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    Glencoeism is an Political ideology inhabiting the Libleft section of the Political Compass, He is a Market Socialist, File:Libunity-yellow.Png Libertarian, and Humanist Ideology. He doesn't identify as a socialist instead preferring the term Radical Liberal.

    The Stated Goals of the Ideology are:

    - Establishment of Economic Democracy

    - Widespread Private Property

    - Expansion of Civil Liberties

    - More Rational Government

    - A Humanistic Culture

    - Restoration of the Environment

    - Rapid Technological Acceleration

    It is important to remember that this ideology is meant for the US so these are often US specific.

    Why I don’t Identify as a Socialist

    I don't identify as a socialist for two reasons. One of my reasons is that my values are in my opinion more in alignment with liberalism than socialism. Second Socialism has many definitions so I rather not fight with Leftcoms and MLMs about it.



    Business Structure

    I support something I like to call "Corporate Democracy" where the structure of the company is still vertical however the workers vote for a board of directors and they, in turn, pick the management.

    Direct Co-ops and CDPs

    Direct Co-oops will be promoted on the Local level by state-backed Community Development Corporations(CDPs) who will help fund the Co-oops. The government in turn is mandated to buy products and services from these Co-ops.


    PWA or Passive Wealth Accumulation is something I oppose for two main reasons 1 It goes against Equality of Opportunity and 2 Distorts the Market. While Unfortunately, we can not get rid of PWA entirely for various reasons we can do something to minimize it. For Inheritance,there will be progressive tax on it as it doesn't feel right to deny parents who worked there buts off for there children that. For interest, there is unfortunately nothing we can do. As for Debt, we will sponsor extensive debt relief programs.

    Welfare State

    I support a fairly large welfare state with a UBI and Negative Income Tax. In addition to this, I also support several other Welfare Polices shush as Universal Healthcare, Child Allowance, Disability Pension, and a Old Age Pension.


    They are some industries that must be nationalized these are:

    • All Public Utilities(Power,Water,etc)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Banks(though Credit Unions are Allowed)
    • Travel especially railroads
    • Legal

    These industries (except Legal) will be run as Public Holding Companies. Speaking of PHCs they should be created in other industries as well.

    Land & Natural Resources

    Land and Natural Resources are not man-made and, thus people should pay when they use them. As a result, I support a 5% Land Value Tax and a 8% Percent Natural Resource Tax.


    The housing crisis in the US is terrible, and to fix this issue. I support a two-prong solution. The first part of this is to get rid of unnecessary regulations and reform zoning. The second part is to support extensive Public housing projects.


    Our Infrastructure is in a terrible state right now and requires immediate redevelopment here are some proposals:

    • Making Train tracks high-speed capable
    • Mass Building Nuclear Power Plants
    • Expanding our Ports and Airports
    • Increasing internet capabilities in rural areas.

    Economic Scorecard

    Using GDP as a basis of economic health is a bad idea because 1. It's only one statistic and 2. It does not take into account other factors. As a result, I support implementing an Economic Scorecard as a measurement of the economy.



    Government Structure

    I support a Federal Representative Liberal Democracy with some technocratic elements such as checks on who can run and other such things.

    The Draft

    The Draft is a concept made by my good discord friend BHRNE that I have adapted to my system. Experts from various fields are on a list and when a discussion in congress about a bill they will be mandated to come and give their opinion on the bill.


    The Senate is getting removed and will be replaced with a technocratic council this council will be chosen via a test and, its power would be limited to vetoing bills and approving appointments.As for the House of Representatives, it should be reformed with the removal of districts and change to a Popular vote form in addition to this Midterms will be abolished.


    For the Executive branch, the presidential elections would be switched to a popular vote system. However for the Department Heads while the President could recommend one the final power to Nominate and Appoint will be in congress.


    In the Judicial Branch, not much would change except now congrees is the one with the ability to Nominate Justices.

    States Rights

    While I still believe in federalism I believe that state's rights will be reduced with stuff like education and being taken over by the Federal government.

    Gun Control

    For Gun Control I propose three things to fix gun violence :

    • Increase Gun Ownership Age to 21.
    • Mandatory Phsyocgical Evaluation.
    • Meeting with a Sheriff before getting it.

    Police Reform

    The police are in need of change so here are some proposals I want to be implemented. 1. Creation of a National Police Agency to help regulations. This National Police Agency will also have a National Blacklist to prevent troublesome officers from being rehired.

