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    "Welfare is what keeps the poor from eating the rich"


    The Great British New Left is a theoretical Marxist and Kautskyist Movement advocated by MrNoNonsense involving the Technological overthrow of the British Government by Electoral and Revolutionary means. These beliefs are largely centred around the British Labour Party, which it sees as a sufficient host to supply the movement. Electorally, the movement aligns with the Hard Left of the Party, holding some Soft Left sympathies while showing no mercy to New Labour, which it sees as a miniature Conservative party. Culturally, the movement advocates for a complete Separation of the Church of England from the state, the Advancement of worker's condition through body augmentation, and the reform of sensationalized media. Socially, the movement advocates for a new social path, reconciling the Cultural left movement of the day to form a new, technologically oriented counter-culture movement, and economically, it takes a Market approach to Socialism, seeing the market not as a way to make capitalism 'friendlier', but as a way to enhance the condition of the working class in the new society until markets can be done away with.

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    Planning a major page revamp, so stay tuned. If you want to be added, don't be afraid to ask i'm focusing on doing that


    Economic Policy


    The Movement strictly believes in what it likes to describe as a 'punitive' taxation model on higher income brackets. Taxing people in less comfortable living conditions has the adverse affect of creating more inequality, and raising less money than taxation of the 1%. To this end, The movement is committed to a tax on earnings above 10 Billion, raising the corporation tax to the sensible number of 35%, putting us in a respectable place within the G7, where our measly 25% has been the lowest in the group for a while. Additionally, the group supports the instituting of the following taxation policies: A Wealth Tax, taxing personal assets, a Land Value Tax, to be instituted in the original methodology of Henry George, a tax on Carbon emission, and a tax on private healthcare insurance, encouraging use of the National Health Service available. Speaking of...

    Government Spending

    The revenues from the wealth tax must immediately be spent on recruiting more nurses for the NHS. the service has been overwhelmed for a long period of time. Additionally, government ownership should preside over Royal Mail, British Telecom, and United Utilities, Providing relief on the energy crisis. The nation would also put forward a deal to purchase assets of BP, and use the energy infrastructure from such a purchase to begin the phasing out of oil and gas in favour of greener solutions.

    Case Study: Alleviating The Cost Of Living Crisis

    Starting hypothetically tomorrow, the movement would immediately remove the ban on onshore wind farms, institute a windfall tax to pay for new green energy infrastructure, and begin the nationalisation of the small gas companies that have been cooperating with Putin's russia. They would then start instituting further taxes on BP and Shell, and use the income generated from that to start a green new deal, providing a revitalisation of the energy industry, supported by the nationalisation of United Utilities, which should ease the burden on the people suffering the most from the crisis.

    Social Policy

    The Rights of an Individual

    As per the Equality Act, under the GBNL, no individual should be discriminated for who they are as a person. While freedom of speech is vital to the community of the nation, it is not freedom of consequences. People should be held accountable for the things they say, as responding to criticism is itself protected speech. In a word, a man's right to swing his arm ends at another man's nose.

    The Blue and The Black

    Alternative Right and Alternative Lite discourse ignores basic biological factual information. It ignores the inherent fact that 'Nature', as it so seeks to appeal to, is a phenomenon. It is not fact. What is natural is simply what has changed, and what will likely change again. This 'State Of Nature' they pray to like a false deity is as nonexistent as their perceived supremacy. As Someone else wisely put, 'When someone attacks someone specifically, they are not to be persuaded, they are to be defeated'.

    The Pink, and it's relation to the Yellow

    'Social Justice Warriorism' is a uniquely false notion. Truly, there is no unified movement that makes these people one group, merely innocent people who have been misled and polarised by an aggressive capitalistic media state. Capitalism created this movement to counter it's own creation, the aforementioned alternative lite. The fight between the two was created to serve capitalism, to sell a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, or a subscription service. Put simply, it "is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images.”

    The Church

    I am a Catholic. It is where I believe I receive my call to be a politician. It is where I believe I receive my Social teaching to love one another, and it is why I believe I am here in the first place. But the church has no place in society, not in a world where multiple faiths attempt to dictate the beliefs of others. There can be no true interpretation of God until we admit there is no true interpretation of God. He works with mystery, and we must accept that religious teachings should be completely separate from the governance of the state, chief among these conclusions being the separation of the church of England from the state of England.

