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    Guili Adepticracy is an Authoritarian Right and currently Reactionary ideology that was the ideology of the Guili Assembly before its demise. Guili Adepticracy then returned in another form during the Archon War in some form when Liyue formed however after the Archon War Liyue Model became the main dominant ideology. Most modern proponents are adepti who want a more adepti lead society instead of a human one although there are some human followers like Wang Ping'an.


    Guili Assembly had a whole council or assembly that made all the decisions of Guili Assembly. The Assembly was made up of adepti that lead the people of Guili Assembly in order to protect the people and to govern the people. The adepti are also warriors that fight against threats against humans. Some people even believe that adepti come from Celestia itself and the Rite of Parting is meant to bring adepti back to Celestia. Morax and Guizhong can illuminate people or beasts to become adepti and legend has it if one wants to become an adepti, they have to go through the Trial of Heaven and Earth. Guili Adepticracy believes that Guizhong and Morax should be considered gods that are worshipped.

    Four Commandments

    During the Guili Assembly time, Guili Assembly upheld these four commandments which were made by Guizhong. The four commandments are:

    • "To unite in ambition is to be steadfast and immovable for all time."
    • "Wisdom is like water, it nourishes all those who receive it and in it is a reflection of the truth."'
    • "Fortify the bones, that movement be supple when the time comes."
    • "Virtue grows tall like a tree, though there be shade it will flourish forever"

    Millelith Brigade

    During the Archon War times, the Millelith Brigade was the army of Morax. The Millelith at that time reported directly to Morax instead of the Qixing.


    Guili Adepticracy kinda acts like a boomer who is very slow to change and kinda laments about the days when adepti were more involved with the affairs. Guili Adepticracy still isn't comfortable that humans can lead Liyue on its own and often looks down upon humankind, thinking what humankind does is often pitiful. Guili Adepticracy shows a lot of respect and pride to the adepti and think adepti are the greatest. Guili Adepticracy is often portrayed as an adepti. Guili Adepticracy however still wants to protect Liyue at all costs.



    • Guizhong Theocracy - Guizhong help created Guili Assembly, if it wasn't for the Archon War Guili Assembly would still exist. RIP.
    • Morax Theocracy - Rex Lapis is the prime of all adepti. Also RIP. Why did you fake your death and give up your godhood.
    • Oligarchy - We, the adepti rule society.
    • Chinese Theocracy - Honestly we are very similar and your gods are kinda like the adepti.
    • Aristocracy - The adepti are the wise ones and are truly fit and know how to rule society better than the humans.
    • Reactionaryism - I love to return to the days when we the adepti are way more respected and more involved with affairs. These days the adepti are kinda overlooked and I'm not sure human lead Liyue is a good idea.
    • Traditionalism - I often love tradition and have a hard time moving on.
    • Diarchy - We worship the two gods Rex Lapis and Guizhong that ruled over us during the Guili Assembly.
    • Capitalism - Capitalism made Liyue prosperous.
    • Noocracy - The adepti are the wisest of them all.
    • Stratocracy - Much of the adepti are warriors and military tacticians.
    • Scientocracy - Cloud Retainer is really good at science and has lots of cool inventions.
    • Liyue Model - I am proud of you son, you made Liyue into a great and prosperous society which's pretty great for a human being. However I don't think it's a good idea after Rex Lapis' death that humans should take over and lead Liyue. We the adepti can come back and handle Liyue if you want, I still don't trust humanity that much. At least you allow Ganyu and Yanfei in your rank and you still honor Rex Lapis.
    • Anti-Humanism - Humans are weak and not as wise as adepti. Accomplishments of humans are mostly small and meaningless compared to the adepti.


    • Plutocracy - I work with the Liyue Qixing but I don't have faith that humans can just lead society.
    • Parliamentarianism - Guili Assembly was an assembly of adepti kinda like a parliament but what's with the stupid voting. We don't need elections to be in the assembly.
    • Progressivism - Mostly cringe but Madame Ping is somehow open to you.
    • Havria Pacifism - Sorry but peace was never an option during the Archon War. Other than that I don't really have much against you besides feeling sorry for you getting killed by other gods.
    • Keqingism - We kinda had our problems and I'm not sure if humans can go without Rex Lapis but hey at least we fought together during the Osial battle.
    • Celestia Theocracy - Some people believe that adepti came from Celestia and there were a lot of traditions based on you. BUT REMEMBER THE ARCHON WAR GUIZHONG'S DEATH WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!
    • Childhoodism - FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT THE COCOGOAT! but I like to take care of children from time to time.


    • Necrocracy - The wrath of the dead gods still plague Liyue today AND YOU EVEN CORRUPTED 4 OF THE 5 YAKSHA MADE TO REMOVE YOU!!!
    • Humanism - Human rule is cringe and what humans do is often pitiful. We are more fit to rule Liyue than humans.
    • Secularism - Let me just tell you, you humans are pathetic and will not even be here without the adepti. So at least give us some credit!
    • State Atheism - You know what's more cringe than humans leading Liyue instead of adepti, humans literally disrespecting adepti.
    • Democracy - OK maybe a few smart humans is ok but this is too much.
    • Kakistocracy - This is what human rule leads to.
    • Thalassocracy - I had to fight so many sea monsters that the sea gives me PTSD.

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