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    Geo Social Libertarianism

    Geo Social Libertarianism. Sometimes referred to as GeoSocBert or Social Geolibertarianism. Is a centre left economically, Civic Libertarian, & Left Culturally polcompball & self insert of the user Osy. Who is summarized as the merging & synthisis of Social Democracy & Geolibertarianism.

    While not for a pure single tax via LVT as his more right wing counterparts he still considers it the best form of taxation & as such should be the main source of goverment funding. He explictly likes pigovian taxes to but only in moderation such as the carbon tax, partly for its social benifets & due to wanting some spare money for the citizens dividend of gerogism & some national healthcare covarage, he would also if push came to shove advocate for one extra tax as a flat out admited funding tool such as a small VAT or some form of monopoly license fee (He perfers the second).

    He is a believer in capitalism as a concept, all be it more as a reluctantance & conceit to his hypothetical "ideal" economics, as he sees many both practical and moral flaws in it’s most common utilitarian & philosophical outputs. Although he does not advocate for this, as he considers it utopian & inpossible to implement & thus would be pointless to argue for.

    He is a strong advocate of election reform. This being the main driver of what got him into politics in the first place. He despises non proportional representation & wishes that every vote be as accurate & meaningfull as possible, an example in which his most hated party in UK elections, did not get even close the representation in parliament it deserved for the votes it got by a wide margin being what got him interested in politics in the first place.

    His ideal would be some form of direct democracy but again considers it utopian & unlikely. As such he is broadly an advocate for voting reform, proportional representation, & semi direct democracy (I:E the swis method) at his furthest.

    "To prevent government from becoming corrupt & tyrannous, its organization & methods should be as simple as possible, its functions be restricted to those necessary to common welfare, & in all its parts it should be kept as close to the people & as directly within their control as may be." - Henry George


    GeoSocBert (Osy) spends his time reading theory of all types, even those he violently disagrees with. (Often to his own detriment) He is both pro freedom from suffering & pro freedom to do stuff (Positive & Negative liberties). Due to a want of balance he is sometimes lost by how & weather he should advocate for a policy to protect freedom from suffering without losing his libertarian civics ideals. To this end he advocates & wishes for efficient & non overbearing polices to not allow goverment to step on his rose snake via micro management of buissness, society & welfare.

    He tends to take issue with deontological arguments in regards to politics & has been descirbed as a humanist consequentialist & ultilitarian allthough not to any exterme. To this end he takes his politics, both his social & his ecconomics just about far as he feels he can argue in terms of knowable positive consequences, along with an acknowledgement that he doubt's it would ever turn out as well as he experts if implemented or reformed to. He does this to try to appeal to the majority of the political landscape & those he personaly knows using aruguments that appeal from everywhere from the moderate pro market socialist left (Which he was formally a part of) all the way to somewhat pro saftey net right wing, because appealing to the majority & those he cares for in his famliy & freinds is important to keep his own happiness.

    He is known to be copacetic & even freindly to those who would by most metrics be his ideological enemys & willing to compromise. Only getting overtly angry with pepole who use a ideolagy to mask the fact they only care about a single issue, or those who are downright dystopian. Or to put it simply, were all mostly weridos on the internet who live no where near each other. No need to get really angry at one another.

    He spends his free time gaming, messing with computers, playing broad games with his freinds, drawing & writing self inserts about his ideology.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Fill it with yellow (#F5DD02)
    3. Draw a green section at the bottom (#426A07)
    4. Draw a black rose so it comes out of the green section (#1D1D1D)
    5. Draw eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #F5DD02 245, 221, 2
    Green #426A07 66, 106, 7
    Black #1D1D1D 29, 29, 29



    Socdem.png Social Democracy – My first ideology and the one that brought me into the world, if it were not for you I might not be alive so I feel a great affection for you. Although you can be really inefficient (specially now) & pro establishment sometimes I carry your sprit with me. Thank you. Also the Iron front was uber based.

