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    The Gold Standard is a monetary policy which directly bases the value of currency to the value of gold. It is rather popular in libertarian circles, as they believe that it will lead to less inflation, making the currency worth more and causing economic prosperity.


    Gold Standard believes that the currency of a country should be backed by the price of gold, this way inflation doesn't go rampant.


    Gold Stand tends to be seen hanging out with members of the Austrian school of economics, he also tends to get along well with Anarcho-Capitalism and others like him.



    • Austrolibetarianism - You have all the right ideas.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Maybe anarchy is too much, but you still admire the gold standard.
    • Netherite Standard - My Minecraft counterpart, such a shame you cannot be implemented in real life. Well, I guess you can do it in the game, at least.
    • Iridium Standard - A bit tighter and rarer than wheat I'd like but I don't mind you really. Two protons doesn't make that much of a difference.
    • Deflationism - This is what I'm all for!
    • McKinleyism - Your term was the proof that the Gold standard works!


    • Silver Standard - Gold will always be the superior metal, but at least your economy is backed by some precious mineral!
    • Copper Standard - Copper is way too common. Still rather have this than fiat, though.
    • Astatine Standard - He takes everything way too far. We don't need a mineral this rare.
    • Inflationism-Lite - You are crossing the line a little bit, man.
    • Hyperdeflationism - It can't be that rare dawg.
    • Alcomonetarism - I'm not a fan of using alcohol as money, as it's too common and in some cases drinkable, but some fatty alcohols look like gold, so yes, that'll suffice. Somewhat.


    • Monetarism - WHAT DO YOU MEAN "GOLD ISN'T MONEY"??
    • Oxygen Standard - I have no words for you.
    • Corporatocracy - See look, these are the kinds of people who support fiat!
    • Economic Inflationism - Why would anyone think this is a good idea?
    • Hyperinflationism - ...BUT WHY?
    • Omni-Inflation - O̶̡̱̔͜Ḩ̸̡͕̹͈͈͕̽̋̌͝ ̴̧͕͂̕̕G̴̯̮̰̫͖̮͋̿͜Ơ̷̧͚͑̂͆̚̚͜ͅD̴̗̋̈́͒̿,̷̡̛̭̦̇͐͊̽̕ ̶̟̣͓̞͂Ő̴̧͉͙̬̬̍͘͝ͅḢ̸̢͇͙͕̀̊̓̂͠ ̵͙͋̍̃͝͝F̴̧͖̞̮̞͕̩͗Ṵ̸͔͖̓͋̽̏͒̃͊͜C̴̮̼͖̖̓͋̆̈́̐̽̀ͅK̵̻̋͆̒̾̌̕
    • Off-Deflationism - Too much deflation! We don't need that little money.
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