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    Glorified Communism is the "ideology" of E Coli/Cholera Camel. Art by Cyberdelic Egoism.

    Philosophical and Political Views

    Primary Influences:

    • Max Stirner
    • Karl Marx
    • Friedrich Nietzsche
    • Georges Sorel
    • Georges Bataille
    • Amadeo Bordiga
    • Antonin Artaud
    • Julius Evola
    • Oswald Spengler
    • Jean-Paul Sartre
    • Anatoly Lunacharsky
    • Alexander Bogdanov
    • Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
    • Alfredo Bonnano
    • Jacques Camatte
    • Mario Tronti
    • Michael Hardt
    • Antonio Negri
    • Jacques Derrida
    • Sadie Plant
    • Tiqqun
    • Theorie Communiste
    • Hostis
    • Eugene Thacker
    • Andrew Culp
    • Ian Wright

    Political-Philosophical Views

    • Postmodernism
    • Post-Structuralism
    • Deconstructionism
    • Social Constructionism
    • Materialism
    • Sartrean Existentialism
    • Nietzscheanism
    • Stirnerism
    • Subjectivism
    • Anti-Humanism
    • Dark Deleuzianism
    • Vague, Illiterate Accelerationism
    • Postfeminism
    • Marxist Feminism
    • Postgenderism
    • Libertarian Marxism
    • Post-Civilizationalism(I hated the zines, but they proposed somewhat interesting ideas)
    • Impossibilism
    • Esoteric Socialism


    • Insurrection
    • Illegalism
    • Communization
    • Propagandizing


    • Biomechanicism
    • Bio-Transhumanism
    • Cyberfeminism
    • Biological Anarchy


    • Surrealism(Look at Wladislaw Beksinski's Dystopian Surrealism)
    • Breakcore
    • Biomechanicism/Body Horror(H.R Giger, White Phyrexia from MTG, Warframe)
    • Cosmic Horror


    • Communism
    • Realized Solar Economy
    • Universal Aristocracy

    "Religious" Views

    • Technocapital as a Real-God
    • Communist Social Relations Replacing Religious Ones
    • Sorelian Mythos(as in constructing a de-mystified narrative of action)
    • Occult Posthumanism(Numogram, Time-Sorcery, Hyperstitions) (still learning)
    • All Systems as Conscious


    Points for a Camelist "program" or something

    1. We have entered the period of real subsumption. This is correlated with the emergence of the social factory and the apotheosis of capital as a real-god. What I mean is this: capital has come to dominate society on an all-encompassing scale, i,e all of society has been transformed into a productive machine for capital. The social factory is, in essence, the transformation of all of society into what is basically a factory. Everything useful to capital is retained, and everything useless to it is either discarded or transfigured into a useful form.
    2. As noted by Theorie Communiste, now that we have reached the period of real subsumption, the proletariat no longer functions effectively as fixed revolutionary subject. This is because capital and the proletariat are essentially codependent; one cannot exist without the other. Where I disagree with Theorie Communiste is that I believe this has always been the case; there has never been a fixed revolutionary subject.
    3. Because there has never been a fixed revolutionary subject, the only subject that is, in truth, potentially revolutionary, is the subject itself. Once a subject becomes conscious of its oppression under capital, it can choose to participate in insurrection against capital, and thus pose itself and capital on opposite sides of the conflict.
    4. Insurrection is a process of negation and subsequent production. What is negated in present social relations. What is produced is new social relations. Insurrection is not necessarily communist, but communism is necessarily insurrectionary.
    5. Call it what you will, insurrection, revolution, communization, all of these things mean the same thing in their communistic usage: the dissolution of present social relations and the production of communistic ones.
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