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    Geoliberal Social Democracy

    Geoliberal Social Democracy is the self-insert of the user Calafax. It's based on ideological social democracy and social georgism. The ideology is civically liberal, economically center-left, diplomatically internationalist, and culturally left.




    Calafax is a materialist, which is a metaphysical monism that holds matter as being the fundamental substance of nature. So, that means everything that is real exists, and everything that isn't real doesn't exist. This rules out the existence of things like gods and spirituality.


    Calafax is an existentialist. He combines this belief with his humanism, making him an existential humanist. Existential humanism is a form of humanism that validates the human subject as struggling for self-knowledge and self-responsibility, we as humans express the power to make free-willed decisions independent from the influences of societal influences such as religion or community.



    Calafax holds a socially constructive worldview and believes that the interactions we have as humans in regard to social matters are what determine knowledge. With this, I reject these social concepts that hold back my individualism since they only hold back a person's liberty which is bad.



    Secular Humanism

    Calafax is a secular humanist. He believes that we as humans are the central point for rational decision making while rejecting religious dogma and superstition as the basis for morality or decision making, since these things are not real and should not be used to decide how humans make decisions.


    Calafax is an atheist, and believes that god is nothing more than superstitious nonsense that doesn't exist. The creator of this page has never been religious so becoming disillusioned with the metaphysical concept of god was bound to happen. My specific beliefs are positive atheism if you care since I'm personally certain neither the concepts of god or spirituality exist within a literal sense and that they are just human creations invented to try to describe the world. I'm not going to suspend disbelief on things that aren't real and don't exist, and I don't see why I should.


    Social Individualism

    Calafax is an individualist. He believes that we has humans have free will to create meaning in our lives, and he combines this thought with his economic leftism. Believing that if the individual has everything they have covered for them, then that allows them to live their lives and pursue their interests from authority, calling this social individualism. This is were his support for the harm principle comes from as well. He encourages the individual to create meaning in their lives through the agency we have, be unique since everyone is different and that's a good thing.


    Calafax subscribes to epicurean thought, which is a philosophy that taught that the highest state a person could attain was absolute peace, just don't worry and enjoy the simple pleasures in life while you're still alive, that's what gives the creature of this page meaning in life. It should be understood that this is different from hedonism, but is still similar since it's more moderate.


    Calafax is a utilitarian. This ethical theory is a form of consequentialism that places morality on happiness and actions that cause it. This would specifically be negative utilitarianism, which places greater priority on reducing suffering than increasing pleasure.



    Calafax is a cosmopolitan, he views us humans as being members of a single community being world citizens, and believes that we must work together for the betterment of mankind. This goes along with his support for Panhumanism, which is a form of humanism that manifests itself as desiring the creation of a global political system that unites humanity, whether that be through a world government or global alliance.


    Cultural Views

    Cultural Liberalism

    Calafax is a cultural liberal in-general, he believes that progress is necessary to advance society, being a socially progressive ideology. He supports an egalitarian and open society were people are treated the same regardless of their back round such as their race, ethnicity, disability, gender, ect. Since discrimination does not contribute to a happy society and is pointless.

    • Bodily Autonomy
    Calafax is a civil libertarian, and believes you should be allowed to do whatever you want when you're not harming anyone else. This would make his overall cultural views individualistic because of his support for bodily autonomy over all societal influences such as community, religion, tradition, ect. If you don't want to conform to traditions, you shouldn't have to.


    Calafax supports feminism and believes that woman deserve the same legal rights as men. He supports first and second wave feminism, and to a limited degree third wave feminism. Although, he can be critical of fourth wave feminism sometimes due to his presence of radical feminists within the movement.

    • Social Feminism

    Calafax's specific form of feminism would be social feminism, which incorporates elements of feminist philosophy into social democracy. He believes that feminism is necessary towards fighter gender and economic inequality, since neither contribute towards a happy society and must be fought

    • Abortion

    Calafax is pro-choice, and supports abortion being legal. He believes that abortion is apart of a woman's bodily autonomy, and therefore supports since he believes that it's not fair for society to force women to give birth to children they can neither afford or want. It doesn't matter how the woman got the child or why she chooses to abort it, it's her body and that's her decision to make.

