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    I hate myself for the fact that I changed my political views so much ever since joining this wiki.


    I believe that only through class collaboration and reform can the working class truly be freed. A combination of Centre-Left economics and Centrist cultural policy, in my opinion, is the true way Left-Wing Liberals should follow.

    As stated in the overview, I chose Class Collaboration and Widespread property ownership as my main economic beliefs.

    I heavily support Guilds and other business associations to increase class collaboration.

    I also support Co-operatives and some elements of Post-Keynesian economics.

    I support Liberal Democracy and its' derivatives. Democracy should have a set of protective measures to ensure that it can't be compromised. I am also fairly supportive of Parliamentarianism due to my support of a decentralised government.

    The environment is very important, and climate change has become even more of a serious problem in the past few years. As such I believe in Heavy environmental regulation of commerce.
    I also think that rapid urbanisation in the past 100 years has led to an increase of mindless consumerism, loneliness, de-humanisation and depression. So I support Funding rural communities to encourage people to contribute to them.

    As for culture, I take elements from the Progressive Era of the United States of America, characterised by scientific and technological progress combined with support of the working class. In my opinion, this era was the golden age of America, and more countries should try to imitate it.

    I think Ukraine should get rid of the anglo-ahh current official Latin transliteration and instead use this one I made:

    Aa, Bb, Cc, Ćć, Čč, Dd, Ďď, Dzdz, Dźdź, Dždž, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Chch, Ii, Ïï, Jj, Kk, Łł, Ll, Mm, Nn, Ńń, Oo, Pp, Qq[3] Rr, Ŕŕ[4], Ss, Śś, Šš, Ščšč, Tt, Ťť, Uu, Vv, Ww[5], Xx[6], Yy, Zz, Źź, Žž.
    The rules regarding the [Ja], [Je], [Ju] and [Jo] sounds are identical to Polish. However, the [Ji] sound is represented by Ï.
    Same goes for the rules regarding foreign names and loanwords.
    I don't believe this alphabet should replace the Cyrillic, instead I believe in it being used for transliteration of names, road signs and things like that.

    Examples: Україна - Ukraïna, Київ - Kyïv, Харків - Charkiv, Львів - Lviv, Володимир Грушевський - Vołodymyr Hruševśkyj, Тарас Шевченко - Taras Ševčenko.

    User Test


    • Any Form of Democracy and/or Ceremonial Monarchy(+1)
    • Other forms of Monarchism(+0.5)
    • Any Form of Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism(+0)


    • Welfarism and/or Distributism(+1)
    • Capitalism(+0.5)
    • Communism(+0)

    3.Economic Freedom

    • Regulationism and/or mixed(+1)
    • Economic Liberalism(+0.5)
    • Laissez-faire or Dirigisme(+0)


    • Moderate or Mixed(+1)
    • Generic Progressive or Conservative(+0.5)
    • Revolutionary Progressive or Reactionary(+0)


    • Environmentalism, Eco-Authoritarianism, Eco-Centrism, etc.(+1)
    • Eco-Fascism(+0.5)
    • Anti-Environmentalism or Deep Ecology(+0)


    • Non-Aligned(+1)
    • Isolationist(+0.5)
    • Picking a side(+0)


    • Civic Nationalist and/or Global Nationalist(+1)
    • Other forms of Nationalism(+0.5)
    • Globalism, Irredentism, Imperialism, etc.(+0)


    • Pacifism and/or Non-involvement(+1)
    • Interventionism(+0.5)
    • Jingoism/Warmonger(+0)

    9.State Structure

    • Statism(+1)
    • Libertarianism(+0.5)
    • Anarchist, Dictatorial, Orwellian, etc.(+0)


    • Mixed/Moderate(+1)
    • Utopian or Pragmatic(+0.5)
    • Dogmatic(+0)

    Add them in this format:

    Ideological Relations

    Kautskyism - Took the good ideas of Marx while criticising and avoiding the bad, also did some very good documentation on the centrist form of socialism in the Democratic Republic of Georgia.

    Paleoliberalism - America could have returned to the Bull Moose with you, big shame that didn't happen.
    Bull Moose Progressivism - The golden age of the USA. Too bad the republican vote was split in 1912.
    Agrarian Social Democracy - I am literally you but Kautskyist.

    Kemalism - A true hero for the Turkish nation. Managed to unite his country and drive out the imperialists despite all odds, later turning it from the sick man of Europe to a mkdernised country. But I still really don't like how you split Armenia with the Soviets, though.
    Social Democracy - In some ways I have always followed you, but at the same time a lot of your supporters nowadays are neoconservatives and I can never stand by that.
    Longism - I can't deny you heavily influenced me, but still a bit too authoritarian for my tastes.
    Tridemism - A United China under Tridemis- Wait, what are you doing to Mongolia and Tuva?...[7]
    Marxism - Had some very valid criticisms of capitalism for his time, but was still a very shitty person and his ideas led to the abomination we know as "Actually Existing Socialism" today.
    Zionism - Don't get me wrong here, I have nothing against Jews or a Jewish state existing. I have Jewish friends and my family had a long history of having Jewish friends, and I might have some Jewish ancestry (yet to be confirmed lol). I just really hate what Israel is doing to innocent Palestinians, as much as I currently support Israel against the terrorists of HAMAS, I will still be an avid critic of Israeli actions against the Palestinian state.
    Nazism - I don't think I need to explain this one.
    Imperialism - I really fucking hate you please ignore the fact I like Theodore Roosevelt.
    Neoconservatism - Imperialism's modernised child.

