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    General Shrekretary Thought

    General Shrekretary Thought is the ideology of Comrade Shrek. It is an authoritarian, far left, nationalist, revolutionary, and heavily anti-imperialist ideology located in the top left corner of the political compass. It believes popular revolution establishing a workers state secured by authoritarian means is necessary to achieve true democracy in every aspect of society - where all means of production are collectively and democratically controlled by the workers and all bourgeois society is liquidated. It is rather “hardline” in accordance to Marxism-Leninism, and strongly supports the principles of Lenin and Stalin. The ideology is heavily nationalistic as it sees the banner of national liberation as being held by the socialists and revolutionary masses, and globalism/imperialism to be a historical force of evil. Culturally, it believes in developing a socialist culture maintaining and adapting the positive aspects of traditions and abolishing reactionary aspects. Overall it can be summed as “Bolshrekism”.

    Ideological Analysis

    I hate every ideology that isn’t Muslim Hoxhaism with Juche characteristics(real)

    Some MARKET SOCIALIST REVISIONISTS copied this idea lol

    Capitalism.png Crapitalism Imp.png

    Capitalism is the dominant economic mode of production in the present world, serving a significant part of the modern human history as a force of great evil. Capitalism is an economic system based of the private ownership of the means of production and the precedence of capital in a market based system. While undoubtedly important in the scheme of history, and a less rigid system than feudalism, it grows increasingly destructive to mankind and its “achievements” have been made through blood and exploitation on a scale far greater than all that preceded it. The human evil necessary to fuel the cogs of capitalism have left an unprecedented degree of suffering in the wheels of history, from colonial atrocities to mass exploitation to ongoing imperialism. The system in itself is based solely off the accumulation of capital into private owners, requiring the exploitation of their subordinates to remain as a class. On a large scale, this system can bring about significant prosperity for a select few, and abject suffering for the majority, all dependent on the class and location of people. Capitalism chases profit above all else and seeks infinite growth of capital on a finite planet, and with the total globalization of neoliberalism, the disastrous effects are more apparent. As private entities ruthlessly compete for absolute domination of capital, oligopoly and corporatization are the inevitable progression of capitalism leading up the enslavement of man under profit.

    Colonial.png Colonialism Merc.png

    The capitalist mode of production was spread through colonization and imperialism by the european powers in order to develop themselves at the expense of all others. In these colonizations, the European powers industrialized by heavily exploitation the resources of their colonies in order to sufficiently develop their industrial means of production, while committing horrific atrocities towards their colonial subjects. The economic system of capital would be imposed onto these colonies in order to maximize profits for the increasingly powerful bourgeois class of industrialists and businessmen.

    The most prominent example of the imperialist spread of capital was the British Empire, where the foundations of capitalism were first created. British corporations mainly the East India Company already had significant influence over the Indian subcontinent, controlling trade to much of the land and deliberately leaving tens of millions to starve to save their profits such as in the 1760 bengal famine. In 1858, the British state, now effectively subdued under the capitalist class, would get directly involved in India with the bloody full scale invasion mercilessly slaughtering millions. The British Raj would be set up and India as a whole would be robbed of its natural resources to such a degree that it has not recovered from(before colonization India made up roughly 23% of world economic output, now it’s only 4% 🗿). Under the rule of the crown, dozens of devastating famines occurred with tens of millions of deaths, most being entirely avoidable but the imperialists refusing to help the “beastly people” as it would interfere with the “free market”. The British had the capacity to stop famine, as in 1873 the colonial administration successfully prevented mass starvation in bihar but a new set of codes were established to “protect the market”, and in 1876 little was done to stop the starvation of 10 million people across the Deccan plateau. As the greatest human caused mass deaths in history ravaged India, the British were able to industrialize over the course of decades of exploiting colonies. Yes I dedicated a whole paragraph about what capitalism did to India, what do you expect I’m Indian.

    The British were far from the only culprit, as all of Europe partook in this horrific and significant stage in history. Most colonial empires had a stake in the slave trade where millions perished, but it didn’t end there as more horrors would come in the colonization of Africa. The French committed horrendous atrocities, such as killing a third of Algeria’s population to “pacify” it, and exploiting effectively all of Western Africa for its development. Britian pioneered concentration camps in Southern Africa during the Boer wars and in the suppression of the Mau Mau uprising it threw a quarter of Kenya’s population into torture camps, while Germany would use its own concentration camps in its Herero and namaqua genocides which would mark the first genocides of the 20ty century. The Portuguese, trying to keep hold of its colonies, engaged in monstrous acts of massacre against the colonial uprisings, while Italy butchered Ethiopians and Libyans. Belgium’s leadership of the congo alone stands as one of the most clear cut horrors of capitalism. Leopold II established an entirely privately owned colony in the congo river basin and terrorized the populace with private militias butchering and raping all who resisted slavery. Congo would became a giant plantation with 20 million slaves and working conditions more horrific than the nazi camps, and after 2 decades of mass slaughter and enslavement the population would be less than half of what it once was.