    • Sex-Positive Feminism

    Calafax is a sex-positive feminist, he believes that all interactions between consenting adults are normal human functions that shouldn't be demonized. As you can imagine, he supports the legalization of both pornography and prostitution. His sex-positive attitude also goes along with his support for queer rights

    • Atheist Feminism
    Calafax would be an atheist feminist, he believes that religion is inherently oppressive towards woman's rights as you can see with how it's been used to justify restricting abortion rights among other things.


    Calafax supports LGBT rights, since he doesn't see why someone should be mistreated for their sexual orientation. He supports the legalization of same-sex marriage, anti-discrimination laws for gay people in relation to employment, and their right to adopt. And on the topic of gay pride, he supports gay pride since he believes that pride marches have been necessary towards the acceptance of homosexuality.

    • Transgender Rights
    Calafax believes that being transgender is a misconnection between your sex at birth and your gender identity. He supports and hopes to expand gender-affirming healthcare access, and everything mentioned about gay people would be applied to the transgender community in relation to anti-discrimination and adoption. Along with this, he supports the recognition of non-binary identities and pronouns. Although, he believes that xenogenders and neopronouns aren't legitimate and they wouldn't be legally recognized.


    Calafax supports drug legalization and believes that the war on drugs was a failure that wasted billions of dollars while throwing countless innocent people in jail to fuel the American prison industrial complex. All soft drugs would be legalized, while some hard drugs would be decriminalized.


    Calafax supports the legalization of euthanasia, believing the right to die is essential towards one's bodily autonomy. If someone chooses to perish painlessly, they should be allowed to since it doesn't make sense to have someone suffer and bear the cost on society when they voluntary choose to do end their life.

    Freedom of Speech

    Calafax supports freedom of speech, seeing it as necessary for any developed society to function properly. With this, he opposes hate speech laws and believes that countering people with unsavory views should come from a community level instead of a governmental level. The only exceptions would be things like threats of violence and other things that disturb the peace. Also, government whistleblowers would be legally protected since he views them as heroes.


    Calafax, being on the secular left and a secular liberal, opposes the societal influences of religion. He believes that society should be based off of secular ethics and values. He supports the secular movement, and believes that religions have been used to suppress individual rights and liberties in the name of some ghosts that don't exist. The decline of supernaturalism would be necessary to achieving his ideal world federation in the long term since religion is another thing that pointlessly divides humans.

    • Anti-Clericalism
    He self-identifies as an anti-clericalist in this regard. He's personally fine with religious liberals, but still believes that organized religion is bad. So, instead of opposing the belief of god itself, he opposes the organized influences of religion since he believes that it's something that can actually be targeted. If you want to be religious personally that's fine, but organized religion should become a thing of the past since it's a barrier to human progress.

    Diplomatic Views


    Calafax is quite in favor of free trade, since it has significantly reduced the cost of goods for the average consumer while lifting the developing world out of poverty. Despite this, he can be critical of the unrestricted free flow of goods and trade, to which he supports writing worker's rights into trade deals to make sure we can get the most out of the free exchange of goods without it being destructive towards the labor movement. So, he believes that tariffs are overall bad for the economy and only harm the local producers they claim to protect while the bad effects of neoliberal globalization should be avoided.


    Calafax supports an internationalist foreign policy and believes that working together with other states is the best way to secure peace. He also believes that humanity should eventually unite under one global alliance between all nations of the world or a world government to secure our future from self-imposed humanitarian ills such as war.

    • Alter-Globalization

    Calafax can be critical of economic globalization and it's effects on the labor movement and other things relating to such, so he supports alter-globalism as his preferred diplomatic policy, believing that internationalism shouldn't involve exploitation.

    • Technological Globalization

    Calafax supports co-operation between states in regards towards technology, since this has allowed for the acceleration of technology and technological breakthroughs which have greatly improved humanity. Although, he can be critical of how this does effect inequality, and supports it given its regulated to prevent such.