    Case Study: The Culture War

    The Culture War is produced as a byproduct of Capitals insistence on this fight between two sides, both blinded to the truth of the matter. They are being puppeteered, funded by each other, by corporate opposition, with the unified goal of marketeering around the conflict. Capital doesn't get involved in this dispute, after all, "The role of capitalist ideology is not to make an explicit case for something in the way that propaganda does, but to conceal the fact that the operations of capital do not depend on any sort of subjectively assumed belief." Capital does not need to partake directly, but merely hint that they have taken a side to appeal to a certain audience, and profit massively. Truly, the brunt of the issue is, WE have been fooled by this narrative. It is US who are taking the blame for their misdeeds. Because a nation divided over whether or not a drag queen should be reading to children (Which by the way, who the fuck cares), is NOT divided over whether or not Capitalism has a right to exist at all.

    Foreign Policy

    Preface: The Nation

    I would like to start this by stating what i believe to be a non-contradiction. I detest the nation. I detest the nation-state. In spite of this, i am a nationalist, and i actively support nationalists and nationalism. How, you may ask? Simple. The way the world has evolved, the way the situation in which we live has developed, the nation is nothing short of a complete and utter requirement. Otherwise would be, i believe, as far as the current system dictates, Currently impossible. Thoroughly. In fact, I believe the nation is such a requirement that I believe that to be a nationalist is the only viable option as of here and now. Ideally, a nation would not exist, but ideals are idealised, and the cold, bitter reality is that to survive in a world of wolves feasting on weak carcasses, to be proud of yourself is an option to which no alternative exists. The nation, despite it's socially constructed nature, is needed. In essence, to this part, I am simultaneously an Alternate Globalist and a Universal Nationalist. Make of this what you will, Being either puts you in my favour.

    The People

    Ethnicity, however, is not. What truly separates man from itself? It's shared culture and experiences? Or do you believe that the root cause of separation runs skin deep, that one pigment is 'better off' than another. Truly, the only thing that seperates man in observable science, is the labels we have attached to ourselves, to describe certain behavioural similarities in groups. Harmless, of course. But it has the potential to cause unspeakable harm, segregation, enslavement, inferiority in numbers, terrorism, genocide, and mass death in the name of one group over all the others. But for now, all this potential for misery remains locked away behind one powerful single word. 'British'. 'Frisian'. 'French'. Let us keep these words the same for now, and pray to above that they will never again activate to violent effect.

    The Great Political Binary

    West, East. Rich, Poor. First, Second and Third. Both corrupted by the very nature of the ideals that their ancestors tried to instill onto them. The Americans have taken the role of the British Empire, flipping places to their side on the very whim, revelling in pure unadulterated capitalism leaving nothing but waste and despair in their path. The Russians, the Chinese, have inherited the legacy of their founding autocracy, truly, the spirit of tsar and emperor never left the two countries. With such a large number of people and land respectively, Autocracy comes geographically natural to the two powers, leaving the world in a standoff between worse and worse yet, mediocre and deathly. What is right is sacrificed in the name of who is on our side, and who isn't. I want britain to play no further part in this charade.

    Case Study: Ukraine

    Imagine yourself being a Ukrainian refugee. Starving, Hopeless, alone. Forced to leave your home because of circumstances out of your control. Now imagine yourself being a citizen of Donetsk or Donbas. Similarly, you are in destitution by an incompetent puppet government paraded by Putin's autocratic regime. But you are not ukrainian, no. You speak russian, and you live a russian life. To you, to be Russian is not a question of being allied to Putin's regime, but simply being who you are. I refuse to support Putin's illegal invasion into Ukraine, but similarly, I refuse to allow for the oppression of the russian minority within Ukraine. Universal Nationalism is universal. If a group wants freedom, and can prove so, it must be granted. Of course, i wish for this to be under a different russian government, but Ukraine's hand in this issue has gone far enough. Ukraine has tried and failed multiculturalism. Should ukraine be punished for any action? No, they are being invaded. In conclusion, Russia's war in ukraine comes first, Russian people's right to whatever sovereignty they want will, and I mean will, come afterwards.

    Civic Policy

    The Government

    The primary goal of a governmental system should be to serve the people. To do this, civic policy will have to change through time. I can't call myself particularly statist, or particularly libertarian, because I believe the need for either is situational. In a time of crisis, the situation may call for either the insurance of liberties through a unified state or through personal guarantees. Surveillance however, I believe, is very case sensitive. I would never knowingly allow the employment of public Surveillance to gather information for the state. However, private enterprise (where the term is applicable) would be allowed to engage in light surveillance of their own property to ensure the safe transaction of goods. The state's powers must be clearly illustrated to the public, creating a system of trust with the governmental system. To this extent, my civics regard around the relationship between the government and the people, from the perspective of the people. Involving the people in government through any mean necessary is the top priority, and one of the core reasons for the existence of any government at all.