    Georgist.png Georgism – Your remedy really is genius. I just wish more people knew you existed & about Land Value Tax & it's positives compared to other froms of taxation & your borader principles. Im trying to correct that in some small way.

    Civlibert.png Civil Libertarianism - You are my civic policy, civil liberties, & fundemental rights that both society & goverment won't cross is needed for posterity, human happiness & even efficiency.

    Socgeo.pngSocial Georgism - (Literally my mum) You are the closest to an IRL implementation of my ideal econ, I use you to show the positive effects of comon owership of land rents and encouraging productive use of valuable land. Ive also used you convert a few maoists, which if they knew your history is actualy quite funny.

    Geolib.png Geolibertarianism – Were really similar ngl. I'm just more left wing in philosophy & you do not like welfare except from the citizens dividend & probs want slightly less regs. If you somehow got in charge though I would celebrate.

    Welf.png Welfarism - You have lifted so many pepole out of absoulute poverty. I think I will allways support you in some form be it private or state based whatever works.

    Libms.png Libertarian Market Socialism - My second ideology. I just don't think any sort of full on Socialism will ever get though in earnest, least in current times. Global markets equal gloabal stakes in capitalism staying & all that. While I am no longer a socialist I still very much like you and would have a coalition with you any day. (Lose the Vaush stuff tho, i'm very glad i avoided him)

    Envi.png Environmentalism - A core want & part of me. Quite frankly, I don't want my town to flood. Or have food shortages from an unstable climate in the bread baskets of the world. The one policy that I might change policy on from the standard Libertarian. Simply due to the fact it harms so many, & i doubt they consent to it. Need to go at the core of this.

    Geocon.png Geoconservatism - You have helped me convert so many even strong rightists to georgism. And helped shift so many conversations from the tired culture war to a turly useful ecconomic one. Also many of your followers tend to be quite modarate which I can understand.

    Demsocstar.png Democratic Socialism – You want to make uninporved land value common property to and I sometimes advocate to you that land value is the most important thing to socialise. However whom you tend to attract and your eventual want to socialize both labour and capital keeps us at a distance. Still like you though and your heart can be in the right place. You can't go wrong with a co-op or a good credit union.

    Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - Were similar. I'm just more left wing. Also while I like the ideology it’s relation to Andrew Yang means little to me as a non American though from what I hear he has been mostly disowned. Still keep being a based little guy.

    Steinval.png Steiner-Vallentyne-School - I did not read about you till recent but it seems, the school of thought ended up being very close to mine on accident just more explictly lefty. Good on you for filling in empty gaps in econ thoery.


    Ricardian Socialism - David was very smart. The law of rent & the inefficeny of bosses still holds very true. & interests and long term renting do distort prodcuts true value. But pure labour thoery of value seems to me to have died out. Still infulences my ecconomics and my purchuses to this day.

    Hayek.png Hayekism – While im not a fan of your complete lazzire faire market (id prefer light regs), and your issues with some of my more left-wing ideas, your work road to serfdom influenced me a lot & I thank you for that.

    FDF-Pirate.png Piratism - (Literally my oldest brother) I really like you. I really do. But god dam does some of the edgey statements you make you lose you seats and voting power. Still I agree with 90% of what you say. & hope you do well.

    Bhl.png Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism – Fellow progressive and libertarian but you can sometimes be prone to corporate & state pandering (IE:Pride Month) & from that feel very hollow. Still you influenced me a lot and if I was American I would probably be closer to you.

    Cdem.png Christian Democracy - (Literally my dad) I really should not given my politics & beliefs. But I have a real soft spot for your more paternalistic & liberal variants. I would advocate you to any right winger. & id be glad to see you represented more.

