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    Glencoeism is the Ideology of Glencoe 13 it is a Lib.png Liberal and Mutalist.png Mutualist ideology that is in the Libleft.png Libleft section of the Political Compass.

    The main goals of this ideology are:

    • Technocracy.png Formation of a more rational form of government
    • Cooperative Socialism.png Economic Democracy
    • Merit.png Establishment of a True Meritocracy
    • Envi.png Preservation of the Environment
    • Civlibert.png Expansion of Civil Liberties
    • Scientocracy Small.png Accelerated Technological Growth


    MeritCapLogo.png Getting Rid of PWA

    PWA or Passive Wealth Accumulation is the ultimate enemy of free markets as it distorts the market in favor of big business so it should be abolished.

    Merit.png Inheritance

    Abolish Inheritance plain and simple and get rid of trust funds


    However i would like to say the above only applies to wealth and artifacts can be inherited however with a catch they can not be sold no matter what.

    Bankocracy.png Interest

    Interest in another from of PWA so to get rid of it I propose that that we nationalize all the banks and then the new central bank will ban interest.

    Bankocracy.png Debt

    While this is another from of PWA I don’t see how we can abolish it practically so it will have to stay.

    Georgist.png Land and Natural Resource Ownership

    Do to the Fact that no one made Land or Natural Resource it makes sense that you should pay the community to use said land and natural resources

    Georgist.png Land

    I support a 45% Land Value Tax

    Georgist.png Natural Resources

    I support a 25% Natural Resource tax as well.

    Bizdem .pngMondragon Model

    This a from of Co-oop invented by the Mondragon Corporation. basically the workers own the company like a normal co-oop however instead of the workers making the decisions directly every 4-5 years they elect the the CEO,magers,etc. these can be recalled by the workers at any time. To get this after we get into power we will immediately temporarily nationalize them for 2-5 years as we pay back the owners after this they would be slowly switched to this model.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Direct Co-oops and Small Business

    Direct Co-oops should be encouraged on the local level via the Cleveland Model. Small business will be allowed to exist but can not have more than 15 employees.

    MunicSoc.png Cleveland Model

    based off the evergreen cooperatives in Cleveland this model should be used to support worker co-oops. basically Anchor Institutions(such as hospitals and schools) will be encouraged/forced to buy goods and services from local worker co-oops these co-oops would be supported by a Community Development Corporation which would be backed the government.

    Guildsoc.png Guilds

    Guilds would replace unions as they are more encompassing and meritocratic .

    World.png Trade

    I support free trade generally however I do think that there should be a global regulater my proposal for which I will propose in Foreign section

    Welf.png Welfare

    I do believe in a modest welfare state

    UBI.png UBI and NIT Chilib.png

    I firmly believe in a UBI as it doesn’t punish anyone for being rich or poor as for the NIT it helps poorer families and eases them out of it thus stopping the welfare trap.

    Gero.png Old Age pension

    Once you turn 60 you will get a 1,000 dollar check every month.

    Welf.png Healthcare

    Generally i support the government paying for some stuff(especially vaccines) however for the rest you should a monthly fee for more government coverage(though for veterans/disabled people can get discounts) private insurance would also be allowed to exist.

    Nooc.png Education

    I do believe that Education should be free for everyone

    Nooc.png Trade School

    I personally think that most people should go to Trade School and only people with a GPA above 3.5 should be allowed to go to collage.


    I firmly believe that Housing is the backbone of the economy

    The Suburbs

    Ideally the lots will be limited to 5,000 x 5,000 and will be mostly townhouses.

    Public Housing

    Ideally the Government would make more houses then sell them to people at low costs.


    Infrastructure is very important

    Smart Cities

    Cities should be car unfifreindly with massive public transportation. AI should be used to help manage the city.

    Green Industry

    more industry should be built but green this time.


    Rail in the US should be nationalized with more Metro networks(Controlled by local Government) Commuter(Controlled by the States) and Inter city(Controlled by central Government) Freight should also be controlled by the central government along with all the rail tracks(expect metro). There should be more HSR bulit.