    The People

    Populism is often maligned as many things, Ochlocracy, tyranny of the majority. But criticism of populism is often guilty of misunderstanding what populism is. Truly, in it's current form, populism is an opportunistic tool. to claim to be 'of the people' is useless, because modern liberal democracy demands a certain level of separation between the people and the government, who see themselves as a bureaucratic class in of themselves. As a result, I believe populism is an outdated term. It has become the very thing it swore to destroy, a puppet for oligarchism. As a result, we need to bring about the conditions populism desires so that it's reach on politics can end. This includes ending governmental corruption by introducing harsher penalties for acts deemed corrupt, forbidding members of parliament from holding other sources of income, and instituting the Alternative vote in the short term, and a semi-direct democratic code in the long term. Members of parliament must be made accountable and representative of their constituency, a feat that will be achieved by forcing them to spend more time in their constituency, digitalising parliament to allow for them to spend more time in the place they represent. Also, an immediate removal system will be implemented, abolishing the 1922 committee and allowing the people to remove any elected official immediately by way of a simple referendum, with more than 55% required to remove the incumbent figure.

    Case Study: The Houses Of Parliament

    Parliament, immediately, would be digitalised. In-person meetings would be restricted to times of emergency, and PMQs, voting on bills, and parliamentary discussion will all be conducted online. Then, the house of lords would be abolished completely, replaced by a house of metropolitan mayors, who themselves would be given more power, but would have the added benefit of being elected, merely by a larger field of people. In essence, Tony Benn's Commonwealth Of Britain Bill would be instituted into affect immediately.


    Ranked based on how much I'd like to have them in a theoretical governmental coalition

    100% Invited to the coalition

    • Corbynism - Has some questionable opinions on the Russian-Ukrainian war but that is about it. One of the few leaders in Labour's history who i can say with confidence i support.
    • Bennism - The most moral man to ever sit in parliament. every speech has perfectly described his era, and every opinion has been with the british people in mind. An inspiration to all.
    • Burnhamism - The best Soft Left politician, hands down. i have never been a fan of the whole regional sentiment, but living in his Manchester has been an oasis in a Conservative desert. keep on going, Andy.
    • Keir Hardie - The man who started it all. If it wasn't for his Marx-inspired syndicalistic take on Victorian Democracy, Britain would have, i can say with confidence, been a thousand times worse off.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - I can't even begin with how much you have influenced me. Genuinely, a whole year ago it was your page that pulled me out of a Marxist-Leninist cesspit. If it wasn't for your influence on my writing, i may well have ended up a conservative ML. i owe you a world of debt. just say the word, comrade.
    • Leerderism The Man. The Myth. The Legend. None other than Doctor "J. Talking" Occo. Full seriousness, one of the best users here. Highly agreeable, lovely to talk to, absolutely top tier art and icons. Keep on going, doc. I'm rooting for you.
    • Uzarashvilism - He's back! The other Christian progressive market economic syncretic socialist with Artel oriented tendencies! From our ideological discussion, from your eagerness to join Artel, and your triumphant return, there is no place you deserve to be more than right at the top.
    • Tomjazzism - Your art is iconic, dude. It's a staple of this website. Not a big fan of bookchin communalism myself though, I prefer that which he deemed Lifestylist. Even still, Almost everything is in line with what I myself believe, maybe save for humanism. Great ideology, Well aged artwork, and a guy who's been here so long I wasn't sure he was even still here. 10/10.
    • Mark Fisher - Flawless critique of the problems with capitalism. Not a fan of your friends, well, i mean...
    • Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit - WELL, I MEAN-

