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    Genosse Owens - (///)

    Genosse Owens Thought is an authoritarian to totalitarian, economically far left, culturally revolutionary ideology occupying the upper left corner of the political compass. It is based on the thoughts of German political figure @genosse.owens . It is mainly inspired by Marxism-Leninism - Stalin´s ideology synthesis of Orthodox Marxism and Leninism. Nowadays, however, I have some Neo-Marxist influences, such as Gramsci's cultural hegermony.


    Genosse Owens Thought was devoloped in 2021 - German.red.patriot started as a national liberal. Over time, my political beliefs became increasingly radical and I continued my poltical legacy as a right-wing libertarian with generally moderate progressive cultural views. Later on with increasing interest for the other side of the political spectrum began my study of Marxism and later on esspecially Marxism-Leninism. I "quitted" libertarianism' and the right-wing plitical spectrum. Nowadays I am a proud advocator of Marxism-Leninism.

    My political believes

    About the state

    What is a state?

    "The government" or "A nation or territory considered as an organized community under one government" are just some of the endless various definitions of what a state is - just ignore these usually idealistic definitions of it and let´s take a look at the state from a marxian perspectiv. It is pretty obvious that the communist definition of the state is quite different from the liberal/bourgeois one, according to Marx and Engels is a state the collection of social relations by which classes oppress other classes - in simple, it means that a state is a monopoly by one class on the use of terror and force against opposing classes. The state only exists due to classes existing, it acts most importantly as the reproducer of class society as a whole.

    What is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat?

    Liberals will always say that their state is a free and democratic state, a state for “the people,” by “the people,” by “the people,” while the dictatorship of the proletariat is none of that, it is tyrannical and cruel, they say, but the opposite is the true. In a capitalist society, the state always servers the interests of the Bourgeoisie and never the interests of the people, that´s why the liberal state can also be called "Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie ", the bourgoisie has the violent monopoly over the other classes. In the dictatorship of the proletariat as it implies the name has the proletariat the monopoly of power. The masses have overthrown their oppressors and have now the controll over the society. At this point is it the job of the proletariat to destroy the old culture, religion, the proletariat has the job to abolish the class-society - every of its oppressing social-relations and facettes. You can find the way to overthrow the Bourgeoisie in the next part.

    Proletarian revolution and organisation

    What is Vanguardism?

    The vanguard-party is key to achieve a socialist society, but what is a vanguard-party, why we need one and how is a vnguard-party organised? The "vanguard" party is probably the heart of Lenin's' expansion of scientific socialism, in short the vaguard is party the idea that a group of working-class militants and other activists called "professional revolutionaries" or "Berufsrevolutionäre" in german, create a revolutionary party that enlighten the masses and organise a revolution. This concept if often called "Party Communism" especially by Dutch-German Left Communism or anarchists. However, the vanguard party itself is organised by the process of democratic centralism, but why is a vanguard party necessary for a successful revolution? In summary, the people aren´t able to organise a revolution and over-throw the bourgeoisie by themself - the don´t know how to do this, they don´t know what class-struggle is or Marxism in gerneral. However, after over-throwing the bourgeoise-state, the vanguard party will serve as the state’s government and would reorganize society to bring the social revolution into action. To sum up, vanguardism is the political theory that a communist political party will over-throw the bourgousie and this will lead to the dictatorship of the proletariat through a communist political party that serves as the state’s government.

    Culture, technology and other social-constructs

    On family-structures




    The opium of the masses

    "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness." - is probably one of the well known quotes of Karl Marx and still one of the most current. To understand this, we must understan what the meaning and role of religion in our society is. Religion in this world of exploitation is an expression of distress and at the same time it is also a protest against the real distress - We can see this even in various capitalist countries today. If we compare very wealthy and developed countries with poor, underdeveloped and exploited countries, we can clearly see that religion plays a greater role in poor countries than in rich ones. Even in rich countries, religion becomes more important in times of crisis. This proves that religion is a social construct created by the exploited class, through which they desperately express that they suffer from class society and want to be liberated But religion has another facet. The Bourgeoisie is well aware of the role region plays and uses it to further oppress the workers. The bourgeoisie used and uses religion in countries that overthrow the bourgeosie, to gain power again, a good expample for this is China, that´s why Mao declared the great proleatrian cultural revolution and why it is important to oppress religion during the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    Technology and communism

