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    George Floydism is the political ideas of George Floyd (1973-2020) portrayed through his ideas, actions and supporters.


    Floyd's contemporary political views can best be observed through his lifestyle choices.

    For most of his live he was an Illeg.png Illegalist because of how many crimes he committed which landed him in jail, brought on by his drug addiction which never left him. He never learned any lessons from this so it continued until he finally completed his 4-year sentence for house invasion and decided to turn things around by participating in his local church.

    In 2020, Floyd briefly returned to his instinctive illegalist ways and he died of cardiac rest due to a drug overdose while Derick Chauvin had his knee on his shoulder to hold him down. It is a common misconception that the policeman murdered him by placing his knee on his neck, this is incorrect but an easy mistake to make due to the angle of the infamous video footage. While it is argued by some that Floyd should've been given medical attention to prevent him dying, this ignores the fact that he was being held down due to being a known violent felon, and it was not known at the time of the incident that George Floyd had ingested a large volume of fentanyl


    Following his death, many rioters peaceful activists burned down several cities in the name of justice for some guy who overdosed on fentanyl with no relation to most of the cities.

    His death was heavily promoted as a martyr by Blm.png Black Lives Matter. The protests would eventually go on to inspire people to create the CHAZism-icon.png Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, Washington.

    Personality & Behavior

    Before his death in 2020, Floyd lived his life like most guys in the hood. He was convicted of an entire eight crimes between 1997 and 2005 and 2007 got arrested for and entire four years for aggravated robbery in a home invasion.

    He was addicted to fentanyl and appeared in porn videos starring Kimberly Brinks (video in further info if your interested, but I assure you she's fugly).

    He was best known by friends as a "Gentle Giant" and is remembered fondly by and because of his fans.




    • Natalism.png Pronatalism - I may have some kids that I never met, but I'll still hold this gun up to your stomach to rob you.
    • Blacknat.png Eric Garner - Literally me but 2014.


    Further Info



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