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    George Floyd Taboritskyism

    George Floyd Taboritskyism is an esoteric variant of radical black populist ideology which believes that George Floyd is still alive and in hiding from the Police State. It believes that George Floyd must be found at any cost, so that Black Lives Matter will attain the next stage of racial justice.

    It believes that movements such as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest didn't go nearly far enough, advocating for a nation-wide revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat that will burn down every building until George Floyd is finally found and true racial justice is achieved. If he is not found in the United States, the campaign will stretch outwards to Canada, Mexico, Latin/South America and eventually, the entire world. From then on George Floyd will be put in place as the absolute monarch of the proletariat.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball and color it black.
    2. Color a white circle in the middle.
    3. Draw a black umbrella in the circle.
    4. Color a smaller brown ring within the circle. Fill the innards of the ring white.
    5. With the brown ring, draw the face of George Floyd.
    6. Give the ball two eyes; one of them should be a clock.

    You're done!



    • George Floydism - WE WILL FIND YOU!!!!!
    • NAAZism - Not perfect, but you are a gateway to the new order.
    • Esoteric Socialism - We will find George Floyd and make him our god king.
    • Paleoegyptianism - An african religion for a black america. I like your political system too, and can George Floyd be added as one of your gods?
    • Monarcho-Progressivism - Black Lives Matter! Trans Rights! Woman's Rights! Abortion Rights!
    • African Socialism - New Afrika, here we come!
    • Arsonism - Keep up the good work
    • Posadism - If we must.
    • Ingprog - We were always at war with police. Now listen to our police. We were always at war with whites. Most of us are whites.


    • Black Lives Matter - You mean this isn't what you wanted? DISSENTERS!
    • CHAZism - Full anarchy will only last us so long, but I really like your ideas perhaps as a long-term goal.
    • Taboritskyism - Cool but why does the leader have to be an old white guy?


    • Necrocracy - How dare you say he's deceased. We see your lies!
    • Propertarianism - We never know who may be harboring George Floyd, maybe even holding him hostage, so we have no choice but to search every floorboard, cupboard, wall interior to find where he is. If you weren't racist you'd know and understand this.
    • Police Statism - All cops are bastards! Tell us where you're keeping him!
    • White Nationalism - Down with white supremacy!
    • Turnerism - This is our opposition!
    • Black Conservatism - RACE TRAITOR!
    • Peronism - I have reasonable belief to say that Argentina is harboring Floyd. Prepare for justice!
    • Agrarianism - DAMN YOU SNEEDS FEED AND SEEED!!!!!

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