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    Not to be confused with Green Zionism, a non-environmentalist and fictional offshoot of Zionism.

    Green Zionism is a form of Zionism that is mostly focused about the environment of Israel. It fuses Israeli-specific environmental issues with support for the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. The term itself was coined by Aytzim.


    The Green Party was originally named the Green Movement and led by Eran Ben-Yemini and Alon Tal. It formed as a political party, and ran a joint list with Meimad, a dovish religious party, after Meimad had ended its alliance with the Labor Party. In addition to the environment, the electoral slate's platform addressed issues of education, Social Democracy, religious pluralism, and co-existence with the Palestine. The campaign downplayed religious issues, and emphasized environmental questions.

    The party's main focus is on toxic pollution in Haifa Bay and the effects on nearby land. Another focus is on air pollution. They also want to make Israel carbon free.



    How To Draw

    File:Greenzio flag.svg
    Flag of Green Zionism




    • Neoconservatism - Supports the Israeli state but hates the environment.
    • Trumpism - Thanks you so much for supporting Israel, but I wish you didn't deny climate change
    • Eco-Fascism - Helps me protect the environment, but he might kill me


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