    • Income Tax:
      • Very poor: -5% (they'll get NIT)
      • Poor: 5%
      • Lower middle: 10%
      • Middle: 18%
      • Upper middle: 24%
      • Rich: 34%
      • Very rich: 44%
    • Sales Tax: 8%
    • Carbon Tax: $60/ton of CO2
    • Inheritance Tax:100%
    • Outsourcing Tax:25%

    Sovereign Wealth Fund

    These are quite useful and should be used a lot

    Use of AI in Economic planning

    As I said above in the Nationalization section AI would be used to used in addition to that it will be used to decide Economic policy

    Outsourcing Tax

    Any business that outsource industry will have there tax increased by 25%


    Government Structure

    Technocratic Council

    The Technocratic Council comprises 25 members and would be the main governing force of the county. Its members must have an IQ of above 130 and be above the age 45 to be a part of council. To join you mast pass vigorous background checks and pass a special test to join. Members are replaced every 6 years and you can’t run again immediately after there term however they can run gain in the one after that.


    Parliament will have 999 members and follow the Westminster system. elections will be every 2 years will use proportional representation and ranked choice voting. They will approve the laws the Technocratic Council makes.

    Head Technocrat

    The head technocrat in the Leader of the country.He is appointed by the Technocratic Council and approved by Parliament if either parliament or the Technocratic Council withdraw support he loses power.


    States will be allowed to exist though with far less autonomy and they will have the same Structure as the Central Government.

    Voting System

    The voting system will be ranked choice voting.


    Copyright should be reformed and copyright strikes should only happen if the person using it is doing it for profit and slander and not for artistic purposes.

    Police and prisons

    The police need to be demilitarized as its quite frankly ridiculous a great example of how ridiculous is it is the the FIU a university in my area police have 50 M-16s and a tank so yeah that needs to go. As for prisons they should have more focus on rehabilitation that said the death penalty should stay in for the most serious crimes.

    Use of AI in government

    Now AI could be used in government for several things like reducing bureaucracy and decision making.


    Cultral Individualism

    To but it quite simply I don’t care really what people do provide d it doesn’t violate the harm principle


    racism is stupid and through education we should break down racial barriers and self seperation.








    Allie,Aid,Undermine is a term i use to describe my foreign policy. It comprises 3 parts:

    1.Allie: Make as many Allies as possible

    2.Aid: Aid those allies

    3.Undermine: While not directly intervening quietly undermine countries that actively oppose i.e in the case of the US china and Russia.


    Intervention should only be used in two cases: Genocide, and a massive threat to peace(i.e Nazi germany) out side this intervention is too be avoided at all cost.

    other Countries


    For Cuba I would lift the Embargo in exchange for two things:

    1. Return of some wealth to the Cuban Americans(no less than 1/4)

    2.Keeping of gutanmo bay in for higher rent(though the prison should be closed)

    Israel and Palestine

    once I take power and the dust is settled I would invade both and crush the Radical Zionits and Hamas.After this a Referendum will be held with two choices: 1.Single United state with equal rights for both groups 2.Two separate states If number 1 wins American occupation will continue for a few years until the situation is stabilized. If number 2 wins the american occupation will continue for about 2 years while we remove the settler colonies.

    Reform or Revolution



    The moral code i am mostly aligned with is utilitarianism.I firmly believe that we as humans should help our fellow man. I personally a act utilitarian as a result I judge a action based on whether it was good(in my eyes of course)


    Despite what i said above I also think it is important to treat and have fun yourself

    Moral Subjectivism

    While do think it is important for people to have moral codes i do believe that morals have no fundamental value on there own and thus even of you do not follow my moral code you are still human

    The need to try

    There is this old Roman saying that you only lost if you say you lost I firmly believe in that. I believe that no matter how bad it is you need to keep trying.

    Cartesian Anxiety: why having a stable foundation of knowledge is impossible

    Do to the fact that knowledge is always changing and full knowledge is impossible this is bound to happen. That said I believe it is most likely to happen to smart people and the smarter you are the more likely you realize you have a high chance of being wrong.

    On the Subject of mind and body

    The mind and body are to separate things however they are connected if the body is to die that the mind will die and if the mind is to die the body will also die.

    The ideologically war

    now this is not a war in the traditional sense this refers to the clash of values over human history this “war“ fought both internally in countries and externally in countries and it will never end.

    why the war would never be won

    the war cant be one by the simple fact that you cant kill an ideal/value even if you suppress it will continue to exist in shadows and will inevitably resurface thus the war unwinniable.