    Invited to the coalition

    • Torontoism - From what i have read, you seem to be quite simply a good Democratic comrade. not a big fan of libertarianism, but I've been living under the Tories. I'm sure you can see why not trusting the government comes as second nature. Also Certified Toronto Boi is absolute fire.
    • Ed Miliband - Look, Ed. I get it. You spent your whole life in the shadow of Ralph, with your supposedly more popular brother being an open Blairist. I can admit you might have a bit of ideological confusion. But come on, you basically mimicked Cameron and expected to win! we all saw you up against Boris in PMQs, where was that fire in 2015???
    • Bernie Sanders - Bernie is alright for a social democrat. Other people have already explained better why.
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - Honestly, for a Marxist-Leninist, you seem to know your stuff. of course, the nature of my ideology requires me to ask that you tone down the anti-revisionism, since revision is the basis of science, and left-wing thinkers have more in common than the right would have us believe, but other than that, you seem to be ok. Also, i gotta appreciate the progressivism, so many MLs just go to conservatism to protect the Old Left way of thinking. Absolutely amazing art as well, i must say.
    • Vistula Thought - Best describable as a Yellow Syndicalist, but between liking Corbyn, Benn, Anti Zionism, the Coalition, and disliking Keith, Blair, and the Tories, i think you have earned the status of Honourary Coalition Member, and i would be happy to call you a comrade.
    • Evolutionary Socialism - I don't have many notes, to tell the truth. Democratic socialism, revolution under desperate circumstances, it is all here. I fear that your descriptions of ideology may in some places be dominated more by your own personal beliefs then what would be better for the country, but it's all so agreeable that it doesn't really matter anyway.
    • Jefbol Thought - A bit radical for my tastes, but you certainly know your stuff. I'd debate your perspectives, but the fact of the matter is you seem to have gone through quite a journey to come to the realisation you are at, and i respect you too much to question the process.
    • Cyberdelic Egoism- I'm getting good vibes from you posties recently. Fisherism is very based. Post-Situationism is very cool, I agree with a lot of it's concepts. A lot of it is the declaration of social constructs, nationality, culture, language, gender, et cetera. While i systemically maintain these things serve us for the time being, in time i do want to see a lot of that implemented. In short, it will probably be a short minute until i embrace anarchism, but if anyone made a convincing case... it'd be hellothere but you would be second i swear!!
    • Tiberius Thought - I was fully prepared to put you with skepticism, however, upon reevaluation of your page, your sheer commitment to progressivism, and C H R I S T you are committed, means I can overlook any left hostility because you, comrade, have earned my respect.
    • Pantheonism - Everyone immediately jumps on the 'pantheon is a monarchist' bandwagon, but i do understand on paper your reasoning behind having a monarchy. raising a dynastically intellectual family would appear on face value to be an appropriate idea for rule, but the fact is that humans simply do not work that way. The much better solution to create a class of intelligent people is a trustworthy democracy, and failing that, perhaps even something loosely technocratic. We simply cannot put faith in one family to make good choices, or even to be as smart as the tools they were given would permit. Other than that, of course, we are economically near identical, Socially/Culturally you pull a bit more right than me but it is understandable, and we do share globalistic tendencies. Not sure if I would go as far as to call it world federalism though, because straight integration only serves to destabilise what has been built. It's the same end goal though. To summarise, Comrade-King, you dropped this .
    • Glorified Communism - Ah, but you see, a boring thing to one person is an exciting thing to another! Why worry about immunizing what was once the state when the goal is to replace it? To destroy it? The proletariat control of the state can only exist when there IS no proletariat. While your system would be efficient at bringing around the necessary change, it would fail to build something to last. You'd die. You'd be killed. It would be funny. The main problem is that you believe your own ideology to hardcore ramifications- seeing people's lives getting better isn't enough, because they aren't getting better how you want them to, they aren't suffering first, so it means nothing. Recognise that another system could work, even if it's outside of your comfort zone! Even still, I agree with too much to put you any lower. yes, I'm a catholic, camel. an IRISH catholic. Try and come at me again and i'll shoot out your kneecaps like we did in the 'ra
    • Socialist Third Way - Aside from our rough start in relation to your abysmal naming conventions, you do strike me as just a typical democratic socialist. While i feel like i am slightly beyond that now, you do remind me of a simpler time. Enjoy pure electoralism, comrade. You have earned it.
    • Owfism - On economic rhetoric alone, we don't really get along, but your cultural values are just, just spot on. completely. one miss and it's police militarization. but that is it. personal philosophy is very nice, I do like humanism (as much as anti-humanism, i think both have good arguments), and all around you do come off as a genuinely pleasant bloke.
    • Heredism - Ah, you were so close to perfection! you kept going up, and up, market socialism, ditching conservatism, but then you just had to join the Cybermen! I'm just kidding, you are a comrade through and through, and your Artel club is top notch to boot!
    • Artelordism - Keep going, i'm liking this so far. Don't be afraid to embrace a few radical politics, we all want liberation for the workers here. Other than that, it does seem you genuinely care for people. Huge plus there.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I want to use this to explain a bit more my stance on egoism. I see egoism as an inherently coalition-worthy philosophy, it's main flaw being that it insists on abandoning the state to give people their individual rights. I see that a state has to represent it's people, and therefore the state must be, ultimately, the people. This problem is inherently fixed when you introduce Libertarianism. I'm no libertarian, but the ideology itself comes from an entirely genuine place of the interests of the individual, and is thus acceptable. Once you introduce marxist analysis, socialistic economics, the abolition of gender, and capitalist analysis from mark fisher and the situationists perspective, there is no place you deserve to be more than in the coalition of positive forces, comrade.
    • Expanded Social Technocracy - You strike me as someone well acquainted with the petty bourgeois state- Namely the apparatus of reform. In spite of this, I see potential, really, I do. You remind me chiefly of my beliefs when I joined this wiki earlier this year. Techno-Socialism is very much a nice touch of originality I didn't experience, however. My verdict is that on the face of it, this is a good ideology. Given time, it will likely become a great ideology.
    • HelloThere314ism - What I do not understand always fascinates me more than what I do, because understanding is very rarely a conscience effort- We merely learn what we learn through what we do. But to not understand something is in of itself an achievement. It means that you acknowledge how much there is left to learn, it encourages you to learn more. That is how I feel about you, Mr HelloThere. When I had first joined this wiki, to see your writing would have driven me to madness, the futility of knowledge, of knowing so little. But what I do know is that your writing has given me the curiosity to find out. You, sir, have been the will to know more about what I do not understand, because you Very clearly understand what you are talking about. And in that regard, I thank you.
    • Gooberian Labourism - You really have to sort yourself economically out, and maybe loosen up on the left-anticommunism. The "Red Flag" Isn't always communist, and to call it pink is just a bit rude honestly. Good on you for adopting the superior system of achieving governance however, and the use of the british U. Now stop being such a fence sitter on social issues, the movement is only as revolutionary as it is progressive! get on board comrade, leave lying on the tracks for the reactionaries.