    Even after European decolonization in the 20th century, the lasting effects remain and haunt the global south to this day. While upper middle class westerns enjoy decent lifestyles(while still under exploitation), billions live in abject poverty and 10 million starve to death every year. Neo-colonialism continues to ravage the world through economic neoliberal globalization as many third world countries are debt trapped by former colonial powers such as France, which has also killed dozens of African heads of state to maintain its grip over Western Africa to this day. The US has currently taken the role as the head of this globalist imperialist hegemony, engaging in invasions and coups on all corners of the globe. From the banana slave republics to the genocidal wars in indochina to the fascist regimes of South America to the ongoing slaughter of the Muslim world, the great evil of colonialism stands as a strong force in contemporary time.

    Neolib.png Necon.png New Imperialism World.png Imp.png

    The United States has assumed the role once held by the British as the largest force of imperialism in the world following the aftermath of World War 2. With greater military and economic influence, the US would continue to expand its control by any means, starting off with neighboring Central America establishing banana republic slave colonies. Throughout the Cold War, the west had established a globalist empire through the UN and was almost entirely on the offensive against the second and third worlds. The atrocities the US and NATO have partook in are egregious, leaving millions dead in Vietnam, south east Asia, Indonesia, Korea, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Political and military imperialism would be coupled with economic and cultural imperialism through the rise of neoliberalism in the 1970s and the global corporate elite that emerged stronger than ever. Neo-colonialism exists to this day through globalization as countless third world countries are debt-trapped and exploited of their sovereignty by the first world. The US has not shown any sign of stopping its direct imperialist ambitions, with the various invasions in the Middle East and coups in South America happening so recently. NATO leaves suffering in its wake and globalist corporations tighten their grip over humanity.

    Monarch.png Reactionaries React.png

    A fringe but existing belief is that the enlightenment itself was a mistake and that we must regress to the days before. The end of feudalism and most absolutism is a good thing for humanity, as feudalism is a highly rigid hierarchical system which presides over total stagnation. Serfs could not change their position in the hierarchy and thus had to work to fields for their lords for their whole lives in exchange for protection. Monarchism is also retarded because it completely rejects competency and instead places total power into a single family. Socialism cannot support this decadent aristocratic relation to power, as the people must be the masters, not some inbred family. The tsarist empire shows how absolutely dogshit reactionarism is, an egregious oppressive absolute monarchy where the masses toiled in slavery and starvation while nobles lived lavishly. Mortality under the Russian empire for the average citizen was much higher than that for a prisoner in a gulag. Reactionary customs must be opposed and many do still exist to this day, from the arranged marriages and the caste system still in many communities in India, to the slew of vile policies under the Saudis. Hindutva and salafists and imperialists and all reactionary ideologies are clear negative forces for human society.

    Fash.png Decay of Capitalism Nazi.png

    When the bourgeoisie saw unrest in the masses during times of depression, they would resort to dividing them arbitrarily while merging with the state. This phenomenon is known as fascism, in which the state and capital are fully fused into an singular apparatus, while the masses are driven against sects of the population or other countries through palingenetic ethnocentrism. Fascism preserves the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, fully reinforcing it through the corporate state, while claiming to be “third position”. Arbitrary division based on race or belief is a primary tool of fascism as means to pit one section of the proletariat against another, effectively implementing European colonialism with its genocide and slavery to Europe itself - the only difference between fascists and typical capitalists. The true scope of fascist crimes are heavily downplayed, most think the Nazis only killed 6 million yet no one mentions the 30 million Slavs butchered in generalplan ost and its settler colonial goals. Even less know of the fascist-imperialist horrors of imperial Japan, the tens of millions slaughtered or raped forgotten in history books. Neo-fascism persisted through US-backed tyrants from Suharto to Yahya Khan to Videla to Efrain Rios Montt. Fascism is a terrible force on humanity, an extension of the evil of capitalism as it decays.

    Lib.png Liberalism Conserv.png

    The modern form of capital exists in the form of liberalism, more specifically neoliberalism. This is a system based off representative bourgeois “democracy”, hyper-individualism, mass privatization with minimal intervention only to serve corporations, and globalization. Under modern liberalism, or so called liberal “democracy”, the masses are divided within an extremely narrow political field which fundamentally preserves the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie which has ultimate control, yet are under the illusion that it is “democracy”. The americans have an extreme version of this delusion, with two almost identical corporate parties that only differ in the synthetic culture war, while corporations dictate all aspects of life yet the masses are indoctrinate to insist it is “the most freedom”. Some liberals - conservatives - are under the impression that they are not liberals despite fundamentally being based off the liberal system and individualist culture. Hyper-individualism and total disregard to human needs is enshrined in modern liberalism, with the belief that you should only care of your own success regardless the expense of all others effectively forming liberal “culture”. A culture of decadence encouraging drugs, promiscuity, hedonism, crime, and greed.

    3way.png Western Synthetic “Left”SJW.png

    While foreign countries have invaded or couped to suppress socialist movements, western imperialists have also been heavily successful in suppressing said movements internally. The red scare and mccarthyism heavily disrupted socialist movements within the west while the CIA more covertly subverted radical circles all over the world. A culture of liberalism emerging in the 1970s onwards would completely destroy political terminology reducing terms such as “leftism” to merely “socially liberal” as all mainstream political discourse remained heavily capitalistic. CIA infiltration and subversion would create a new phenomenon known as the “synthetic left” consisting of supposedly “anti-establishment” political commentators whose views remained strictly in line with neoliberalism and imperialism. This “left” which dominates political discourse in the first world consists mostly of libertarian socialists, anarchists, social democrats, social liberals, etc which all reject the true centrality of class struggle and national liberation while inadvertently supporting neoliberalism. Synthetic “leftists” value culture war above all, often allying with corporations more than proletarians over petty things such as regarding LGBT. Utterly exploitive bourgeois concepts such as prostitution are seen as “liberating” and liberal idpol movements as “revolutionary”. All of this reinforces an anti-socialist atmosphere by appearing as the most prominent “radicals” in the west yet barely challenging the will of the imperialists.

    Awaj.png Retards Libertarian.png

    Trot.png Dogmatic Retards LeftCom.png

    Socdem.png Clowns Soccap.png


    Khrusch.png REVISIONISTS Dengf.png

    Gay.png Your Mom Hfash.png


    Ideological Beliefs


    The means of production, natural resources, land, product and value of labor, and essentially the entire nation(with the exception of personal property) should be collectively owned by its people. General Shrekretary Thought views private ownership as exploitative and inherently undemocratic due to the conflict between the private owner and the worker, as the value of the product of labor goes to the owner even though the workers are the ones that use it. Capitalism is a system where the masses are left in an endless hyper-individualist gamble while the actual value of the their work is meaningless and their voice is deafened by a bourgeois consumer culture. True democracy is where the masses directly democratically control what they as a collective are entitle to. The corporate bourgeoisie, elite, aristocrats, landlords and are classes that should be liquidated as they have no place in society. The workers themselves should have equal democratic say in how the economy and society as a whole is coordinated, free of exploitation. Workers should be able to have self-management in their local communities alongside direct influence on national planning. Overall, on an economic spectrum, General Shrekretary Thought is far left.

    Statesoc.png The Workers’ State Erga.png

    Workers democracy and common ownership should be guaranteed through a strong state by and for the workers themselves. Such state should nationalize and collectivize all industry under a combination of central administration and localization for most efficiency and direct democracy. The Workers state should destroy existing liberal government structure through revolution coordinated between mass action and a revolutionary guide. The decadent liberal government should be replace with an all-encompassing worker-run national entity to overhaul society from bottom up. General Shrekretary Thought believes the workers revolutionary state needs to be extreme,y strong to uphold the revolution and defend it from imperialist subversion, and that anarchism is unrealistic and will fall upon its own weaknesses. The state being abolished is a fantasy that the soy anarkiddies remain idealistic for unironically believing in such, taking over the state from the bottom up rather than abolishing it is much more realistic.

    Unitary.png National and Local Planning Federal.png

    General Shrekretary Thought supports a planned economy, however it should be coordinated through a combination of central and local planning. The central state should be strong to keep the nation together but with some localization to give community voice in the state affairs. Planning should be coordinated both centrally and local democratically to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum exploitation.

    • Central.png Central Planning: Large scale production, infrastructure, healthcare, housing, construction and urban development, essential services, food and water allocation, education, energy, internet and all other large-scale aspects should be organized on a national scale. A national committee should organize and plan these factors of the economy and also hold direct democratic referendum for the populace to have a say in the economic outlines. The general of the national economic initiatives should be outlined in a three-year plan model with the state coordinating national and local collectives.
    • Soc.png Local Facets of Production: Smaller scale production, local services, products, local agriculture, communal activities, and all other smaller scale aspects not nationally planned should be locally managed by the communities in direct democracy. These factors are best let in the hands of the local communities with autonomy and the local workers democratically determining what goes on, with supervision from the workers state overseers and direct communication with the central authority.