    2. Ban on Military equipment except for designated Anti-Riot Units that will be part of the National Police Agency.

    3. Longer and More Expansive Traning.

    Ze Test

    Before you Run in an election you will need to pass a test to make sure you are not an incompetent idiot this test won't be too hard and would just be about knowing English and government functions.


    I am a Progressive for the most part


    For Culture we should promote a culture of Humanism and carrying for others however also one of individualism and the desire to be the best form of yourself. This should ideally be instilled via the education system.


    Expand Work Visas and make the process of getting them easier. Reform the shit show at the border ASAP.

    Environmental Policy

    Nuclear Energy


    Science and Technology Department

    I support the establishment of a Science and Technology Department to push technological growth in all fields.

    Space Exploration


    Core Allies



    Stop being Arrogant

    American Patriotism


    Pax Liberalis

    Pax Liberalis or Liberal Peace is a term I came up with to describe my ideal Geopolitical situation, you have 3-5 Powerful Liberal Democracy with their spheres of influence(all Liberal Democracies, ideally.), but no one is powerful enough to dominate the others and all these spheres of influence are economically integrated enough to avoid war.

    Reform or Revolution

    While under normal circumstances I would support rapid pace reform to do the worsening situation in the U.S. we may have no choice but to do a Revolution or be forced to fight a civil war.


    Harm Principle

    The main moral principle that influences my politics is the Harm principle. I believe in the harm principle because it is the best middle ground for planning Liberty and equality.


    My Views on Morality

    Moral Subjectivism

    My Personal Morals


    My Religious Views

    To put it quite simply, I am a diest, I believe that gods will is unknowable, and due to the fact we have free will, we should follow our path. In addition to this, I believe that God(or Gods?) are NOT omnipotent and/or omnibelovent because Natural disasters exist.

    Types of Nations

    In my opinion, there are different types of Nations, and here are the Types: 1.The Traditional Nation is a nation that shares a common language, Culture, and Ethnicity.

    2.The Cultural Nation is a Nation that shares a language and a culture.

    3.The Civic Nation is Nation is a Nation that doesn't have a common language, Culture, or Ethnicity and is instead held together by shared values.

    4.The Post-Nation isn't a nation but rather a state that doesn't have a common language, Culture, Ethnicity, or shared values.



    Positive Leaning


    Strasserism - Undoubtedly better than the nazis and Germany would be much better off with you but still to Authoritarian and anti-Semitic

    Negative Leaning




    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning




    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning


    I’m not a philosophy nerd lol


    Positive Leaning


    Negative Leaning



    Yoda8soup Thought(91/100)-

    Well for economics you are completely based on the only issue that is a tad too protectionist as I prefer a neo-mercantilist approach to trade and in a market socialist economy, a wealth tax unnecessarily punishes success. For your environmental proposals once again pretty good though nuclear should be considered a permanent solution as it grants us nigh-unlimited energy. For the rest, it is perfect except world federalism is unlikely. As for Reform or Revolution, I dislike a gradualist approach though I still support reform it should be quick and fast.

    Owfism(95/100) -You just started working on your page, but from what I could tell, it is based and very similar to mine.

    Market Syndicalism(90/100) - Your page isn't developed yet, but from what I see, it is pretty based though we probably have differences in foreign policy.

    Positive Leaning(60-79)

    Brazilian Liberalism(79/100) -Overall pretty decent though you should take the Co-oop pill you are on the way to being based also a tad too restrictive on gun policy but not that bad also for giving military weapons to the Police limited to certain elite units. Also for foreign policy use economic aid instead of military force.

    Stilluserr's Thought(78/100)- Mostly, Based technocracy is based, though some level of democracy is necessary to prevent abuse. Also, embrace Market Socialism, and for drugs embrace rehabilitation. Also to religious.


    Neo-XarTario Thought(57/100)-Seems good for the most part, though economically too moderate, but what's up with this lowering the age of consent to 13 and mandatory purges huh wtf? Also, Pro-Life is cringe.

    O'Langism (51/100)-Well, to start with civics, you are not an anarchist and more decentralized minarchy which either way, in my opinion, won't work and, the nation would disintegrate. For economics, it seems decent though there are more differences between Communism and Mutualism than just money. Social views are a bit vague but based also good views on Gender Abolitionism. Your Praxis works quite well for anarchism though due to the nature of modern-day capitalism, it may be difficult to implement.