    Invited to the coalition with skepticism

    • Gordon Brown - Brown really was the epitome of Peacetime Blairism, it was just unfortunate that the 20 Years of conservatism had finally caught up with the country, and he got the blame shifted onto him. Never a frown with Gordon Brown.
    • George Galloway - Nationalist, Anti 'Woke Politics', anti feminism. Stuck in the past. Still, at least he doesn't pretend to be interesting, unlike...
    • Arthur Scargill - Champagne Socialist, Abused union membership for profit. Even still, the miners strikes were one of the stepping stones that took down thatcher, so good job there.
    • Cliffism - Tony wasn't bad for a Trotskyist. I Like him more the more i read about him. But militant were just not it, even if they would have been coalition-worthy. Also, there is a lot of Socialist Worker's Party posters around where i live, so make of that what you will.
    • Serbian Socialism - Tito is alright, actually. i quite like reading about the stuff he did. other than that, though, you seem a bit ConSoc-y. also Corbyn did not ruin socialism's name all over the world, the man could barely get coverage in britain.
    • Ultroneism - I must admit to the heinous sin of skimming over your works. But i must say, from the perspective of someone who sees themselves as not very philosophically involved, you have given me a new perspective on anarchism with your writings differentiating philosophical anarchism. I must say, i am impressed. Additionally, any friend of the writings of Žižek and sorel, and of the music of Bob Dylan, is someone whom i can appreciate.
    • Geoliberal Social Democracy - On one hand, you do seem to have a few capitalist tendencies, and i am never a fan of using the term liberal to describe policy, but you did appeal to my collaborative nature by saying you would be willing to work with you, which, conveniently enough, is my whole ideological schtick.
    • Meowxism - Like I say, i am not inherently against Marxist-Leninists at all, I think many of them on this wiki are very good people. Likewise, you seem to be highly progressive, which immediately saves anyone who is against revisionism, but again, i must say that revision is the basis of science, and theory must be adapted to it's time.
    • Neo-humanism - Honestly, looking past the obvious economic differences, which automatically puts you in the scepticism category, you hold decent social values, and although i consider myself humanistically centrist, because i believe there is also a good case for anti-humanism, i can fully respect anyone acting for the common man, even if their definition of common man is misguided.
    • Brazilian Liberalism Not much to say. Liberalism is god awful, like, to inhumane proportions. it's all well and good to make concessions to minority groups, and this is necessary, i believe. but we cannot overlook the jarring economic disparity facing the entire world. come on man, brazil is a prime example. do you really think you will get equal opportunity in brazil? other than that, it's all progressive to me, which is tolerable.
    • File:-ism.png -ism - You overplay the severity by which the left hate you: heredy was pretty right when he called you a closet market socialist. Cultural values and technology opinions save you, now take the neutral rating and get the fuck out before i change my mind. You know what? no, I'm not done. Having discussed a lot of politics with you, I have come to the uncomfortable conclusion we share quite a bit in common, we merely reached opposing conclusions. I think you're really cool, dude. More than happy to your functioning ideological opposite. Best nemeses forever.
    • Revolutionary Conservative Socialism - No man that... no... that doesn't... Look you used to be so much better back when you were just vaguely socially centrist, all conservatism does in hinder progress in the name of fallacy.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Ah, I've warmed from the initial upset. you're fine, Judas. You're a decent bloke. Economically a slightly better Tiberius, Socially perfectly acceptable. Sorry if we got off on the wrong foot.
    • Ego-Progressivism - But simply, I ask, why not? What unites us with the old of a decrepit party but the ideas that you have deemed corporatist? Truly, is not the problem with the party that it lacks imagination? that it breeds conformity? I am no labourite for the same reason I am no conservative: It's tying yourself to the system, inherently. But does not a house built on a foundation stand stronger than a house built straight onto the ground? Does not building off of a material condition of rebellion against a system, of contempt for the status quo, of allying with the unions, present a much simpler path to a desirable cause? Simplicity is what makes revolution work! Consider labour as a British subculture: The 'Labourite', if you will. Someone against Blair, against Brown, against Miliband, loosely supporting Corbyn but thinking he didn't go far enough. That is the market that is closest to what I want to achieve, but they insist on following 'electoralism', 'markets', 'democracy'. Forces I am inclined to agree with, but that necessitate an electoral approach. A disliked revolution has already failed.
    • WaffeniK - Alternative modernism is always a concern whenever it crops up. Think [REDACTED], [REDACTED], or heck, even [REDACTED]! No but in seriousness, This seems... Tolerable. If i hadn't the open mind today to cut fascism a bit of slack, you would very well have ended up in the section below.
    • Cannabis Anarchy- I mean, sure. In spite of our glaring differences, from what I've discussed with you, you seem to be coming from a place of intellectual honestly. but certainly not someone I'd go into government with, and well, I'm certain you wouldn't want that either.

