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    Gaudism (gaudium, in latin for "joy" and -ism "taking side with") is an ideology that believes that entertainment should be installed around everywhere, in order to make the people as happy and entertained as humanly possible.

    Some balls don't like the idea of forced happiness, so some balls try to install dystopian and totalitarian governments in order to reduce happiness. They can still make the populace happy politically rather than with entertainment and their own interests.

    Totalitarian governments today practice this, as they also use entertainment to make the populace happy. This is to prevent their people protesting or starting an uprising in their regime.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill in with green, the color depends on it's happiness.
    3. Draw a smile in black. The way the smile looks depends on it's happiness.
    4. Draw in the eyes.

    You're done!


    Gaudism is always happy, even in it's sleep. No matter, when, where and at what time, it will be smiling. It will never turn his happy face upside down, although it would look creepy if it is staring directly at you. Yes, you. It is much happier when they gain achievements, like achieving praxis.

    Gaudism is a ball that can be portrayed as the sin of pride, as it's always happy and so much sometimes.



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