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    • Genshin marxism is created by Guang geersi,who is famous for crazy extreme rhetorics.In fact,he has never explain what is"Genshin marxism",however,we can partly guess it by his words.

    Only the rich is communists

    • Genshin marxim believes that the communism is created to make money.The communism trys to create a world that everyone is rich,so it's normal for proletariats trying to become rich.

    Proletarians oppresse the proletarians

    • As the capital says,the working class creates the building of the capitalism,so it is the proletarians who oppressing the proletarians.If you want to break the chain,you need to break the working class firstly.


    • Genshin marxism believes that keeping a cat is a typical behaviour of the capitalists.In today's world,keeping a cat is not for pragmatism anymore,but for pleasure,which leads to the corruption of proletariat.Besides ,nowadays the capitalists are using people's love for cats to gain profit.As a matter of result,cats should be banned.

    However ,Genshin marxism also doesn't courage to kill the cats or something like that,because"It's just as merciless as Stalin's Great Purge" It's interesting that the red guards had also make similar points in one hundred rules of breaking the four old.We believe that it's just a coincidence.

    Be the bottom for love

    • In short,the Guang geersi is a gay,and get fucked.however,he refuses to admit that he is a gay.He claims "I just be the bottom for love"

    Fembois are the gentlemen(君子)

    • Genshin marxism believes that the fembois are trying to break the estrangement of male and female.

    left wingists are more slutty than right wingists

    ......Guang geersi claims himself is a left-wingist and he wants to explain why he always post such dirty things(do a footjob to a toothpaste,dance with a flag of marx in the Venti's costume and so on)


    • Gay.

    How to Draw

    Genshin marxism

    Flag of Genshin marxism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with red and yellow.
    3. Draw the rest.
    4. Done.







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