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    Gopnism is the ideology of the Russian Gopnik subculture. Gopniks originated in the Soviet Union when peasants from rural villages came to cities like Petrograd and lived in state housing. They carried a reputation of being thuggish bandits, so the other citizens treated them with disgust. From this rejection, they came together as a collective group of urban delinquents with an honor code of their own. Gopnism is their ideology of free-movement, collectivism and law of thieves.


    Gopnism may have a number of different props, all associated with the Gopnik subculture:

    • Cigarette
    • Vodka
    • Cheap beer
    • Lada Kopeika
    • Knife


    He shares many things in common with Slavic Nationalism, primarily drinking and hardbass. Outside of hardbass, Gopnism also listens to Blatnyak and Russian rock music. He swears a lot, and is generally very rude. Most of the time he's drunk or on drugs.

    Has a tendency to leave out articles in speech.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Gopnism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. On that ball draw a brown hat
    3. Color the ball black
    4. Draw three vertical white stripes in the center
    5. Add the eyes



    • Slavic Nationalism - Batya, you very nice to me and we drink and listen to hardbass together. Want to beat up gypsy later?
    • Anarcho-Collectivism - Mamochka, you influence me a lot but why care so much about workers?
    • Kleptocracy - Papa, you scare me a lot. Why you have to be so auth?
    • Egoism - Very cool guy! A little strange, but strangeness did always sound like a spook to me.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - We fight together sometime but he don't like me so much because of my tattoos.
    • Geoanarchism - Good friend. We squat together sometime to bully landlords.
    • - Is slavic Polish brother. He like vodka and we beat up gypsy and jew. He say he auth but he seem a bit soft.


    • Marxism-Leninism - I do miss the khrushchyovka and I rather have you than landlords, but I hated your police state and gulags.
    • National Socialism - Your symbols make for very cool tattoos but I don't want to live under the SS.
    • Capitalism - I love Adidas and Puma, but why the prices keep going up? I used to be able to buy cheap. Stop telling me to get a job also.
    • Anarcho-Communism - да! All cops are bitches! Wait what you mean you gay?




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