    Leftnat.png National Workers’ Benefits and Compensation Col.png

    The workers’ state should secure the basic human necessities for the workers of the nation. Water, food, healthcare, housing, maternity leave, good education, access to public transportation, good infrastructure, essential services, and a stable secure job based on ones capabilities should be guaranteed for all nationals. Standard wage slavery should be abolished, with the principle “from each according to his ability to each according to his capability” defining compensation. A system of labor vouchers serves as an intermediate between currency and the eventual abolition of it, and workers are compensated in accordance to the value of their work. Labor vouchers are used to access what is not explicitly guaranteed for all nationals such as local food products, toys, games, computers, local goods, utilities, nonessential services etc. which are usually provided by local committees and managed by councils. Those who do not contribute to society - the bourgeoisie, landlords, prostitutes, twitter users, your mom - are not considered citizens. Social parasites, people who are fully able to work but refuse, are put to mandatory community service until they are given legitimate work otherwise get sent to labor camp.

    Ecosoc.png Sustainable Socialism Indust.png Agsoc.png

    Sustainability in the wake of climate change one of the main issues General Shrekretary Thought believes ahold be tackled. The workers’ state should implement hardline initiatives to crush capitalist fossil fuel industry and build on nuclear power to transition to cleaner sustainable energy sources such as nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, bio, geothermal with nuclear as the main due to being most efficient. The goal is a fully sustainable nation with high national output without having to cause environmental degradation. There should also be balance of the industrial proletarianization and agrarian policies since workers and farmers are equally important in the building of the new state. From the smallest local communal/family farms to the largest industrial manufacturing districts, all workers should have equal prioritization before the workers’ nation state. The multi-year economic planning initiatives should focus on sustainability and the interests workers as a whole.

    AntiLibIcon.png Overhaul of the State Revolution.png

    Liberalism in all expects - political, social, cultural and economic - is a disease. The liberal “democratic” system is fundamentally undemocratic as it concentrates the real power into bourgeoisie cabal while creating the illusion of choice: sham elections between plutocratic corrupt candidates who are puppets of the real rulers every few years which both creates false sense of freedom and divides the populace over petty squabbles. General Shrekretary Thought believes a workers revolutionary regime must tear down the liberal “democracy” and entirely overhaul the state from the bottom up. The bourgeois elite, corrupt puppet politicians, imperialists and other degenerate criminals should be violently purged alongside all other counter-revolutionary elements. The existing state must be razed, overhauled and redefined under a new ergatocratic people’s regime, and true democracy by and for the nation should reign.

    Auth.png Central.png Government Organization Directdem.png Authdem.png

    The Workers’ State should be organized in a revolutionary ergatocracy adhering to an authoritarian direct democratic model. The people collectively directly impact both their local workplace and the national government, with measures to protect their democratic will as well as educate them and keep them in line.

    • At the lowest level are the local community councils which democratically handle local affairs with autonomy. These councils form the backbone of the national state as they directly vote on above committees.
    • The local councils make up regional peoples’ committees which span cities/small regions/counties(depending on country). These committees are determined through direct democracy by the local councils and democratically handle regional affairs.
    • Regional people’s committees vote on and form larger provincial people’s committees which democratically control affairs spanning their province/territory/state(depending on country).
    • At the highest level is the national committee which encompasses all regional committees and the nation as whole. The national committee functions under a one-party vanguard state, collectively run by a workers national council democratically determined by the masses, and the population directly votes on national initiatives and planning.
    • The Workers’ State should be designed to have a set of checks to avoid corruption: People’s overseers audit all levels to ensure direct democracy is followed and the corrupt are routinely purged. Organized labour collectives are set up giving the workers true ultimate power if they are not properly treated. Mass ideological education programs are initiated to create an educated populace that can wisely and fully use its direct democratic powers. The masses are armed and trained so that in the case of corruption or stagnation they can revolt.

    Sec.png Order and Authority Tankie.png

    On matters regarding the authority of the state, General Shrekretary would be considered extremely authoritarian. Order is necessary for the nation to resist imperialist subversion, uphold its values and maintain stability amidst revolution - a strong state to secure the revolution and prevent degeneration political and cultural and economic. The Workers State should encompass each level of society to firmly eliminate instability, crush imperialist subversion, and purge corruption that may ruin the people’s struggle. There should be a hardline stance on crime and corruption with death penalty levied for murderers, rapists, p*dophiles, terrorists, corrupt officials, elitists, bankers, imperialists etc. Strict adherence to national ideology should be implemented into daily society via ideological education and routine campaigns to rejuvenate national society and purge corruption.