    • Environmental Globalization

    Calafax supports environmental globalization and the coordination of efforts regarding environmental issues between states to solve climate change, since it's an issue that we cannot solve alone. This would include support for the Paris climate treaty and other future climate treaties that come up in the future.

    • Pan-Human Alliance

    Calafax supports the eventual creation of a pan-human alliance that encompasses all countries, since he believes it would be the best way to reduce economic inequality between each country. Eventually, this pan-human alliance could be used to unify humanity into a world government. This would be a long term goal in the future

    • Foreign Aid

    Calafax supports foreign aid. Not just for humanitarian reasons, but for geopolitical reasons. Since foreign aid encourages trade and peaceful diplomacy between different countries, it's a good way to achieve world peace as well.

    • World Peace

    Calafax supports the concept of world peace, and believes that the best way to achieve that is through a global political structure that globalizes and unites the world.

    • Polyculturalism
    Calafax supports the cultural model of polyculturalism, since he believes that multiple cultures can co-exist in the same country but need a similar cultural beliefs to unify them all to prevent the exclusion that is unintentionally caused by multiculturalism. This is a form of interculturalism.


    Calafax, while rejecting nationalism as a tool that causes pointless divisions in humanity, doesn't reject the idea of patriotism. Seeing this as mostly harmless, he believes that it could be used a force for good once humanity unifies in the future.

    • Social Patriotism
    Calafax's ideal form of patriotism would be based on left-wing ideals, making it social patriotism. This form of patriotism is based off of social democratic values and would be inclusive of everyone regardless of their backround. It would be based off the ideas of humanism as well.

    International Organizations

    Calafax supports intergovernmental organizations believing that they are a necessary part for the unification of humanity. However, he holds differing views on each one he'll run over.

    • United Nations

    Calafax supports the united nations and believes in using the governmental organization to further increase co-operation between different member states. This organization, among several different pan-nationalist organizations, would be used to eventually unite humanity into the pan-human alliance which would then eventually absorb all countries into a world government.

    • European Union

    Calafax believes that the European Union is in need of reform to be more socialistic and less neoliberal, his ideal pan-nationalist alliance would be such and would protect labor rights while securing peace between all nations.

    • NATO
    Calafax is mixed on NATO, and believes the alliance should be eventually phased out once it no longer serves a purpose. He would be a soft-natoskeptic in this regard, believing that trying to abolish the alliance before it is desirable would be bad idea, but still supports phasing out in the future.

    Economic Views


    Calafax is a georgist, and supports a land value tax. The money from this land value tax would go towards the welfare state, making him a social georgist.

    • Landlords
    He believes that landlords are greedy parasites that contribute nothing to the economy. The alternative towards landlords would be common land ownership under tenet unions, he supports tenet unions because of his support for labor unions since they are necessary for the advancement of worker's rights.


    Calafax supports welfare ethics, he believes welfare and the redistribution of wealth is necessary for nation since excessive wealth inequality doesn't contribute to a happy society. His welfare state would be universal and have provisions that cover anyone regardless of their social standing.

    • Welfare to Work
    Calafax supports welfare to work, believing that work reform is necessary for employment opportunities and to stimulate the job market. The government would play an active role in creating programs which help people get employed.

    Economic Planning

    Calafax would divide the economy into two sections, first being consumer and luxury goods, and the second being capital and industrial goods. Whether it's an essential good or non-essential good would determine if it's produced by the market or the state.

    • Consumer Goods

    Calafax would leave consumer goods up to the market, since he doesn't see why the state should intervene on this. Although, there would be some level of micro-management in the form of state-owned enterprises, but this would be very limited only to ensure that no unethical misdeeds are happening.

    • Capital Goods
    Calafax would regulate the production of capital goods and things relating to such like land production. This is were state-owned enterprises would be a lot more common to guide the economic production of what is produced, although there would be a degree of autonomy since he realizes that state-owned enterprises can become monopolistic and inefficient.

    Governmental Views

    Liberal Democracy

    Calafax supports a liberal democracy, since it has allowed for the creation of countries which have the best human rights record and civil liberties. Despite this, I do recognize, that like all forms of government, it has it's flaws. I do support some governmental reforms to prevent corruption as well such as banning corporate lobbying and other undemocratic practices.