    Cap.png Capitalism - (Pure Version) I don't like to capitalize the word capitalism (or socialism) because they're not real, it falls into the theory trap rather then looking at results that leftists are so well known for. Trade, currencies, private ownership, speculations & their profits, they are little more than eventual products of any civilization, nothing related to the ideology made after the fact of mercantilism to explain it & justify it’s exsitance. Still I would say you are necessary heck even good. & when you work you really work. But don't turn a blind eye to your failings, they are capiatlism not some "crony" capitalism excuse to brush it all under the rug. Remember to have decency in your business & were all good.

    Soc.png Socialism - (Pure Version) See above but change the issue. Taking marx & leftist thoery to it's nth degree is not helpfull to real life application, meanwhile even getting socialism in one country to stick is hard enough. Harder with the image problem we lefties have in the mainstream. Im not against you fully. But please focus on battles you can actualy win & focus & nail down what you think is most important to get away from capitalism & profit incentives. Going for everything will just get you laughed at. (Allthough the music still slaps il admit)

    Prog.png Progressivism -(In general) I like your social values & at my core I am you, but some of your exterme vairiants I think give us a bad name & make us look like fools and laughing stocks for the sake of losing battles & useing social conservaties as hate sinks. Still think you get to harsh a rap from a few internet idiots and obvious pandering atempts to conflate you with moral degeneracy.

    Con-t.png Conservatism -(In general) I don't fundementaly disagree with most of your core ideas in terms of religion, some social norms being taught & stability, but alot of your followers fall into the same trap as progessives, missing the elements of positive advocacy, to ethier go so far it makes you look out of touch with normal standards or use the other side which is ultimately the pepole you claim to want to help as hate sinks & single blame factors in a very complex world. Still, I would be sad to see you go, you can be very interesting to talk to & meter me out a bit.

    Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchism - I don't mind you at all allthough I don't personaly get the fasination some have for monachy. Heck I don't even mind you having some real powers as a hedeitary individual in the goverment, but once you get past pure constutuional & become semi constutuional or absolute I will take very big issue.

    Soclib.png Social Liberalism - The Liberal Democracts. Oh how much of a love hate relationship I have with you. You are the closest thing in the election overturn window to me. But you have often sold out your ideas for power then fail in keeping your promises. 1 step forward 2 steps back. Hope the Lib Dems bouce back enventualy to break the two party monopoly & get some voting reforms in though. Plus you still use the land song as one of your anthems so geroge still has some infulence. You have my begrudging vote, but god be less cringe in how you present yourself.

    Mutualism – While I will never be an anarchist. If I were ever to be one I would be somthing like you. Your ideas of mutual credit and usage based ownership is interesting, but loses some practical points. Still out of all anarchys you and those connected to you have shown thenselves to be the most long term successful in real world implementations.

    Social corpratism.png Social Corporatism - You are the most auth econ system I can see really working in some places. Least for its intended goals. But you are way to interventionist & I am not a fan at all of the state skill evaluation, encouraged jobs, & mass sector monopolys as a matter of course.

    Marxism – You were a philosopher not an economist. You ignored Henrry Geroge. And the ideology your books brought to the world led to unimagineable suffering for many people. But I do not think it is your fault & you did have a few points about the worse excesses of capitalism & you did get Libertarian near the end of your life. Rest well comrade, just make sure you make your grave free to vist soon eh.


    Ego.png Egoism - Yeah. Some of yor followers are cool. But our philosophies don't mix at all and come from very differnt places. Moralitay is not a spook. Also some of you are just really edgy teens ffs.

    Onenatcon.png One-Nation Conservatism - The Tory party. Preaches fiscal responsibility, then inflates the money supply, does free trade restirctions & expects the economy to somehow grow, dams labour by using there economics making the partys non distinct (Though they have there own issues) & still gleefully expolit the system to there own benifet. The anoying thing being to me. Onenat con is not the worst system in thoery, but the general want to allow rent seeking from the allready rich lazy land owners, restircting land use via planning laws, then wondering why no one young can buy propety leaves you very flawed in my eyes.