    • Strato.png Siege Stage Totalitarian.png - The initial months of the revolution would see a very militarized and isolated state fighting foreign imperialist and internal counter-revolutionary enemies alike with harsh response. However measures such as direct democracy, local autonomy, and unionization of the masses would be implemented to avoid over-centralization and make sure democratic localization follows the siege stage.

    PolState.png People’s State Security and Justice Statesoc.png

    General Shrekretary Thought when implemented would require a very strong and entirely overhauled system of security to suppress internal instability, maintain order and ensure justice. All workplaces are collectivized and placed into democratic worker control and strong union, police are not an exception. Law enforcement, like economic management, are organized in a set of levels. On a local scale are locally affiliated collective policing, while on a higher scale are national state security in which the state makes sure education, training and patriotism are all adequate in every sphere.

    • The penal system is between re-education for lesser crimes and very hardline punishment for greater crimes. Those who commit offenses such as drug usage or stealing from public property or being gay etc are sent to rehabilitation camps to be eventually able to p reintegrate into society. Those who commit bigger crimes such as violent assault or political corruption or exploitation or severe acts of degeneracy etc are sent to prison camps or work camps with punishment depending on the severity. The worst criminals such as murderers, rapists, p*dos, national traitors, drug traffickers, imperialists, bri*ish “people”, the worst of the bourgeois elite, are executed by firing squad or hanging.
    • General public law enforcement cannot handle every single offense against the people, so a state security force primarily for ensuring political stability exist. The National Commissary serve as more or less a secret police to purge corrupt government officials, suppress terrorist cells, counter foreign and internal subversion in the country, safeguard party lines from deviationism, and overall ensure the Shrekretarian state is by and for the people of the nation.
    • A system of work camps should be operated by national commissary where main criminals and especially political criminals go to serve time in performing manual labor for society such as construction, working in factories, or in farming. Cringe people go gulag.

    Nation.png Nationalism

    The needs and sovereignty of the nation are the first priority of the revolutionary workers’ state. Globalism is pretty soy, and the state should adopt a staunchly nationalist stance on most geopolitical issues. There should be some isolation but also cooperation to firmly resist global capital.

    • Isolation.png Isolationism: A degree of isolation, especially in regards to intervention, is needed. The nation must first and foremost focus on its own issues, and the military should be an actually defensive force and not engage foreign conflicts. However it should not be entirely secluded as interaction is a necessary aspect of development.
    • Protect.png Economic Nationalism: There should be significant amount of economic nationalism maximizing local and national production to ensure sovereignty. The state should heavily crush influence of multinational corporations. Of course total self-reliance is idealistic, so there should be some collective mutual exchange between nations(no globalization).
    • Isolationist.png Border Policies: There should be protection of national borders, since the nation can be subverted by imperialists. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed and immigration should require thorough examination. Defensive military along borders is also needed to prevent invasion and infiltration,
    • Civnat.png System of Citizenship: For those who pass immigration to be a citizen they must: understand the national language, naturalize with nation’s cultural environment, undergo national education, show sense of patriotism, contribute to the nation. Also those eligible to work but don’t are not considered nationals, they are social parasites and sent to work.
    • Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Unity Intercult.png: The culture/cultures within the nation should be strongly upheld and supported as with their values. Regardless if a nation is homogeneous or multicultural, there should be cultural unity as well as cultural sovereignty among the people. Nationality is defined by shared culture, so cultural unity is important.
    • Globnat.png International Solidarity Pan-Nationalism.png - Despite having isolationist views, General Shrekretary Thought believes that total self-reliance is utopian and that non-globalist mutual cooperation should exist. The nation should express support with national determination, international solidarity is different from decadent cosmopolitanism. There should also be pan-national unity against neocolonial globalization.

    Nation.png National Sovreignty Antiimp.png

    National sovereignty is extremely important and to trample on it is a crime that cannot be justified regardless of intent. Imperialism and globalism are sides of the same shekel :troll: coin and prevent nationalities from their god-protected human right to self-determination. General Shrekretary Thought is heavily anti-imperialist and staunch opposing of globalization, believe that the workers’ state should aim to bring all war criminals imperialists and globalist elites to justice(capital punishment). There should be a militaristic opposition to foreign interventionism and any foreign power attempting to subvert the nation’s sovereignty should expect fierce resistance by the armed masses. Globalists corporations should face similar retribution and all assets be liquidated and nationalized and their leaders purged.

