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    Green Minarchism, also known as Eco-Minarchism (shortened to GreenMin and EcoMin respectively), is an environmentalist, culturally left, economically right-wing and libertarian ideology which believes the government should be limited so that its only job is to enforce the non-aggression principle and protect the environment. GreenMin advocate only one tax: ecotax.



    Minarchy argues that state intervention in the economy should be as small as possible, whose only functions are to act as an enforcer of the non-aggression principle by providing citizens with the police and courts, thereby protecting them from aggression, theft, breach of contract, fraud and enforcing property laws. In this case, the state also protects the environment and maintains environmental reserves. This ideology advocate only one tax: ecotax

    An ecotax (short for ecological taxation) is a tax levied on activities which are considered to be harmful to the environment. Ecotaxes address the failure of free markets to consider environmental impacts.


    Progressivism believes that heritage that stems from the past is not to be held sacred and rather should be left away in favor of what it views as "Societal Progress" which usually entails the creation of a culture and social environment that is less strict and conformist and more open and inclusive. Green Minarchism support LGBTQIA+ Rights, Libertarian Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Marijuana Legalizationism, Prison Abolitionism, etc.


    Environmentalism is a broad philosophy, ideology, and social movement regarding concerns for environmental protection and improvement of the health of the environment, particularly as the measure for this health seeks to incorporate the impact of changes to the environment on humans, animals, plants and non-living matter.

    Green Minarchism argues that the free market would achieve the best solution to climate change because a competitive market would generate greater innovation and thus develop cheaper and more efficient sustainable alternatives. But he also believes that there should be minimal regulation through an ecotax. One of the few functions of the state would be to maintain environmental reserves and environmental inspection.


    Transhumanism, often shortened to H +, is a pro-technology ideology that believes that everyone must update themselves with technology to overcome the most basic and complex challenges of Humanity. The ultimate goal is for all people to achieve immortality or be able to extend life as long as possible and still remain healthy.

    GreenMin also supports Technogaianism, also known as eco-transhumanism. Technogaianism believes that the best way to preserve the earth is with the development of new and better technologies that are clean and sustainable and, therefore, the search for Humanity reaching the colonization of space and environmentalism are complementary. Thus, GreenMin believe that technological development must be accelerated for these technologies to be developed.

    Liquid Democracy

    Liquid Democracy is a system of democracy where voters have the choice to vote directly or delegate their vote to another individual.


    Piratism defend the freedom of expression, communication, education; respect the privacy of citizens and civil rights in general, defend the free flow of ideas, knowledge and culture, support politically the reform of copyright and patent laws, etc.


    Globalism is a political principle that advocates greater political or economic cooperation among states and nations. Globalism opposed to nationalism and isolationism; supports international institutions, such as the United Nations; and a cosmopolitan vision that promotes and respects other cultures and customs. In the case of Green Minarchism, this ideology also defends globalization, both economic, political and cultural.

    Multiculturalism File:Multicult9axes.png

    Multiculturalism is an internationalist ideology which seeks to create the complete co-habitation of every culture within every area of life. Multiculturalists argue that society should organize itself in the form of a "cultural mosaic", which is a mixture of ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic groups that coexist in the same place without assimilation of one group by another. Examples of multicultural countries are Canada, Bolivia, Mauritius, India, Brazil, Peru and Papua New Guinea



    How to Drawn

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a diagonal yellow (#FFF301) line from the bottom left to the top right corner of the ball. Color the upper half of the ball yellow.
    3. Color the bottom half of the ball blue (#021AFF).
    4. Draw a green (#21B14A) dollar sign ($)
    5. Around that dollar sign draw a green (#21B14A) recycling logo
    6. Draw the eyes and you're done!




    • Anarcho-Capitalism: Anarchy is futile.
    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism: Same as the top one, but at least it is more progressive.
    • Airisuism: Same as the top one, but even more progressive, and economically left.
    • Eco-Anarcho-Syndicalism: How are you going to preserve the environment without a state?
    • Potashism: Basically Ancom with extra steps? And please support libertarian unity.
    • File:Slavr.png Slavreichism File:Slavreichismsmall.png: Based markets and I support unions, as long as it is completely voluntary. But I still prefer the markets under capitalism.
    • Rutabagism: It is not necessary to abolish capitalism to preserve the environment.
    • Korwinism: Why are you reactionary and undemocratic?
    • Kinipkism: You're fine, but why do you want a transition to anarchism? And why does this need a dictatorship?
    • Orwellism: An incredible writer and your anti-authoritarianism is based. But I disagree economically and why did you denounce gays?
    • SajZeal Model: Centrist and supports Keynesianism, but at least he is culturally left-wing and cares for the environment.
    • Antifa: Based anti-fascism, but you need to oppose red fascists too.



    File:Greenmin9axes.png File:GreenminRightValues.png File:Greenmin8values.png

    File:Political Compass Green Minarchism.png File:GreenminAltValues.png

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