    Property.png Propertarianism - Your philosophy only applys to individual labour & created capital, as unimproved land value is neither, your system does not account for it’s speculation, lose that & your fine I guess, but there's so much more to life than just property rights & it's reductionism to put life like that.

    Neoliberal-icon.png Neolibealism – You are not bad on your own. But dam you have become lazy and base so much of your value on speculations & lead to cycles of housing crisis, when people can’t access the spaces that there taxes have paid to protect, something has gone horribly wrong. Still some of you are taking the LVT pill if for very distorted reasons & only after the negative effects were shwon.

    Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - Welfare as a carrot to lul a populace into submission ? Social democracy without the democracy ? Your like a mirror version of me. Piss off you insincere crook.

    Stateath.png State Atheism - Oh you are just anoying beyond belief & only harm those you advocate for, so many wasted resocures & time & pointlessly cruel. I hate being associated with you & you really should try to read the holy books, there good reads. If nothing else to better understand your fellow man who by majority is nominaly religious, who you belive is all there is to take care of.

    Feud.png Fudalism - In terms of how we think land should be used we are complete opposites and I relate nothing to you. The only thing I like about you assthetics, nothing more. Even then gunpowder got rid of you hard. Still you can be fun to larp as for fun in games. It's a shame landed aristocracy still exsists in my country, rent seekers.

    Anfashf.png Anarcho-Fascism - Ok for real tho. How the hell is this supposed to work at all. Go outside for fucks sake man.

    Abmon.png Absolute Monarchism – Iron Front Enemy Number 1. God gave the land to the people. Not your inbred bloodline. You are the system of tyrants & famliy based rent seekers, claiming the value of pepoles labour, the land & any capital they may gain. I am glad you are gone from this world for the most part.

    National Socialism – Iron Front Enemy Number 2. Should I even need to explain this. Your greatest leader killed himself, his wife & nearly uncountable men, women & CHILDREN all by your desperate desire for “Living Space” & warped ideas on nationalism and racial purity. I hope you rot in hell and in your last moments realise how much of a fool you were.

    ML.png Marxism-Leninism – Iron Front Enemy Number 3. You are an horrific bastardisation of both communism & Karl Marxes while in my opinion, flawed economic system, did not lead to starvation of millions due to central planing in rural areas, the iron curtain should have never existed and communism should have been allowed to exist in peace not generations of cold wars & puppet governments.

    Timocracy.png Timocracy - Comment removed by moderators.

    (Self Inserts) Friendly :)

    PCB-Aaron.png Aaronism - First comenter on my page, we seem to have similar wants, you being a bit more radical, still you seem nice.

    Tomjazzism - You remind me of myself when I was market socialist. Also fellow Mountain Goats fan.

    Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - Very well done and thorough page. Also part of the social gang. ROC forever.

    Geolibertarian Market Socialism - Ok this is really based. Pretty much me if I went full idealist & ignored external realities (Not that my own choices don't allready do that). Not what I advocate for, & in my eyes very utopian but i can't bring myself to dislike it, you good.

    (Self Inserts) Mixed :-

    TypicalFan1 Thought - Well. This is a mixed bag. Anti soc dem :(. But has some good infulences. Overall not the worst.

    (Self Inserts) Not Friendly :(

    Further Reading & Gallery

    Progress & Poverty Modern Edition by Henry George. Edited by Bob Drake.

    Social Problems by Henry George

    The-Science of-Political Economy Abridged by Henry Geroge

    On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

    The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek

    A Theory of Justice by John Rwalls

    Generation Rent

    Foundations of Social Democracy by Tombias Gambert

    Agarian Justice by Thomas Paine (If you are gonna read anything here this is the shortest Only 15 pages)

    The Righteous Mind Why Good People are Divided by Politics & Religion by Jonathan Haidt

    Food & Democracy by various. Edited By Marcin Gerwin

    Land Value Taxation Around The World. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology

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