    Fourth Theory - There is very little that can differentiate you from the above. The only difference is that you hate liberals while Neocons are okay with working with them. Otherwise the two are both sides of the same coin called "Imperialism".

    User Relations

    Uzarashvilism - I like what I am seeing here. Amazing economics, same devotion to human rights and liberty and cultural Syncretism are all up my alley!
    - Influenced me to read Kautsky. Honestly my only grudge could be that you are a bit too progressive on some issues.
    - What can I say? Co-operative culturally centrist Left-wing Liberalism is based!

    Blue Nephalem Thought - Nice economics, liberal democracy and co-ops. Might be a bit iffy in some spots but very nice overall.
    Pensamiento de Champi - Based new user from Chile. Nordic model and Keynesian Socialism are nice as always. (ES:Nuevo usuario basado desde Chile. El modelo nórdico y el socialismo keynesiano son tan bonitos como siempre.)

    - Kautskyite comrade and a fellow ruralist. Overall a very based ideology.

    Yoda8soup Thought - Very based overall, but a bit too left on some issues, just like the Great British New Left.

    Vistulism - Holy shit that remark you made in your relations tab made me have a bit of a heart attack there. To explain my old caption about a pale pink flag I meant that it is not red like communist flags. I would actually always vote labour if I was a UK citizen!
    Kyaelism - Honestly, this is actually pretty good- Wait, why do you like Gaddafi?... Nonetheless, one of the more sane Self-Inserts here.

    • I was kinda high when I made that remark of Gaddafi so I removed it
      • Oh okay, then I guess you fall under the "Ok+" category
    - Anarchist Collectivism isn't my cup of tea, but thanks for the book suggestions.

    Altemism - The definition of "Mixed bag". Pretty good economics and good ruralism, but Reactionarism is a big no from me.
     Bread and Circuses Thought - Holy shit it's me on New Year's Eve. Unique, to say the least.

    Niiloism - A ConSoc from Finland. I like that you oppose Sanna Marin's neoliberal government, but everything else is not as good.(FI:ConSoc Suomesta. Pidän siitä, että vastustat Sanna Marinin uusliberaalia hallitusta, mutta kaikki muu ei ole yhtä hyvin.)
    Hysteria thought - Wh-what?...
    Constantine - Least weeb Byzantiboo be like: But in all seriousness, I do appreciate the Distributist and Georgist influences, albeit everything else here ranges from "weird" to "no". Also why the hell can't I edit your page, how am I supposed to send an add request?
    Tiberius Thought - 🇺🇸🤝🇨🇳 Fuck it, one struggle. That's basically this ideology/Self-Insert. Not the worst, but far from good.

    Brazilian Liberalism - Neolib. Nothing else to say, really.


    Tiberius Thought - Add me?

    • Okay.
    - Yo man I wanted to advertise my cooperative icon . Wanna use it? P.S. Do you have discord?
    • 1.Nice icon 2.No and I really don't want to, reading about some questionable stuff on discord made me a bit scared to even try it, sorry.

    - This is a lot better than before, but please read some Rosa or Ocalan or something. I don't like syndicalism all that much, and I think if you're into Kautskyism, it can be a gateway to something more appealing. I understand if you're in opposition of that, but I thought I'd suggest it. :) Also, add me. :3
    • I might read them once I have the time to, also yeah, added.

    Blue Nephalem Thought - Can you add me, please? This self insert is the best so far.

    • Okay.
    - Attention! I changed my user test, so if you want, you can redo it.

    Altemism - Add?

    - Add me Kautskyite comrade. :)

    Niiloism - Add me?

    • Holy crap how are there so many requests?! All are added.

    Hysteria thought - add me?

    • Ok

    Pensamiento de Champi - puedes cambiar mi icono? además que cambie el nombre de mi pagina y deberias añadir en prueba de usuario en especial en el eje de estado una de moderado o liberal que no me identifico ni con el estatismo ni con el libertarismo, pero solo si quieres :)

      • 👍

     Bread and Circuses Thought - I developed new ideology add it
    Brazilian Liberalism - add

    • I briefly came out of my break to add you two.
    •  Daniello - Add me.

    1. I am still as straight as a ruler, I am just effeminate in some ways, especially physiologically, and being called a Femboy makes me feel warm inside. So, basically, I'm a demiboy or whatever the word for that is.
    2. I don't support Juche or the DPRK, this song is just too good to not be put here, also I really like potatoes.
    3. Only in loanwords and foreign names
    4. Only in the two loanword surnames from Russian: Hoŕkyj and Zoŕkin
    5. Only in loanwords and foreign names
    6. Only in loanwords and foreign names
    7. The RoC still doesn't recognise Mongolia as an independent state.
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