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    Guizhong Theocracy is the ideology of Guizhong and her followers believing in a Guizhong ruled society. Guizhong Theocracy has existed in its own ancient civilization before joining up with Rex Lapis creating Guili Assembly. Guizhong Theocracy lasted until the Archon war which Guizhong was slain and Guili Assembly destroyed. Though most memories of Guizhong are limited to adepti, Guizhong's influence on society still exists today.


    Guizhong Theocracy being a theocracy wants a society that's centered around Guizhong and her beliefs. To Guizhong unlike many other gods during that time, humans have their own value and strengths that gods shouldn't underestimate and humans are just as important as gods are. During her time in Guili Assembly, Guizhong ruled as more of a god of wisdom in Guili Assembly being the smarter one of the two while Morax does the more war based operations. Guizhong being a more human centered god has plans for humanity wanting humans to be both wise and strong by following a strong moral code and have them stand united in any threat against Guili Assembly. Guizhong also believes that farming should be taught to humans in order for Guili Assembly to become prosperous and for it to expand.

    Four Commandments of Guili Assembly

    The Four Commandments upheld by Guili Assembly were drafted by Guizhong herself. These are the four commandments as follows:

    • "To unite in ambition is to be steadfast and immovable for all time."
    • "Wisdom is like water, it nourishes all those who receive it and in it is a reflection of the truth."'
    • "Fortify the bones, that movement be supple when the time comes."
    • "Virtue grows tall like a tree, though there be shade it will flourish forever"


    Guizhong Theocracy is portrayed as the personality of Guizhong. Guizhong Theocracy is a gentle god and a benevolent one caring for humanity. Though she is still a moral god wanting people to follow a moral code and to unite together in order to make them strong. Guizhong unlike many other gods at her time sees humans as special and often hangs around with humans a lot. Guizhong also likes the mechanical arts and spends a lot of time making mechanics and contraptions. Guizhong during the Guili Assembly is often the brains of the duo who does most of the thinking and planning while Rex Lapis does most of the fighting.



    • Morax Theocracy - I was so excited to meet you and wanted to give you this stone dumbell as my pledge to you.
    • Guili Adepticracy - I helped make the four commandments for him to create Guili Assembly and I love adepti as much as I love humanity but could you please not look down on humanity so much.
    • Humanism - To underestimate humanity would be a grave mistake.
    • Agrarianism - I taught my people how to farm in order to make Guili Assembly prosperous.
    • Noocracy - I the wiser of the two.
    • Diarchy - Guili Assembly has me and Rex Lapis as the helm.
    • Moralism - I want people to follow a moral code in order to make humanity strong.
    • Scientocracy - I often did most of the defense planning for Guili Assembly with the Guizhong Ballista as my greatest invention.
    • Chinese Theocracy - Me in real life.
    • Liyue Model - Successor of Guili Assembly, he's also rich and prosperous and became even more based after wanting a human run society. Considering this is also Rex Lapis' wish, I am proud of you. My only wish is that you remember me.


    • Havria Pacifism - She's also gentle and benevolent but also very weak I honestly feel sorry for your death.
    • Unitarism - Hmm I might have to look at your variants but you want unity which is based.
    • Authoritarian Democracy - Same as above.
    • Nationalism - Some of you like to unite people together but some of you like to split people apart.
    • Particracy - Your one party variants are based because they want to unite people together but your two party or more variants are very cringe!


    • Anti-Humanism - Why do you believe human achievement is bad?
    • Thalassocracy - Most of Guili Assembly's enemies were from the sea. My Guizhong Ballista should make short work of you!
    • Democracy - Although you want to unite people, you often cause people to fight against one another which is cringe.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - How are morals spooks? Morals are needed for people to become strong and be able for Guili Assembly to become prosperous.
    • Hedonism - You too your disregard of morals just for some stupid pleasure is cringe and often hurts people more than helps them.
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - Stop hating humanity so much!

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