    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning



    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning




    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning


    I’m not a philosophy nerd lol


    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning



    OwfBall.png Owfism:

    In terms of Economics you are a bit too big on class colorabration that said Cooperative Based socialism is good though you should just go and abolish inheritance outright. In social issues again very good and yes cars should be limited. On geopolitics you are a bit too internationalist but not bad.In terms of Philosophy not bad and Cartesian Rationalism is based though i dislike Virtue ethics. Solarpunk is also good.

    In conclusion: minor economics and philosophical differences but not bad.


    Well there's not much on your page but from what I can tell mostly based though small business should be limited to 10 employees and a bit too reformist. still not bad

    Positive Leaning

    Tomjaz.png Tomjazzism

    In philosophical things while you like Rene Descartes like you me you believe in “Universal” truths and Virtue ethics which I dislike. For your Political Model it is too decentralized though you are a based civil liberties enjoyer. Economics wise you are very based and I am quite fond of the Cleveland model myself. When it comes to Law enforcement you are a bit too lax though it’s fine. Now when it comes to forgien policy i don’t think leaving defense up to citizens militias are a good idea and you are to Non-interventionist. Also a bit unwilling to engage in violence to achieve change though yes we should keep the level low.

    Conclusion: Outside of Philosophy and Forgien policy not bad.

    Neo-XarTario.png Neo-XarTario Thought

    When it comes to technological stuff you are very very based. For social issues Pro life is cringe and lowering the age of consent is cringe but other than that based. Firearms regulation is a bit too strict though when it comes to property you are very good. for economics very good if a bit moderate. For civics decent though the senate should be abolished outright and i like closed primaries. I also like the Infrastructure proposals though no mention of high speed rail. for forgien issues too isolationist and increasing the retirement age is cringe. Also using purges is a terrible terrible idea.

    In conclusion: Not bad outside of some minor differences


    Ashley.png AshleyHere

    Not Much to go off but from what i see decent economics but anarchism is going too far

    Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism

    well in civics you go to far and i don't know how non market mutualism will work put you are progressive and environmentalist which is good. Though gender is not a spook(though gender roles are).

    in Conclusion: one for the better egoists

    Negative Leaning

    MLL.png Libra Thought

    In terms of economics I dislike planned economies but I do like cybercommunism.When it comes to civics I dislike Vanguardism though your concept of Revolutionary Democracy is somewhat similar to my Technocratic Democracy.also to revolutionary though PPW could come in handy if everything else fails. For social issues you are quite based though I'm skeptical going full Cultural Revolution.When it comes to Forgien issues you are too Pro-east though at least you criticize russia and china though Cuban Embargo should only be lifted with a deal of some sorts(I will talk about this is Forgien section)

    In conclusion: One of the Better MLs


    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism:

    Your Economics are actually decent though that’s where the similarity’s end. In terms of government you are way too strict and in culture you are too traditionalist and you are genocidal against LGBT people at least you support religious equality. In forgien issues you are way too militarist though at least you are neutral most of the time. Also your page is poorly written.

    In conclusion: Economics dont make up for the rest of the garbage can

    NekoqingBolsh.png Nekoqingist Bolshevism

    Economics wise they are not that bad but too planned. In civics you are way too authoritarian and vanguardism is dumb and doesn’t even represent the worker that well. In social issues you are too conservative and your jail system is dumb and just makes things worse. In forgien issues not interventionism is good but being pro east is cringe and who determines “True” human rights it’s statements like this that causes egoists to exist. Also you criticize ideologies for their human death toll despite the fact your ideology will also have a high death toll(this applies to my ideology as well). Also not ideology related but the color scheme on your page hurts my eyes.

    In conclusion: Cringish policies + Mild hypocrisy and general immaturity is cringe


    Actual Theory




    Neo-XarTario.png XarTario XT.png - Can you add my current self-insert and former self-insert? NOTE: They're pretty similar, but with several differences and similarities. You can compare them to each other if you want too.

    • Glencoe.png Glencoe- don’t do former self inserts sorry will do other one though.

    OwfBall.png Owfism - add me to relations?

    Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - add me

    NekoqingBolsh.png Nekoqing- add me

    Tomjaz.png Tomjazzy - Ad me back

    Ashley.png AshleyHere - Add me?

    Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism - Add me back?

    • O'Langism.png O'Langism - Hi! Can I join the thing that's going on with peoples PCB wiki userpages that's like the countries lore? Also, if yes, could I use my PCBA userpage? I don't have enough edits on the actual wiki.
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