    Technology makes communism inevitable - this statement may sound absurd for people who aren't well known with historical materialism, the historical development after Karl Marx' and Friedrich Engels analisis. To understand my theses - we have to take a look back and go back in the past. A perfect historical example is the industrial revolution, because it caused the bourgeois revolutions which have overthrown the feudal-society. With the further technological devolopement of the industrial revolution caused the further development of the productiv-forces. The productive forces stand in opposition to the production relations and the resulting conflict made it possible for the bourgeoisie, who was still the middle class at the time, to overthrow the [ feudal nobility. The conclusion of the past is further technological devolopement goes hand in hand with the further devolopement of the productive-forces. Nowadays we can see the automatisation and digitalisation, which will lead to capital-concentration never seen in history before , because most Jobs will be obsolete and this growing contradiction with in will lead to a communist revolution, because the productive forces are still in conflict with the production relations. To sum up, we can learn from history that the further development of the productive forces will lead to a revolution, which overthrew the current mode-of-production. In addtion to that the automatisation and digitalisation make it way easier to abolish currency.

    Capital, class-characteristics, value

    Private property, personal property and commodity

    There are like always various definitions and interpretations what property is, but they are also like always quite idealistic and define by the Bourgeoisie. However, let´s take a look from a marxian perspective. Every commodity has an exchange value and an use value, the class character defines for what purpose it is primarily produced. In capitalist mode of production, commodity is primarily produced to generate profits for the capitalists, for example a house was primarly build to generate profits, while it is a personal safe space to life, for the people who use the house. That implies that the capitalist Bourgeoisie engages differently with commodity as the Proletariat. In communism, commodity is primarly prodcued for use, so with changing the mode of production changes the class-characteristics of commodity.

    Labour-power as a commodity and the formel of capital


    On nationalism

    Nation and it´s origin


    Communism and the national question


    Some critique

    People´s Democracy

    Post-war, the communists built democratic multi-class dictatorships in eastern europe which would build the foundations for socialism instead of the dictatorship of the proletariat and that´s were the tragedy began. The Bourgeoisie is the eternal enemy of the working-class, political power, leaves proletarian power vulnerable, so the multi-class dictatorship is just another kind of dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie and not the way to communism.

    New Democracy

    Unlike many people think was the revolution in China not a proletarian, but a bourgeoise one. Even Mao admit it was the new democratic revolution under the leadership of the chinese communist party and not a proletarian revolution, it was a multi-class revolution which ended in a multi-class dictatorship instead of a proletarian one. The state protected private property and non-bureaucrat capitalists which act in favor of the "nation interest". However, if we take a look at the material conditions in China and eastern Europe, it becomes clear that a multi-class dictatorship is less problematic in China than it was in eastern Europe at the time, because China was in feudal conditions and suffered under imperialism.. W.I.P.

    "Permanent Revolution"


    Modern "leftism"



    in big by HEW Me in HUGE by Humanitarian Socialism



    On thin ice

    • Honeckerism - While you are much preferable to the west, you are still a revisionist
    • Juche - Same as above, but in korean.
    • Libertarian Marxism - I appricate your love for freedom, but we need a strong state to protect our people and the revolution from imperialism.
    • Agrarian Socialism - Don´t you get that we need an industrial society to achieve socialism?
    • Maoism - I´m a big fan of the idea of a proletarian cultural revolution, but your great leap forward was more like a great leap backward. Furthermore you installed the new democratic regime, instead of the dictatorship of the proletariat, otherwise your okay.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Many people claim I am you, but I am not.
    • Neo-Marxism - Depends on who we talking about and how I feel..

    Reactionaries, Opportunists etc.

