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    Gamerism is an ideology generally believing people who play video games should have more power in society. It tends to use Populism as a means of empowering gamers.


    Gamerism is depicted as having the personality of a stereotypical gamer. He spends a lot of time inside, playing video games.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with a dark grey color (#2E2E2E)
    3. Make a controller on the ball, with the cord going around the right side (#111111).
    4. [OPTIONAL] Put buttons on the right side of the controller. The top one should be yellow (#F1F101). The left one should be blue (#0101F1). The right one should be red (#F10101). The bottom one should be (#01F101).
    5. