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    Geologism is an ideology that wants the state to function analogically to geological processes. Those central to geologism are plate tectonics and the rock cycle.

    Ideology information

    Geologism is based on the idea of states going around like tectonic plates (except faster). The states will have to find their way inbetween other states, creating tension in zones near movement that can cause a regional catastrophe (analogous to earthquakes). When two countries crash into each other, they can expand tangentially to the direction of impact.

    Then there is the cycle concept. This one is like a pseudocaste system, except you can change your caste by specific regional occasions (see picture). This works similiarly to the rock cycle. Also there is not much stratification by caste, but more by age.

    Geologism prefers to preserve the status quo, making it a Conserv.png conservative ideology.
    The caste system of geologism.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball like you're used to, then fill it with red.
    2. Add an orange circle in the center of the ball.
    3. Add a yellow circle center to the orange circle.
    4. Add eyes. And you're done.

    Personality & Behavior

    Geologism can identify almost any mineral or rock it finds. However, Geologism is considered by others to be a guy who doesn't know politics.

    Friends, frenemies and foes


    Technocracy.png Technocracy - "Stop calling me a silly person!"


    MC.png Minecraftism - "For the twentieth time in this geological era: MINECRAFT IS NOT REALISTIC!"

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