    * Meowxism - Fellow Ml, I don´t think I have to explain further. I am not a big fan of this furry stuff though

  • DragonRed - We are somewhat similiar. I don’t see much at all to disagree with.
  • .dotdotdotsam Thought - Thanks for the Ball!
  • Liberalism Communism - I am not a Maoist myself, but I can really appreciate your stuff and I´m reading some MLM-Theory right now, maybe I "convert" soon. But pls don´t be liberal
  • Rojoism - You are basically a more anti-authoritarian version of me with some councilist influences, otherwise I don´t see much to disagree here.
  •  Meadowsin Thought - Actually, you are okay for an anarchist and you seen to know your stuff, but disagree on to many thing, but at least you admit that we need a transitory state.
  • Comrade Ivanoff — Your a mixed bag , bacause I like many parts of your ideology and I also dislike many! it is nice that you opose reactionaries and SJW´s, authoritarianism is based aswell, but I am not a bgi fan of market socialism, but at least you have some planned elements. However i guess that your a patriot like me, because you call yourself a nationalist and internationatlist at the same time. I think your culturally a bit too moderate, especially when we talk about religion, secularism isn´t enough you have to go further and become a state-atheist. YOu also dislike alocohol, so you get an extra point.
  • Expanded Technocratic Socialism - Sadly I still can´t place you higher this time, because there are still to many things I disagree with, for example I prefer a more centralised and authoritarian government, instead of a council, federal one and I am not a fan of markets, but I still like your cultural vies, I just think you should get a bit more radical and become a state-atheist (and a communist of course o.o). Oh and I like your foreign politics and the idea of post-revolutionary pacifism.
  • Uberglowism - I don´t like councilism and minarchism, the problem is your page is very undeveloped, but you get extra points for supporting palestine. I would like to place you higher if I get more information about your ideology. At the end of the day I think you would be a nice revolutionary comrade.
  • Yoda8soup - Where should I start mmhh, we both like socialism what is very good, but I am not a fan of trade unions and I don´t think reforming capitalism will end in a great proletarian revolution, in additon to that Cooperativism and market economy is insufficiently socialist, but you want to implement some planning and I can really appreciate that . However I like your somewhat patriotic stuff, you talk about in the diplomacy section and the anti-imperialism. Overall I think you should be a Ml again hehe (btw my "first" left-wing ideology was LeftCommunism you cute Babyleftist).
  • Temujin Leeism - I think you are a usefull tool to over-throw the capitalist-state
  • Glorified Communism - Wannabe Intellectual edgelord, but your philiosophy is still very interesting.
  • Jefbol Thought - I like your page, you aren´t just an ideology shopper like some fools, but at the end of the day your just a typical "Left" "Communist". Btw I like your criticism of market socialism.
  • Serbian Socialism - I really don´t like your market economy, in addition to that your relios, but I think we still get along.. at first Serbian Super State sounds sus
  • Ego-Stalinism - Some people call yiu a "typicall tyrant" and something along those lines, I call yiu a schizo comrade bourgeoise... . However, you know your stuff and I can appricate that, but nietzschean and egoism, really?
  • Belousism - You seen friendly, buy ya know I oppose almost all of your political position, starting with 3rd position socialism and ending with monarchy.
  •  Great British New Left - Reforms will never help establish class consciousness because capital cynically uses them to stabilize itself. Therefore, reforms will make a communist revolution almost impossible. In addition to that left-unity is naive, I think you know that marxists, anarchists and social democracts will never get along.
  • Pantheonism - Sorry, but i disagree with almost everything, especially the monarchy and market "socialist" part at least you support minority rights and not an ideology shopper
  • Meridionalism - I can tolerate the other Liberal/Libertarian "Socialists", but this is to much for me.
  • Revolutionary Conservative Socialism - "Revolutionary Conservative Socialism" is an oxymoron, you can´t achieve a socialist society while conserving things from the old society.
  • Mordecaism - 2 years ago I would have appreciated you, but I am not a right-wing libertarian anymore. You get an extra point for nostalgic reasons :)
  • Neo-Optimateism - Your page is really shizo and unique and I can appreciate that, you are some kind of Neo-Reactionary I guess and I don´t know much about that stuff to be honest. However even I like your shizo page I can´t rate you higher, because your an Ultra-Ultra-Capitalist and Post-Post-Humanists (I don´t even know what this means), but it is funny to know that you was like me in the past.
  • Brazilian Liberalism - For the most part your literally my opposite, just an unironic liberal at least you aren´a nationalist or re*ctionary. Brazilians have nice butts am I right?
  • Gumballism - Your an unironic Neo-Feudal lmao.
  •  Counterrevolutionary5708 thought - You name describes you very well, you're literally my opposite.
  • Terekhofism - I don't want to waste too much time with this, Conservatism, especially religion, is a bourgeois ideal and a tool of the bourgeois that prevents socialism and wtf is this!?
    • - Tankie infighting
  • Jadedism - I like your ball (I might step on it), but when I take a look at your political thought, I have to admit that I disagree with almost everything. I like that you oppose interventionism and anti-liberalism is also based, otherwise are you just a counterrevolutionary :/
  • Danielism - Your site is pretty underdeveloped. I am disgusted by your positive attitude towards fascism, at least you are against the Nxzis. However, besides that are you a moncap or something along those lines and that´s terrible in my opinion. Anyway, I totally agree, Stalin and Lenin were funny mustache guys :)
  • Vilencism Your page is also extremly undevoleped, I don´t oppose democracy in general, just reformism and bourgeois democracy, not socialist democracy. I also don´t oppose Maoism generally, I just critise his "New Democracy", it´s still better than peoples democracy though.
  • I am not MLM myself, but I can appriciate it, so I call you comrade.

