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    Not to be confused with Anti-Germanism

    Germanophobia, Anti Germanism and/or Anti-German Sentiment is a fear of German Culture, German Politics, German Pride, German Language and Germans

    Germanophobia reached during early to mid 20th century as a result of German attempts at continental/global domination though is arguably still present in certain circles



    • Progressivism - Everybody who is G*rman is a National Socialist!!!
    • Antifa - KILL THE G*RMAN NAZIS!!.
    • Stalinism - “Do not count the days, do not count the miles. Count only the G*rmans you have killed"
    • Gaullism - Weaken G*rmany permanently!!!!
    • Pan-Anglicism - Unite the Anglophone against G*rmany!!!
    • Rooseveltianism - The Roosevelt Plan is perfect!
    • Churchillism - So is the Churchill Plan! (Bomb Berlin as well!)
    • Zionism - The Kaufman plan is the best plan to deal with G*rmany!
    • Titoism - Expel the G*rman traitors from Yugoslavia
    • Jihadism - Resist the G*rman Crusaders!!
    • Pan-Francoism - Alsace-Lorraine belongs to France!!
    • Jewish Anarchism - The opposite of Nazi G*rmany!
    • French Accelerationism DESTROY THE G*RMAN REALITY!! .
    • Wilsonianism - You were a great basis for the international system that punished G*rmany after WW!
    • Caesarism - German Barbarians caused the fall of Rome!
    • Karbyshevism - The Great Trial Awaits
    • Gaddafism - Dissolute Sw*tzerland!


    • Satirism - Pro-Nazi Jokes are awful but jokes at Germany's expense are great!
    • Neoconservatism - You're ok when your anti-G*rmany
    • Downfall Hitlerism - I don't know if I could laugh or hate this.
    • Socialism - created by a G*rman, but be used to destroy G*rmany.
    • Austrofascism - anti-Nazi but still G*rman.
    • Falangism, Fascism, Chinese Blueshirtism & French Fascism - - Why did you have to work with G*rmany!?
    • Showa Statism - Same as above, but in alternate history Imperial Japan must defeat Nazi G*rmany!!!!!
    • Eugenicism - Eugenics are bad because G*rmany supported them, but the G*rman gene must be eliminated!
    • Tsarism - You are ruled by G*rmans but G*rmany will pay for what they did!
    • Jacobitism - At first you were cool for opposing a G*rman monarch but later became a G*rman monarch yourself.


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