    Would have better luck joining the BNP

    • Tony Blair - Iraq War. sure the 1m figure was probably exaggerated, but we are still looking at a few hundred thousand dead civilians on his hands. He is no more labour that Boris De Pfeffel Johnson.
    • Keir Starmer - Keith is trying so hard to emulate Tony Blair that he accidentally became the Conservatives. maybe horseshoe theory has some merit after all...
    • Rigby Thought - Yeesh. you good, mate? your Toryism is so High i think you might be losing oxygen.
    • Mordecaism - This concept hit hard. the idea of a nation predicated on a libertarian economy that pays nothing but lip service to the working class in 'class solidarity' uniting the classes is laughable. what you forget is that it is the people under you, the people who serve your food, who make your products, they are the holders of power. This 'mask of reformism' you claim i wear is actually the basic decency that i give to people that you subvert by the very fact that you care nothing at all for what you claim to protect. Cultural values being alright cannot save you. Not this time.
    • 2x2Masterism - In terms of Functioning Opposite, you are quite literally the exact antithesis of my beliefs, down to the letter. In spite of this, there is a beauty in the fact I can point out parts I don't fundamentally disagree with. We both support semi direct democracy in some capacity. We... both support civil liberties? Look, in terms of ideology there's not much to say beyond that this is in the face of all I seek to oppose, so I suppose the best part of this ideology is the absolute Gem/H/Based User inhabiting it. Your ideology is free market hell, but you are the absolute best person I can imagine to send us there O7.
    • Altemism - Reactionary politics are laughable. Your economic policy seems decent enough, however. I don't have much to say to be completely fair, you just strike me as an average 'culturally alternate modernist'.
    Thought I'd jump on the trend. Concept nicked from Afunhumaninter, Template nicked from 2x2Master.