    • Humanitarian Socialism - I really appriciate that you just want the people to be happy, as I said be before I mainly oppose bourgoise democracy, not democratic centralism and workers democracy. I reject stuff like religion, because it´s a product of the class-society and activly de-motivate the people to revolt against it, furthermore it would be really nice if you get into marxism. Oh and thank you for the ball.
    •  DECBism- Except that you're not culturally far right are you basically my the opposite, so I don´t have an opinion.

    [File:Natcom.png]] Lavenism - National communism and conservative socialism are oxymorons.


    • Candelarismo - add me
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - add me?
    •  DECBism-Add me
    • CanadianCommunist - you seem cool, exited to learn more.
    • Erissianism - What's wrong with furries?
    • Meowxism - add me, too bad u hate our kind :( but still, u seem based overall. and plz don't tell ur the haz-kind when calling urself a "patsoc"
      • German.red.patriot - Done, pls add me too :3
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    • DragonRed - Add me, you're based. Can you comment on my ideology?
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    • Meridionalism - add me pls
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - add me pls also do you want me to make you a ball?
      • - Added you, pls add me back and yea pls make a ball for me, would be very nice of you :)
    • DragonRed - I'm not really conservative.im very progressive.
      • - Sorry, but ur page is soooo long; i corrected it :)
    • DragonRed - No problem. There are 72 pages in total. You will always look at the top.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me
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    •  Great British New Left - Add me, "Comrade"
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        •  Great British New Left - I believe you are mistaken. This pragmatism I have taken that you have naively identified as 'reform' is actually the only thing that can stabilise the movement against Stalinism. Stalin's 'socialism in one country' was ruinous to socialism everywhere except in Russia. Truly, Stalin inheriting the movement was the worst thing to happen to socialism. He started the second red scare in America, it cause labour to lose to the conservatives and for Baldwin to get elected; it caused the collapse of Blum's coalition in France, the stagnation of socialism in Italy leading to the rise of Mussolini, the demonization of 'Bolshevism' in your beloved Germany, causing an alternative to rise, and it turned Thalmann into a laughing stock. And for what? your dogmatic rejection of reform outright is why the coalition wouldn't work. Not because of phantom anarchists, or "Uncompromising Social Democrats". It is because of insistence on ancient doctrine from people. like. you.
    • Comrade Ivanoff — Add?
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    • Expanded Social Technocracy - Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend (Whatever time it is for you) I wish to be added when available to do so.
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