    Soc.png Social Views Community.png

    Culture is defined by the values, customs, communities and people which form it. Such values are vital to maintain as they set the foundations of human interaction and help determine morality. However many customs can be archaic, but many others set the fundamental values of unity. Family is the most important unit life and a building block of society, a father and mother raising their children is the best model(lgbt, promiscuity, polygamy, childlessness, etc are poopy). Religion can also be good since Allah. The state should be officially separated from religion and not favor one over the other as theocracy is cringe, and should allow for full pluralism and equality in faith. Cultural liberalism with its degeneracy should be countered. However, General Shrekretary thought does not consider itself to be “conservative”, and believes in “socialist culture” which stresses both the importance of culture and advancement.

    Moralitarian.png Stances on Moral Issues Consocf.png

    General Shrekretary Thought despises degeneracy, and fully opposes a hedonist individualistic view of life. One could argue these stances against degeneracy make it lean socially conservative, although Shrekretary Thought generally argues degeneracy is a reactionary bourgeois concept.

    • Antiporn.png Stance on sexual degeneracy: Sexual promiscuity should be strictly frowned upon - adulterers should be harshly prosecuted and sex “workers” sent to labor camp(but those unwillingly forced into prostitution should be helped). Brothels should be burned, the sex industry should be crushed as brutally as the kulaks and all supportive of “sex-positivity” should be sent to work camps. Pornography should be strictly banned and pornographers arrested. People with degenerate feelings towards children should be hanged, drawn and quartered. There should also be mandated sexual abstinence until maturity, with strong education.
    • Natalism.png Stance on abortion: Abortion is generally immoral as it involves the killing of an unborn and as such should be prohibited. However there should be exceptions when: the mother and/or baby are at risk of death, there are defects, rape/incest, premature pregnancy. But no on demand abortion. Most abortions are avoidable with education and with good economic policies, the neoliberals create socioeconomic problems and their solution is murdering babies. Cringe.
    • Mat.png Stance on procreation: Sexual instinct exists for procreation raising a family, not hedonist pleasure. The state should provide economic benefits and maternity leave for every newly raised offspring. Also antinatalism is pure cringe and proponents(since they are usually antiwork) should go to labor camp. Family is good, being a childless whore who has sex only for pleasure should be opposed and punishable.
    • Sec.png Stance on drugs: There should be a hardline stance on hard drugs such as crack, meth, opium - and death penalty for severe traffickers. Weed should also be restricted and alcohol should also have restriction. There should be health support readily available for drug abusers.
    • Homophobia.png Stance on LGBT: LGBT, as an ideology, is sinful and decadent - marriage is one man and one woman, and you cannot change your gender. LGBT ideology is counter revolutionary bourgeois idealism and should be strongly opposed. Pride parades should be prohibited and suppressed militarily, degenerate civil unions should not be legally recognized, sex-reassignment should not be available and should be criminalized. Still, violence solely on someone having such urges is not moral.
    • Confem.png Stance on gender: There are only two genders, gender ideology is cringe and degenerate. Of the two existing genders there should be legal equality. Women should enjoy the same freedom as men and should have equal treatment. Many things like arranged marriage, spouse abuse, ownership of spouse etc should be harshly suppressed and women elevated to the equal status of men and able to work and serve. But bullshit like “femboys” should be illegal and punishable by hard labor.

    Equality.png Social Equality

    People should be treated equally. Men and Women are equal and should have total equality of treatment and rights by the state. There is no reason for women to not be able work or serve, it’s just not efficient or moral for them not to. Alongside equal rights, family values should be supported and and both men and women should act modestly and partake in their respective duties in society. Basically, General Shrekretary Thought’s views on gender is similar to that of Stalin, Kim Il Sung, or Gaddafi. Furthermore, all races are equal and there should be no differentiation between people just because of their melanin count. Racialism in all forms(reverse racism wont do anything unless it’s against br*tish and fr*nch) should be opposed and racial bias of any sort is unjustified.

    Revolution.png Means of Implementation VvMilitary.png

    In terms of implementation, General Shrekretary Thought is very fiercely revolutionary. Reformism may have heart in the right place but it often degrades, for example the original socdems did initially want to overcome capitalism through reform but they ended up becoming defenders of the rotten system. The modern capitalist world can only be overcome through revolt by the masses themselves.