    • Semi-Direct Democracy

    Calafax believes that representatives would be responsible for governing while citizens will be given more power in the democratic process through things like referendums, and supports a semi-direct democracy. He sees this as the best compromise between a representative and direct democracy since he views the former as being dated while the later as being not possible in most cases to operate.

    • Democratic Republicanism

    Calafax supports a democratic republic, there would be no monarchs and leadership would not be hereditary. Although, countries with constitutional monarchs would be allowed to keep them since they aren't any more undemocratic than democratic republics although he personally opposes them and would abolish them if there was enough popular support.

    • Constitutionalism
    Calafax supports a constitution that would be created which would safeguard the rights and civil liberties of the population. Although, it would be a living document so it would update with the times.


    Calafax is a secular ideology, and supports the separation of church and state as you would imagine. Despite being a progressive atheist who opposes the cultural influences of religion, he doesn't believe directly enforcing this onto the population would be a good idea. He prefers a more passive approach towards secularizing society such as education and the liberalization of the population which would eventually lead to the decline of organized religion.

    • Secular Liberalism
    Calafax is a secular liberal, which is a form of liberalism were secularist principles are prioritized as opposed to theocratic or illiberal states. This is the main thought behind secular humanism, which he identifies as.

    Civic Liberalism

    Calafax's ideal government would be one were the government doesn't infringe of the civil liberties of the population when it's not necessary. This would make his government run off the principles of classical liberalism, making his government civically liberal.

    • Privacy

    Calafax supports privacy rights and believes that copyright is in desperate need of reform, since it's being used by massive corporations to extend their copyright while screwing over smaller creators. This goes along with his support for civil liberties.

    • Anti-Authoritarianism
    Calafax identifies as an anti-authoritarian, he believes that authoritarianism disregards human rights while leading to dystopian societies. Due to his support for civil liberties, although he disapproves of anarchism and would describe himself as an " anti-anarchist anti-authoritarian".




    • Capitalism - Please put yourself to better standards.
    • Socialism - Good in theory, bad in actual practice. I do get inspiration from you and I am willing to co-operate with some of your members.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - You try, which I do admire. At least you're better than regular berts.
    • Distributism - Kinda based?
    • Liberal Feminism - Depends on how you define yourself, your first and second wave variants are based but your modern day variants are a mixed bag.
    • Alter-World Federalism - If this was done right, it would be the best outcome for humanity and its future.
    • Globalism - Global problems require global solutions! Although, economic globalization is cringe.
    • Progressive Conservatism - You make some good points and some tradition is worth preserving, but standing still doesn't help us when there is societal advancements to be made!
    • European Federalism - The idea of a pan-european alliance is good, but the current political structure of the EU isn't... Just reform to become more left-wing and you'd be good in theory.



  • Great British New Left - You're just the average demsoc which isn't bad, we could enter a coalition for a common goal although we obviously have different conflicts of interests. With you being a socialist and me being a capitalist, but so long as you're willing to work then we'd be great friends.
  • Kaylo Liberalism - Fellow succ from New Mexico, I've visited that city once and I had a good time. Hope you're doing well.
  • BasedMaddyism - Another based liberal who happens to be a tad more economically right-wing but I can let that slide. We'd easily be best friends. Hope you're doing well to, another lost community member.
  • File:MATTball.png American Social Democracy - Honestly based we hold the exact same opinions and I fail to see anything wrong here outside of being a bit too nationalistic.
  • Neo Social Libertarianism - Valuing liberty is always good and wanting a welfare state is based but you get too much ideological influences from neoliberalism which is quite the shame.
  • Frenemies

    • Meridionalism - Your cultural leftism and civil moderation was barely enough just to save you. But your ideas are pretty wacky even if we oppose American and Eastern imperialism.


    • Serbian Socialism - Communism is shit and your authoritarianism just ain't for me.
    • Jefbol Thought - Unoriginal commie #2.
    • Ultroneism - Yeah honestly I think we both know what we think of each other. Both philosophically and politically.

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