    File:DoesntExist.png Nonexistism(51/100)-Your Economics are okay though too planned, and Capitalism is hedonistic, and that's based. Also, the Old Left v New Left division is pretty artificial. Auturky is too far and, yes landlords need to be yeeted. Nothing on Government yet though I probably won't like it. I like nationalism though I dislike everything else, at least you are not culturally that right which is good. ALSO ADD ME FOR GOODNESS SAKES.

    BERNHEism(52/100)-Hello old friend, so anyway, your economics are kinda based just take the Co-oop and Land pill. For civics, yeah, cringe, but you are correct about the police needing to be reformed. Good analysis of the United States though it is a nation, just not a cultural one, rather, it is a Civic one. Your social takes aren't horrible, they're not the greatest either.

    Negative Leaning(20-39)

    Floofel's Thought(21/100)-There is not much to go off, but from what I can tell, it's pretty cringe but Based on individualism.

    Neo-Spartacism(21/100)-Ain't much on the page so far, but from what I can tell, it's mostly cringe. The Multi-Party System is based, and a One Party will inevitably just represent the Bureaucrats, though you latest support some Democracy, so at least it's not full Dtop. For Social Issues not bad though your environmental views are a tad vague, your support of technological advancements through the Authoritarian-Libertarian Dichotomy is not false or metaphysical. I would like to see what your Modern Marxist Economics are though I suppose mostly cringe.

    Matthism(31/100)-There are many things to critique here, so let's start with the economics section. First, there is no such thing as Voluntary Economic System as any economic system forces people to participate. Also, while the license should be reduced you go way too far. Nice ideas for a meritocracy though you should fully outlaw inheritance. While your critiques of democracy are true, not letting the people have a voice will cause discontent and cause the power to go to Technocrat's heads. Also, a free market will destroy Traditional Christianity. Your page is not complete yet so you may go up or down depending on what happens.

    Neo-Majapahitism(20/100) -Way too authoritarian though I like the technocratic elements. As for the economy, it is pretty good though I would prefer there be more worker co-ops. As for culture, while better than before, it is still too conservative. While I like the technological advancement I do not approve of Indonesia having nukes. Also, I disagree with your imperialism thought at least you prefer the West. Also fix your english plz.


    File:Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism(7/100)-For the record, your economic policy isn't half bad, with your Land Policy being decent and your industrial policy being tolerable, and your trade policy is just an extreme version of mine. But everything past this is just plain garbage. Your morality is just plain cringe, and your New Western culture(which, btw goes against everything the west stands for) will probably cause me to have a psychotic break. Despite all this, your racial nationalism is what takes the cake in this cringe-fest of an ideology, what's more, you see it as a spiritual matter which is honestly funny. Oh and, your "Totalitarian Democracy" is fake AF.

    lanceism(4/100)-I can barely understand this, but from what I can tell, it's pretty cringe being a fashoid and conservative.

    Amism (Now In Unlabeled!)(18/100)-Very Cringe, while your economics are somewhat based, everything else is pretty cringe, from your conservatism to your anarchism too, OH god, Neoluddism. At least you support space exploration.

    Ganzism(0/100) -Too vague, but from what I can tell, very cringe Pre-Industrail society was a hellhole, and as I said in another entry, and society that is too cooperative will cause me to have a psychotic break.

    File:Ziółkowskiizm.png Ziółkowskiizm(0/100) -Johan, but worst, you are Culturally right, you fully leave the economy to the people(very bad idea), you support dictatorship(very cringe), and unlike Johan, who was at least a genuine anti-imperialist, you are a Russian Cocksucker. Plus my rant to Johan about his anti-americanism applies to you too.

    Jefbol Thought(11/100) -Pretty Cringe as it's a Marxist ideology, but believe it or not, I do believe in Dialtetial Materialism to a certain extent though I do think it's oversimplified as it does not take into account Inter-Class conflict or technological growth. Either way, it is underdeveloped right now so this is tentative.


    Actual Theory

    Federalist Papers by Numerous Authors[1]



    Which Politician Do I remind you of ?

    Best and Worst parts of my ideology


    - Can you add me, I'll add you back.

    • Io - Add.
    1. read as part of a civics class assignment
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