    • Synd.png Mass Action: In the capitalist system, the workers need to use the tools they have to revolt against their overlords. Workers of common interests and labor should organize into collective groups and coordinate against the system. Mass action should occur on a nationwide scale eventually leading to general strike to grind the bloodstained cogs of the capitalist machine slowly to a halt. This should put the degenerate system into a weakened state and bring about the right conditions for armed collective revolt.
    • Party.png Popular Revolutionary Guide Pop.png: The workers need a force to allow them to coordinate on a national scale and not fall apart to instability, disharmony, or subversion. A populist revolutionary group should be established to organize the mass strike and coordinate workers uprisings against the liberal system. The group should advocate a strictly populist platform and gain support from the increasingly disdained populace, and guide them throughout the revolution. Workers striking should be accompanied by students being encouraged to demonstrate. Armed uprisings and adequate support for the revolution should be managed and guided by the popular front.
    • GRights.png Under No Pretext VvMilitary.png - The masses must be armed, and to deny their right to bear weapons is the same as to deny their right to true democracy. Arms must be available to all the workers and if these rights are infringed they should be taken back with force. The popular revolutionary front should focus on mass armament of the populace for the revolution and the workers state should continue to uphold the right to arms after the revolution so that the masses may revolt if corruption emerges in the new government.

    Cultural Nationalism.png National Rejuvenation and Cultural UpheavalCol.png

    Following the chaos of revolution and overhaul of the state following it, the masses should be rejuvenated with the national culture. General Shrekretary Thought is hardline revolutionary nationalist and believes the the nation should have a reawakening with a newly educated youth incorporated into the workers nation state. Mass cultural movements such as art, literature, music, architecture should be upheld by the state to reinforce a national myth for the workers to be united by. It should be incorporated into every sphere of society as a reiteration and personification of the people’s spirit with socialist realist propaganda. Consumer culture is a disease, and the chains of hedonist individualism must be shattered by a counterculture of rejuvenated national collectivism. All corporate media should be purged and replaced with patriotic worker state media. Such usage of the youth to destroy the deteriorating capitalist modernity and invoke a new socialist cultural nationalism would have parallels to a “cultural revolution”, but more along the lines of Hoxha’s cultural revolution than Mao’s. A nationalistic state culture accompanied by mass education should create a culturally aware and class conscious new people unified under the new banner.

    Personality and Behavior

    General Shrekretary Thought has very hardline and authoritarian views, but is also generally civil with most ideologies(except for extreme cringe). He isn’t always entangled in political argument as he very much prefers to shitpost and act without seriousness. He gets along well with a lot of balls unless they have cringe personality. Even those he considers degenerate he’s tolerant of when in discourse. Of course, if he gets into power(which he won’t) a lot of people here would be arrested :malice: he would have a much colder personality, but like that’s ever going to happen.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color the ball with red.
    3. Draw a yellow onion at the center, and then a partially open yellow gear around the onion.
    4. Draw Shrek ogre ears on both sides.
    5. Draw a stalin-like military cap on top.
    6. Add the eyes and you’re done!

    Ideological Relations

    Working on improving this


    • Shrekism - Oh hello there!
    • Basedism.png Basedism - Why yes.
    • Soc.png Socialism - Goal of my ideology.
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - Your application of revolution is based. Without you marxism would be lifeless and without root in modern history.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - One of the greatest statesmen in not only the 20th century but all of mankind. You have many faults but your numerous achievements and contributions to socialism greatly compensate, as you built the ussr from the ground up and lead the fight against nazism. Without you socialism would be little more than a dogma.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism- Imperialists are cringe!
    • Natcom.png National Communism - Workers unite to drive out the imperialists
    • ML.png Actual Marxism-Leninism Stalin.png Natcom.png - The real marxist-leninists were pretty Chad. None of this western libshit bs, actual scientific socialism applied to the nation’s material conditions and cultural values.
    • Col.png Collectivism - Individualism is a disease that tears apart the values of society. Only as a collective can the people be moral, just, and free.
    • Juche.png Juche - Kim Il Sung was absolutely based, unfortunately your modern form is corrupt thanks to the 1990s.
    • Hoxha.png Hoxhaism - ALL HAIL BUNKERS


    • Paetel.png Paetelism - Baste, and swordcomrade is a chad
    • Accel.png Accelerationism - Trolling
    • ML.png Present ML - Some of your adherents are very based, and others are revisionists
    • Marxfem.png Marxist Feminism - Socialist feminism is BASED, but why are your western adherents queers. Still, women hold up half the sky.
    • Baath.png Ba'athism - Ba’ased tho your modern form is deviated from original ba’ath still critical support


    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - Left Nazbol is not too bad, but right Nazbol is a racist Nazi. Still the memes can be funny.
    • Mao.png Maoism - You had many great ideological contributions and did based against the l*ndlords, still you fell off after the 1960s and the cultural revolution and Great Leap Forward were shit.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Real


