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    George W. Bushism also known as Bush is 43rd president of the united states.


    George W. Bushism believes in increasing funding for Health, education. He also created an act which he believed that it would measure and close the gap between rich and poor student performance, provide options to parents with students in low-performing schools, and would increase federal funding to poor schools.


    Bush personality can be described as the personality of George W. Bush and his supporters.




    • Authoritarian Conservatism - I'm democratic! At least in theory.
    • Gaddafism - He don't like my invasion of Iraq and he is Muslim, but we had the detente and Gaddafi embraced privatisation and capitalism.
    • Liberal Conservatism - You are kinda cool, but we need police to prevent the propaganda of terrorism.
    • Mediacracy - It's complicated... Some of your variants like me, others don't.
    • Neoliberalism - We both like capitalism and globalism, but still...
    • Putinism - Putin was really based during 2000s, and he was supporting War on Terror. It's a pity you betrayed us. And stop using me as a whataboutism after the ICC issued an arrest warrant.
    • Crusadism - This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while. No, I'm not him.


    • Ba'athism - Why do you like your son so much?
    • Chavismo - Idiot who thinks my invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes.
    • Democratic Socialism and Left-Wing Populism - Stop to criticize me for "imperialism". These were measures to punish the terrorists!
    • Jihadism - Never forget 9/11!
    • Progressivism - Another fool who hates me for interventions and anti-abortion stance. But he hates Jihadism, like me.
    • Saddamism - I just killed him. He funded terrorists, just trust me! What do you mean, he didn't?

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