    The Pinnacle (190+)

    • Bery [He's Bery] (∞)
    • Yoda8Soup [Actually an 11/10 Person] (201)
    • HeredyBall [Frenchie <3] (197)
    • File:-ism.png - [My very favourite opposite] (195)
    • Vistula [Protégé, bit enthusiastic about meritocracy, but it's hardly terrible Conservatives aren't the ultimate enemy, Rupert Murdoch's Grand Spectacle is ] (194)
    • Afunhumaninter [Favourite Janitorial Staff <3] (192)
    • Borkissker [ oslo Stockholm syndrome] (191)

    Amazing (175-190)

    • 2x2Master [All the best to the colonies <3] (190)
    • AvianBroski [Off his head, but good to chat to] (187)
    • Fangirlth Gays [In spite of his... confused ancestry, I'd gladly call him an honorary Brit] (183)
    • Armando [Keynesian Scumbag <3 I've got him reading marx it won't be long ] (180)
    • Modular [Most active artel member ] (177)

    Great (155-175)

    Good (135-155)

    Decent (115-135)

    50/50 (85-115)

    Regrettable (50-85)

    Bad (30-50)

    Awful (10-30)

    Irredeemable (<10)



    • Revolutionary Eclecticism - Urm Add me? Also can i draw your ball for you?
      • - Just saw this mate, added you, and i'd like to take you up on that offer.
    • Serbian Socialism Can you add me? Also, BREXIT is ultra based and i hope it will be the first of a 27-states long series
      • - While i personally think brexit was a bad idea in the long run, leftie brexiteers are still invited to the coalition. Added.
    • Meridionalism- Add me man
      • - Just making sure, when you say southern secessionism, you aren't referring to the more... historically accurate parts of secession, right?
      • no, I ain’t no Flagger. The civil war was mainly for slavery. Which I ain’t for.
      • Oh, amen brother. Added btw.

    The Socialist British Republic would be cool. Would it be federal or unitary?

    • Oh, we are talking autonomist. Scotland is already in a precarious position, and the SNP are slowly decaying in the polls, so they could probably be bought off with a bit extra devolution. and my policy on northern ireland has always been that if it votes to rejoin then i wouldnt have a choice. but in terms of most of the state authority, it would be pretty unitary. i am a fan of parliamentarianism, but it would need to be reformed heavily to hold more of the cards and be more proportional. house of lords has to go, too.
      • I feel the need to clarify, autonomist in the british sense of the word, Not the global one
    • MaritimeVistula Hello, thanks for adding me, comrade! Who you voting (or if you can't vote yet like me, who is your preference) in the upcoming UK election?
      • - I can't vote yet, but even if i could, i think i would pretend i still couldnt with this piss poor roster lmfao
    • Geoliberal Social Democracy - Added, add me comrade.
      • - Added, my left-lean-but-not-too-much-because-i-am-irrationally-afraid-of-socialism comrade /lh
    • Meowxism - add me back. i alr added u lol
      • - added, comrade.
    • I hate Blair for his Euro-Imperialist third way and because he destroyed my country, you hate him because he destroyed the Labour party. We're not the same, but similar.
      • - dude chill on the EU, soft Euroscepticism is plenty. the institution of a united europe is inherently a good idea, and as Tony Benn put it, I am not against immigration but for democracy. Reform the institution, instead of scapegoating it for everything. once you understand that, you are left with imperialist third way thought. which is why he destroyed the labour party. it's really towing the line between similar/almost complete resemblance.
    • - I added you, do you mind adding me back?
      • - Added
    • Jefbol Thought - add me
      • - Added, add me back, comrade?
    • Heredism - You know the music
      • - Av added yah
      • - And in regards to the alias, that's basically right, but i personally wouldn't have invited the new democrats (they left anyway lmfao). not exactly what you meant by 'melenchon is not perfect', but its a similar argument with different reasons lol
        • - Something something society . As long as the "true" leftists are together it's good
    • - add me ideology from a year ago, it wild… Classical Meridionalism
    • - you're a good bloke, Luke. don't ruin what you got going by doxxing your anti-revisionist past. we all had one, it's kinda a rite of passage. anyways added.
    • Rigby Thought - Add me please, i already added you
      • - Added, you loveable piece of shit
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me?
      • - Added, meu camarada brasileiro
    • Serbian Socialism i edited my page and relations. Btw, what do you think about Eurocommunism?
    • Brazilian Progressivism - Add me
      • - Yeah, no i ain't entertaining this Larp sorry
        • - This is just my past-ideology before my actual one
    • Neo-Glencoeism- add me
      • - It is done, my former comrade.
        • Neo-Glencoeism - I will add you back. Also I find it funny that you put me in the BNP section considering if my ideology ever took over Britain they would first on the chopping block and also to the fact if what I just mentioned happened you properly most likely be invited into the coaltion.
          • - BNP things was mostly a joke, don't worry :D. i was debating putting you in the skepticism section, but i felt it was necessary to place you just below holding you to your former standards. I really don't mind your current ideology, i just would probably not be too chuffed about being under it. Like i say, though, i'm glad you are at least still progressive :)

