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    Grand Theft Autoism is a highly libertarian ideology that is based off of the game Grand Theft Auto V. It believes that many high crimes including vehicle theft and mass murder are acceptable.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a sky blue background.
    3. Draw the olive green letter "V" as in the logo of GTA V. You may access the page of GTA V on the website of Rockstar, but there is a question they will ask you that will probably filter some of you off if you're 100% honest.
    4. Draw the eyes.



    • Cyberpunk 77ism: More of you, less of the law and order people!
    • Anarchism: Mom! Ready for some chaos?!
    • Minarchism: No one can stop us now!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism: My less radical counterpart.
    • Second-Lifism: Sex and drugs galore!
    • Illegalism: Crime, shall we?!
    • Egoism: My accomplice!


    • Systemism: Crime is wrong?! Please, thank you for allowing audiences to play GTA.
    • Paleolibertarianism: I can't fornicate? At least there's not too much law.
    • Austrolibertarianism: You are telling me that I have to WORK FOR EVERYTHING! PIG!
    • Libertarianism: Saying that I can't steal cars?!


    • Authoritarian Traditionalism: Asshole! You're the reason kids don't play GTA anymore! Wasted!
    • Fascism: F****ng DICTATOR! Leave! Busted!
    • Parentism: The real stupid person in the room. He is the reason that people can't play GTA anymore! Waste you!
    • Young Ageism: Children should never be welcome to the crime, the sex, and the fun of GTA V! Busted!
    • National Traditionalism: Homosexuals are EVERYTHING! Stop your torturing gays now! LITERAL NAZI! Bust and waste you!
    • SajZeal Model: Stupidity! Social democracy and technocracy are just straight up authoritarianism... Waste you!
    • Ethnowelfarism : You just get in MY WAY!


    He is a criminal activist and an egoist. In GTA, the cops are still there, but there is no government. He is very violent. He is also an anarchist.

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