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    Green Libertarian Vanguard Progressivism

    Antidemocratic Hippieism , short AH, is a Culturally Libertarian Left, Economically Center-Left, Governmentally Centrist and Environmentalist ideology that likes hippie culture.

    Its primary goal is to ensure life quality through sociological betterment, personal liberty and environmental beauty. Sociological betterment is to be achieved by public education and training. Also public transport has to take over cars and living circumstances have to be changed to rural decentralized villages/communes like Libertarian Municipalism in order to achieve a balanced life considering Radical Environmentalism and decreasing toxic anonymity in cities (as described by Max Weber in "spirit of capitalism").


    Antidemocratic Hippieism is determined with Anti-Democracy as far as it sees that due to fears and envy democracy tends to cheap values inside populism, leading to a manipulative marketing based political landscape lowering both the importance of political contents and the political competence of the people. AH is not sure if the chance of governmental corruption and tyranny inside a vanguard system overweighs and thus AH should trust the people to form a federal government of anarchist communes by themselves like in Libertarian Municipalism or if the incompetence of the people overweighs and thus it should establish a self controlling vanguard party like Libertarian Fascism with a council in which personal liberty would still be safe from oppression like surveillance, censorship or victimless crimes (Criminalization of prostitution, gambling and drugs). In the case of the vanguard system without corrupting, after decentralization and decreasing hierarchical structures, the vanguard government would become very thin and more like a coaching association with a control on the wealth limits.


    Antidemocratic Hippieism is economically center-left and wants materialistic degrowth for environmental reasons as well as Market Socialism to establish a classless society with worker cooperatives, wealth limits and progressive wealth taxes (preferred as only tax). As soon as that's established, there is no more danger from centralized power by private property and unrestricted free trade. Private property and free trade then secure order (right of disposal) and product value justice (subjective price evaluation). After the turn into green communes and some time of wealth taxation as well as wealth limitation, there would stay little left to tax from excessive wealth, so the government has to introduce a VAT on the products of the few industry hubs which produce the most efficient industrial necessities for the people. The tax money is needed for the national rail service which is the only common way of transport (for both, people and goods) as well as for support regarding schools, infrastructure planning, intercommunal communication, policing and sociological coaching. The farmers markets stay untaxed and remain as Agrarian Anarchism regarding both, food and handcrafted other goods.


    Antidemocratic Hippieism pursues sociological betterment as described in the introduction. That betterment includes social consciousness, nonviolent communication, deep communication using circle way techniques, nonhierarchical microsociology, individualist education according to Maria Montessori and Rudolph Steiner, Sexual Liberationism, Altruistic Hedonism, freedom from stress and freedom from greedy materialism to make it's people qualified for a culture purely based on personal needs and desires without traditional social constructs (such as gender roles). Even though there are a lot of common goals, AH doesn't want to be confused with SJW as far as their approach uses a different way of reasoning and has a completely different vibe overall. In comparison to normal Leftism and SJW, AH tries to abolish genders instead of recognizing all 10.000, tackles toxic behavior instead of censoring hate speech, defends cultural appropriation as an enrichment instead of shaming it (is also known for wearing dreadlocks as a white person), is antidemocratic and focused on principles instead of democratic, and is generally rather based on Ego-Mutualism instead of obligating altruism.

    Me, the author of this page, was inspired mainly by the elves and hobbits of Lord of the Rings, some experience in a great hippie commune, Max Stirner's "The ego and its own", John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty", the Bavarian musician Hans Söllner and the Austrian political candidate Heinrich Staudinger.


    Polyamorous Partners


    • Gaian Fascism - Good vanguard lead, but too authoritarian.
    • Eco-Terrorism - You understand importancy of taking action on emergencies, but normally violence is disgusting.
    • Libertarian Fascism - I fully agree on your idea, but you seem to be a bit right wing and you don't see what has to be done.


    • Anti-Environmentalism - Come to the forest. I only want to talk...
    • Capitalism - Your competitive vibe, greed and materialism destroyed humanity.
    • Conservatism - How can you not see the damage you've done to society? To women? To children?

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