    • Tito.png Titoism - Killing fascists was based. But madedonia is gay and you split with the rest of the socialist works and sided with the west. IMF loan and unemployment and anarchy of production
    • Dengf.png Dengism - GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Memes aside, you have too many economic right tendencies and are imperialistic
    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - Without a strong state you will fall to the capitalists, but I still have respect for you and stand with you against imperialism.
    • Natan.png National Anarchism - Anarchism is very cringe but you are funny
    • Andist.png Anarcho-Distributism - not good but wtf female polcompball


    • Crapitalism.png Capitalism - DIE
    • Neolib.png Neoliberalism - My worst enemy. You are a degenerate global capitalist scum who is the reason for so many of the world’s problems. Satan himself.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Same as above.
    • Lib.png Liberalism - A disease. You are the root of modern degeneracy, exploitation and globalist oppression. Liberal “democracy” is a lie and used to manufacture consent from an exploited populace. Also libtards OWNED!
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - KYS poop head
    • React.png Reactionary - You suck.
    • Gay.png Les.png LGBT ideology Bix.png Trans.png - Gay
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - Almost misspelled you as oink, but there is no real difference since you are a pig.
    • World.png Globalism - Degenerate who wants to destroy national sovereignty, imperialist with extra steps. Anyone who unironically advocates this is soy, I don’t want my people’s sovereignty destroyed by a global order, neoliberalism is satan.
    • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - UN is 🤮
    • Imp.png Imperialism - A great evil which condemns countless to horrible suffering. Must be destroyed at all costs.
    • Authcap.png Pinochet.png Statlib.png US Puppet Dictators Klep.png Imp.png Necon.png - Degenerate scum. The CIA has killed millions in its mass subversion of countless foreign countries in the name of power and wealth. The tyrants and terrorists they backed are responsible for some of the worst crimes.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - You are the real infidels, twisting religion to suit your own political goals. You think you are truly anti-western even though wouldn’t even be widespread without CIA support and the actions of the French and British Empires.
    • Hindutva.png Hindutva - Fuck you. Fuck you to hell for pushing my country to shit.
    • LeftCom.png Left Communism - Touch grass.
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - Imperialist degenerate red neocon scum. Your “permanent revolution” idea is retarded, you interventionist would put russia in perpetual war. If you took power, ww2 would happen early and nazism would exist as legitimate ideology to this day. Stalin axed you like a Chad.
    • Racenat.png Racialism - Cringe. All races are equal.
    • Zio.png Zionism - Imperialist oppressor. Israel is cringe and evil mass murderer of Palestinians. I could go on and on about how cringe you are, but I will leave that to based Immorxy.
    • Monarch.png Monarchism - GAY
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Degenerate overweight coomer who spends 18 hours a day fapping to lolis in a room decorated with body pillows. Why are you obsessed with femboys your gay.
    • Nazi.png Nazi - Very gay. Don’t even need to elaborate.
    • Nazcapf.png National Capitalism - Also very cringe, Nazi but with even cringier economics.
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - Crazy genocidal epic Burgundian gamer psycho.
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - Just as evil as nazism. Not as many people know of your atrocities but they are easily on par with the nazis.
    • Hfash.png Homonationalism - Exterminate homosexuals and fascism will vanish.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - 12 year old soy ideology. Everyone who unironically believes this is a kid who has not touched grass at all.
    • Libertarian.png Libertardian, Minarchist.png Minargay and Ancrap.png AnCrap - Retard. Edgy teen ideology, ngl pretty cringe.
    • Hayek.png Ancapf.png Chilib.png Shitty economists and philosophers Obj.png Austrobert.png Lfree.png - Lol cringe retards claiming socialism is unrealistic while advocating foolish unrealistic ideas. H*donism is the source of societal decay.
    • Ford.png Fordism - Hell.
    • Prog.png Cultural Liberalism - Cultural liberalism is utter cringe and degenerate.
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - Idealistic anarkiddie who very LARP and soy. Yes I support a strong authoritarian nation state and oppose lgbt and globalism, and?
    • Abort.png Abortionism - Horrible disgusting filth. You want to murder babies, well too bad since I believe in death penalty for homicide.
    • SJW.png SJW - Face the wall. I don’t even want you imprisoned, you should be executed.
    • Anat.png Anationalism - Absolutely soy and cucked. Anat more like anal gottem.
    • Indiv.png Individualism - Selfish degenerate.
    • Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism - Selfish degenerate who fully embraces selfish degeneracy. To the gallows off with you!

    Note: this has nothing to do with my views on the users themselves only ideology

    Yes(500 - 1000 onion credit points)

    Kinda based(200 - 500 onion credit points)

    Mixed(-200 - 200 onion credit points)

    Kinda Cringe(-200 - -500 onion credit points)

    Cringe(-500 onion credit points)


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