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    Gonodism is an authoritarian leftist ideology, based on the teaching and practices of Field marshal Jamal Gonod, A Togoian militaryman who was the head of military of Togo between 1967-1974. Gonodism is based on nationalism and embracing the unity of west African nations. it supports anti imperialism and social democratic policies. Gonodism supports the idea of transitionary dictatorship.


    Gonodism supports unity and collaboration between all west african nations against imperialism and colonialism, while embracing the unique culture of each individual nation. Gonodism supports the idea of a transitionary dictatorship - the state or the military must seize power in a dictatorial matter to tackle the problem of imperialism, after which it will transfer power to the people. Gonodism also supports socialized healthcare, housing, etc. it is not a socialist ideology but it is sympathetic towards it.


    Gonodism is very friendly towards similar ideologies but very hostile towards ideologies which seeks to undermine african identity.

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    • Sankar.png Sankarism - my good friend and fellow west african. too bad imperialists killed you. your economic policies are ok.
    • Pannat.png Pan-Africanism - my father. i owe everything to you.
    • African Socialism - Decent economic ideas and a fellow african.


    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - good economics, shame many of the countries that practice you are imperialists.
    • Soc.png Socialism - youre a fellow anti imperialist, your economics are ok.




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