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    Gospelocracy, alternatively any other -cracy name based on a religious music style, is a quadratic opposite unity ideology that follows one guiding principle: Fix sacred musicians in government or have no government. It is religious like Rossiism but more laid back towards musical innovation.

    Stylistic Note

    • Uses religious and musical references
      • ex: “Sing of no matter before thy God(s).”
      • ex: “Forgive me if thou canst make neither major nor minor of it but…”
    • Use of religious music meme culture is encouraged
    • Laid back - just here singing to his Lord

    How To Draw

    1. Draw the character for a religious ideology
    2. Put in a musical reference

    For example:

    1. Draw Christian Democracy
    2. Draw an organ pipe on either side of the crucifix



    • Most non-evil religious ideologies - May your God(s) bless you as mine may bless me.
      • Religious Anarchism - Only a transcendent Heaven or Hell can have a truly unstratified society of unlimited size.
    • AnJazz - Well, you’re only against organized religion, right?
    • Most non-evil secularists - Thanks for not enforcing atheism!
      • Noocracies - Plato did say philosophers were supposed to know music, but this appears to have gotten lost in all the intervening history…

    Frenemies (False Enemies)

    • Kakistocrats - The sacred musician(s) being the only competent staff in a government otherwise staffed with navalim? I can’t say my God(s) would never do another thing that perverse…
      • Autists - mostly not as dumb as they seem, just misunderstood
    • Most humanist antirealists - hate me but I don’t hate them
      • Futurism - An emerging sacred musician running government is only a cool idea until you realize that it is because only young people are permitted in those offices. By the way, LOL at Marinetti for already being 32 when he said no one over 30 should ever be running the country and then helping an even older Mussolini to power after the war.
      • Primitivists and Primalists - Singing to a moon god(dess) is fine and all, but why keep your distance forever?
    • Theocracies - I’m perfectly OK with people being religious in public, but isn’t enforcing it a step too far?
      • Puritan Theocracy - “I’ve heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music, do you?”
    • Agnostic “Theocracy” and  File:Satanic Theocracy.png “Evil” religious ideologies - Aren’t you all sort of a contradiction in terms?


    Across the spectrum

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