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    Background stolen from LordC



    Metaphysical Capitalism

    Think of time as a planet, steering around in the vast cosmos, around there are black holes, getting sucked into each place me he he me steal dragonguard's stuff cause me no wan rule, the more we get closer, the more difficult it is to leave. This is a the way capitalism creates metaphysics, hypersitionally.


    • Political Apathy



    • Occultism
    • Hyperstitional Analysis


    • Teleonomy
    • Accelerated Modernity
    • Capital-Nomadization
    • Kraterocentrism


    • Libertarian-Adjacent


    • Technocapitalism


    • Thanatechnics
    • Post-Humanism



    For those yeeeeeee

    • Neoreactionaryism - I don't care if you "hate muh neoliberalism/cathedralism" I'll still take your ideas and become the head of the WEF and make A REAL RESET, your liberal followers are unironically based, and so is human bio-diversity
    • Race-Realism - Why yes, there are genetic racial differences, problem? But also race is a self-divising process, and I generally don't believe in superior-inferior race war bullshit
    • Gonzo Capitalism - The money revolution is here, things are changing, invest in crypto-scams, prediction markets and subjectification of value is all here in the 2020s capitalist order
    • Neoliberalism - I'm fine with the cathedral man
    • Reactionary Liberalism - I am woven in with the cathedral and the outside basically I'm just an apolitical with a quirky appearance
    • Oligarchy - Technocrats, aristocrats, kraterocrats, call it what you like, the laws drip down into there.
    • Danielism - Fascism is goofy, but gotta just say, why are most PCBA classical fascists so based? Your ideas can be easily applied as you do not oppose the cathedronomics and thus success will come possibly to you, tracking queers is retarded, just treat them like you treat straights
    • New Social Egoist Theory - A real Epstein mfer Very good, a bit dumb, but somewhat practical, you have some humanist tendencies, maybe read Land for more criticism on humanism and then you'll be smorter
    • Schumacherianism - You are good, your argument for Darwinian usage of pornography is fire emoji, ehhh I don't care for abortion politics and shit ehhhh stop LARPing as a deconstructionist thooo, I guess read Derrida

    Armchair Revolutionaries

    Fools who at least follow the game

    • Reactionary Feminism - While I admit Mary is kinda a usual reactionary conservative, which has made me want to not really want to read your book, I do agree on what you have written on self-creation.
    • Humanitarian Socialism - I ain't calling you LARP, it's just you are a localist, and thus you just you your outlook on removing capitalism is small at best and stupid at worst, if you need understanding, read Srnicek, maybe the first 100 pages? But I don't want a dumb postie, most of them sit on their itchy arses.
    • File:PostFungal.png Awesome Communism - Bro is fr the wholesomest dude on the whole site mindcores are fire, although I have no idea or expertise on if they will be put into reality I will steal it to benefit the cathedral me hee heee. We are both tolerators of perverts yeeeeeeeee.
    • Shellshocked Communism - Big oily black trans women ah so your counter-economical mutualism? Cool, sounds chaotic, but eh, at least it seems you abandoned communization you vill play pizza tower

    Armchair Insurrectionaries

    Sloths who do not play the game

    • Post-Leftism - You gave me playful labour, but most of your followers just read and write, and not follow their own words to their conclusion, so your cringe. Your more capital-sympathizing ideologues like Nyx are people I can get behind somewhat



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