CEOS that will be elected every 300 years throught an Indirect vote between both the Parliament and the Senate, there will also be an Prime-Minister(PM) that will be choiced between diverse Feudal lords that will be voted by the Plebs, and the Senate and the Parliament will decide which Feudal lord will reign as the PM. i also supports Free Helicoper rides for Leftists

    Foreign Policy

    I'm generally in favour of the West over the East, as the Eastern states are too Restricted and i'm a Libertarian, so it's to be expected that we are very against each other thought their takes on D*mocracy are based. but i'm also an Irredentist who hates the United Kingdom because they stoled our land, and i wants to Re-militarize the Argentinian army so we can take our REVENGE! i also supports Imperialism, and i think that Chile sorry Darwin, Uruguay, and Paraguay should be in our control without completly ending their sovereignty.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Gumballism acts like his founder, and by so, it's very rude against Leftards, Zurdos, Poptards mostly and other retards, but it can really get along with his friends and likes to make Dark jokes. he is also Sexist and dislikes Poor People




    To the Chopper

    • Socialism - Kill yourself
    • Progressivism - I may like some of your parts, but you are still terrible
    • Kirchnerism - Thiefs!
    • Social Democracy - Welfare makes people lazy, deal with it!
    • Feminism - Cringe
    • Fascism - You may hate D*mocracy, but you are still as bad as it! or maybe less worse
    • State Liberalism - LITERALLY THE CATHEDRAL!
    • Chavismo and Lulism - Thanks for rigging the Elections in Argentina to keep Them in power, i really can't say how much i'm happy with you guys.


  • JoeyFloppaism - You were so based that the Jannies decided to purge you, Rest in peace legend
  • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - The Son of above
  • 2x2Masterism - The Grandson of JoeyFloppa
  • Nyonarchism - Based
  • Business Partners

    • Rigby Thought - Not bad, we can cooperate if it means pursuing our Imperialist goals in South America and recreating Operation Condor. but if you touch a finger on Argentina, you will face my anger!

    To the Chopper


    • CRT - Add me?
    • Niiloism - Add me?
    • Aukan_Thought de que cuadro sos? yo de racing
    • Socialist Third Way - Ignoring the many things about we don't get along, why did you write Climate Skepticism (in the social policies)? Don't you believe in climate change?
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