    Neo-Glencoeism - I have added you finally

    • MacDeko's thought - Can I be Added ??
    • Artelordism - Add?
    • - I know I deleted my page, but I've noticed that you've all-out embraced "Kautskyism" as a doctrine. Comrade, this is a completely revisionist line - Karl Kautsky is an absolute joke to the historical socialist movement. From the outbreak of the first imperialist World War where he tried to find a "middle ground" between the pro-militarist social democrats and the anti-militarist Marxists to the Russian Revolution where he took the dogmatist line of "waiting for the right conditions", Kautsky ended up as nothing more than a useful idiot of the capitalists and their class interests. I'm surprised you aren't called out enough for this, Kautsky is THE cautionary tale of how revisionism leads people down the capitalist road and into becoming flat-out enemies of socialism in all countries. He tried to turn Marx into a common liberal and went from being one of the most authoritative voices of Marxism to the laughingstock of all genuinely socialist movements.
      • - a rich line coming from the cautionary tale of messing with -.
        • - how is that in any way related to what I'm saying
          • - nothing you say regarding the validity of kautskyism can even remotely affect me at this stage, i've become numb to it. Jefbol tells me i'm inferior every night before i sleep. Your dumb ass mentioned you deleted your page, i just thought i'd remind you of the neoliberal that made it happen. I'd rather get my anti renegade speech served hot and fresh from Jef, because I know his dumbass didn't go up against - and expect to win.
          • - In any event, i'll miss your slightly offbeat social commentary set to the tune of buck bumble. Peace, sam.
    • Io - I didn't add you way back when because you were kind of a standard demsoc, now i will add you and i would be pretty happy if you were to return the favor :)
    • WaffeniK - add me ~
    • Neo-Glencoeism- My fucking classmate is giving a speech about being a Sigma male please send help.
      • - LMFAO that happened to me last year, some kid went up and started talking about how gender equality was a lie. I'll talk to you about it in a bit when i get disc back XD
        • Neo-Glencoeism- The fact that isn’t even the worse thing I have herd uttered by my classmates is why I am so authoritarian. Also is your school Dual gender or single gender like mine?
          • - Upper ed is almost always dual gender in the UK. that's funny about the authoritarianism tho, not sure where they got that idea /j
            • Neo-Glencoeism- Damn the Gaul to say that to woman. I probably wouldn't be as authoritarian if it wasn’t for the fact my teachers(expect my history teachers) do nothing about it.
    • HelloThere314 - Add me?
      • - What good are words, when I've already set the precedent that the more well read someone is, the more I respect them? Do you not already know enough that you are amazing? Added nonetheless, comrade.
    • Altemism - Add me back, please.
    • Gooberism - Add me, I already added you.
    • Neo-Glencoeism- If I had a nickel for every time a classmate gave a speech on being a sigma male I would have two nickels which isn’t a lot but its strange it has only happened two times.
      • - Write a refute and put it on the door of the classroom with blue tac like Martin Luther intended.
        • Neo-Glencoeism- I would but then the entire basketball team would probably jump me
    • Weedman - Add me?
    • Blue Nephalemism - Add me?
    • (////) - We meet again, re-add?
    • - Add me back? It took me a while to write my opinion on your idea, but I've written it. It wasn't so much an opinion, more of a fact that goes against your ideas.
    • Niiloism - Add me?
    • - Please add me, brotish man that influenced me to read Kautsky.
    • - add me :3
    • - Eyo, about the whole pink flag thing, I think the disagreement mainly came from the cultural barrier. I am from eastern Europe, and any movement/party that uses red as a major colour is most likely going to be a corrupt soviet-nostalgia party(CPRF for example). Any SocDem party that uses red is usually going to fall into one of three groups: a corrupt AuthCap party posing as a Social Democratic party (SocDem party of Ukraine for example) , right-populists with their main rhetoric being "Muh times under communist dictators were better", or just straight up kleptocracy(think of the SocDem party in Romania). As such I have a weird gut feeling not to use red in any moderate leftist party (my icon has it only because of Kautskyism's design lol) because it brings me horrible nostalgia of endless corruption, potholes not being fixed for decades, and everything good fading away in everyone's eyes. I hope you can understand it. ^-^
    • - Attention! I changed my user test, so if you want, you can redo it.
    • - Yo, you don't seem to mind adding random people so you mind adding me, :3 Thank you!
    • - Terekhofism add me back pleace.
    1. Not so much in theory, but in rhetoric and approach to learning political theory
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