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    Geopaleolibertarian Distributism

    THIS IDEOLOGY HAS BEEN DISOWNED. He now believes in Dumnorixism

    Geopaleolibertarian Distributism is the ideology of user Dumnorix. It is culturally right while being in the libertarian left quadrant.It advocates for widespread ownership of capital goods, limited government,Land Value Tax and Pigovian Taxes ,Decentralisation,Republicanism,Non-Intervention,Traditionalism,Cultural Nationalism,Individualism, Merito-Democracy and Gold backed-Currency.

    Philosophical Beliefs


    He believes in a strict appolication of rationalist internalism,meaning he believes that reason is the only way to arrive at the truth and if you don't trust your capability to arive at the truth using reason ,you cannot trust anything else and thus can't build a firm philosophical foundation


    His ethics are strongly based around his conception of natural rights,life,liberty ,the pursuit of happiness and private property. Unless you aren't able to reason,which is the case with Children or mentally ill people).the right to Life,(freedom from bodily harm) means a right to live,which is why he supports a welfare state.He is also an environmentalist for that reason, The right to to liberty,which he defines to be freedom from dominance,meaning no one should be able to arbitrarily intervene in your choices. This is the reason for things like his support for small government. He believed that Liberty also means the right to control your own body,including taking substances even if they are harmful,removing a fetus(but not killing it) ,modifying your body and ending your life The third right,the right to pursue happiness,is why he supports decentralisation of productive property(you can't truly pursue happiness without productive property) and opposes income taxes(you have the right keep the fruits of your labor in order to pursue happiness). This is also the reason he believes in free education(everone should have roughly the chance to pursue his own happiness). He believes that private property is created when a person mixes their labor or previously aquired property with nature. He considers this to be a natural right,but only as far as it doesn't violate the Lockean proviso. This is why he rejects land ownership( without compensation) and wants widespread ownership of property.He is also a believer in the virtue ethics of Stoicism believing that your own virtue is the only thing you can influence and thus the only guarentee of happiness,which you can't risk on things outside your control. Also believing that the 4 virtues(wisdom(not intelligence or education!),Temperance(the ability to find to act moderatly),justice(treating people as they deserve and acting based around compassion) and courage(doing good things others wouldn't)

    Other philosophical beliefs

    He is a deist,meaning he believes in a creator who exists outside of nature and started the universe,but does not interfere with it. He also believes in libertarianism(which has nothing to do with Ron Paul or taxes) meaning he believes that free will exists.



    He,as already mentioned, believes in the Lockean Proviso,which means he believes that the condition for property are labour and that there is enough left for everyone to live as good.


    He is a Distributist,meaning he believes that Capitalism and Socialism are both flawed because they concentrate ownership in the hands of the few(Capitalists or State Bureaucrats). He instead believes that Ownership of Capital Goods(Goods that produce wealth ) should be as widespread as possible,which means small businesses and co-ops for industries that produce products that can't be produced by small businesses. He wants to achieve this through trustbusting on a huge scale and turning everything into co-operatives,by only allowing workers to be shareholders and making every worker a shareholder.He also wants to abolish usury and make a system based on credit unions and government giving out interest free loans if the situation really,really sucks.


    He is a Georgist,meaning he believes that all taxes are to be replaced with LVT and Pigovian Taxes. The value goven by nature should be shared and polluters should be punished with fees. This also allows to not tax labor.

    The Welfare State

    He also believes in the Welfare State,which should contain a social safety net for healtcare,unemployment,retirement,maternity/paternity leave and care for the bereaveted. There should also be a UBI and public education

    The Financial System

    The monetary system is incredibly important to him,he wants to close dowm the Central Banks and return to a system of gold-backed currency.


    Government's role should be to minimise dominance.All power derived to government must be justified through othe three principles.There shouldn't be a standing army ,rather militias, which the government could use as an army in case of war. The Government should also be either directly by the people(direct democracy) or when the level of government is too high to allow direct democracy,it should be trough directly elected representatives. He also believes in Montesquieu's separation of powers and checks and balances. He also believes a Bill of Rights must be contained in the Constitution

    Bill of Rights

    The Bill of Rights should contain

    A right to life and freedom from bodily harm

    a right to freedom of expression and religion

    freedom of the press

    equality before the law of all citizens

    Right to a fair and speedy trial

    Habeas Corpus

    The right to private property

    The right to refuse the draft and military service

    The right to a vote for all taxpayers or people living in the nations above 16.


    He believes that the legislature should have two chambers. One should be representative of the people,every representative should represent roughly the same number of voters. He also wants this chamber to be able to replace the Chancellor if there is a majority for another candidate. His second chamber would be representative of the states with every state government sending representatives. This chamber exists to guarentee that issues which concern the states are approved by both the people and the states.He wants elections every 5 years and term limits(2 terms)


    He wants the executive to have a president,elected by both chambers and only serving as the figurehead while being the chief of state. He wants the chancellor to guide the politics of the country and appoint the ministers and being commander in chief(but not being able to go to war without Legislative Approval).


    The Constitutional Court should be consist of Judges, approved by 2/3 of both chambers. The Court decides in cases were the constitution might not be clear.


    It believes that every issue must be tackled at the lowest level possible,the lowest being the inidvidual,who governs himself. If a problem cannot be solved by level (X) level (X+1) should try to solve it and so on.

    European Federalism

    He believes that Europe should be one country as a Confederation.(So not really a united state) .


    He is also a supporter of every German Gemeinde being a independent state and only being integrated into the Confederation of Europe.

    The muncipalities

    He wants the muncipalities to do everything related to the muncipality itself(Hospitals,Fire Departments and so on) and be direct democracies with everyone being able to vote on every issue reguarly. He wants them to basically be semi-independent states.


    He believes in Particularism,following Thomas Jefferson's famous quote from his inaugural adress:"Peace,Commerce and Honest Friendship with all Nations,entangling alliance with none" He does believe Europe should trade with people,talk with Countries ,befriend and help them,but not force itself into alliances with them or let alone use military force to tell them how to live.

    Free trade

    He believes everyone who wants to import stuff should be allowed to do it and everyone who wants to export stuff should be allowed to do it,


    He is also extremly environmentalist,believing in Things like Pollution Fees(meaning you have to pay the exact damage you caused) and Regulation.

    View on Science

    He is extremly pro-science,believing in massive government funding for scientific research and that we should strive for progress in science to improve our lives,through things like Space Colonialism,Genetic Engeering and finding new abundant sources of energy.


    It believes that everyone must pass a test(different depending on the office) before running for office,but that the people should have the choice between the canoidates ,who have passed the test.

    Social & Cultural

    He is kinda traditionalist believing in traditional values like the family and religion,believing that it's decline has been a disaster for Europe. He still believes the culture war to be way overrated .


    He promotes the moral worth of the individual and stresses the meaning of every individual being independent and that government and corporations should largely not intervene in their life


    He is Communitarian in the sense that he believes that communities like the family,the religious community,the local community or the national community are of primary importance in order for Liberty and Stability to permantely exist.


    He is pretty tolerant of immigration since he believes that Immigration is good for the economy.(Just look at the United States). He believes that immigrants and native people optimally should live close ro each other,in order to make integration easier.He believes that a muncipality must agree to take the migrants in.


    On the issue of abortion, he is an Evictonist,meaning he believes a woman has the right to evict the fetus,but not to kill it

    View of Western Civilisation

    He views Western Civilisation as the best civilisation,since the west developed ideas like freedom and the right to pursue your own happiness,which are central to his ideas. He believes that the renaissance and the Enlightenment were what decided the Fight of Civilisations in favor of the West.


    He is strongly inspired by the ideas of Antonio Gramsci,believing that an idea must seem moral in the eyes of the people to be successful. He is also a Machiavellian,believing that alliances with other ideologies need to be made and dissolved according to the situation and the issue. A good example of this would be Lenin,who he absolutely despises and considers a crazy dictator,but effective at seizing power.(Hitler also was ready to break up alliances ,which is how he rose to power). The only alliance he wouldn't break would be with leftists who also believe in Enlightenment values. He believes that achieving power is of utmost importance since good ideas do not matter if you have no way to execute them.


    He mentions John Locke,Adam Smith and/or Thomas Jefferson in every political debate and how their principles lead to anti-capitalist conclusions. He constently talk about how Wage Labour sucks. He calls way too many leaders "war criminals,which should be sent to the Hague" He talks about the State amd Capitalism both profiting of war



    • Distributism We need to make ownership of Capital goods widespread to prevent wage slavery
    • Georgism Land Value Tax is themost efficient and fair form of taxation
    • Jeffersonian Democracy Jefferson was the greatest political thinker ever. His message on the issue of economics has been completly forgotten,despite idolization,sadly. I cannot even come close to explaining my admiration for this great man
    • Confederalism Based,aslong as you don't deny the fact that the American Civil War WAS about Slavery.(That still doesn't justify what Lincoln did)
    • European Federalism My continent must survive and march on in the modern geopolitical era. We need to stand strong together as a Confederation.
    • Chomskyism Great political thinker.Still kinda skeptical about this anarchism thing.
    • Smithian Socialism Based Socialist ,who actually understands the left-wing ,anti-capitalist nature of the Enlightenment.
    • Libertarian Conservatism Ron Paul changed my mind on so many issues,despite being bad on many economic issues. I will always be deeply in debt to that great man.
    • Classical Liberalism John Locke?Adam Smith? Destutt de Tracy?Baron de Montesquieu? Thomas Paine? Thomas Jefferson? John Stuart Mill? Based
    • Isolationism what others do with their country is none of our damn business.
    • Machiavellianism Might is right. Machiavelli simply described how to do Politics in the real world.


    • Capitalism Wage Slavery IS real,you're an enemy of democracy and republicanism cause you lead to him
    • Neoliberalism Hurts the environment massively and doesn't treat human beings like humand beings
    • Dengism The best form of Capitalism(at keeping Capitalism alive and well) and that's not a good thing
    • Totalitarianism Fuck off, Government that does not maximise Liberty can go die.
    • Islamophobia I refuse to believe that the religion of Islam is our enemy. Islamic Terrorism is a consequence of Western foreign policy.Warmongers love you .
    • State Liberalism Wage Slavery,Loss of Values,Global Warfare and no liberty,my worst nightmare.
    • Pragerism Oil-funded,enlightenment-bashing warmongers
    • Bankocracy Reject Central Banks,return to nice metal
    • Protestant Theocracy Normal Protestants should be burned if they don't convert and the leaders should have a harder punishment. Mary Tudor showed me the way to deal with you,heathen scum.
    • National Socialism You led us into a war, which we could not win ,leading to our destruction and now "edgy" teenagers support you and ignore the horrors you brought unto this world.
    • Merkelism Why didn't you bring them home from Afghanistan in 2011,the latest? Why did you inavde Mali? Why did you support War Criminal Obama? Why did you back Saudi Arabia? The Troika was also a complete Failure. And you didn't care about Wealth Inequality or Climate Change. You weren't the worst,but still
    • Protectionism Free trade,everytime and everywhere. Get that through your skull ,your economic ignoramus.
    • Third Way Our former Chancellor Schröder should be sent to the Hague . Don't even get me started on the Clintons,Blair or Obama.
    • Authoritarianism Lack of freedom does not lead to security especially considering the 200 million people government killed in the past century.


  • Natural Law Theory My ideology is almost completly based on my understanding of Natural Law
    • Enlightenment One of the best things in Human history. Reason is our leading weapon and individual liberty is the greatest good
    • Schopenhauerism A huge influence on my understanding of reality and a great ,albeit extremly unorthodox, thinker.(But did you really have to say those things about women? Jesus)
    • Rousseauism The general will is the only way to determine the correct form of government.
    • Virtue Ethics Based ,my morality is essentialy just compassion. Most other virtues are good for yourself,but not moral necessities.
    • Nietzscheanism Quite interesting,even though I prefer Schopenhauer
    • Kantianism I reallylike your metaphysics ,epistomology and kinda like your ethics and political theory. I still have problems regarding your racism.


    • Hobbesism There is no self-serving reason to constantly go around attacking people,considering you have a 50% chance (or atleast a pretty high one) to die. And the more you do it ,the more likely it is people will launch a preemptive strile or ally against you,lowering your chance of survival even further. Your theory makes no frickin sense and you only help protect Authoritarians. Thank God that Locke existed.
    • Counter- Enlightenment The Enlightenment was incredibly great if reason and/or liberty are your goal and if they aren't ,you can go fuck yourself.


  • Scarletism based,but get more libertarian.
  • Enemies



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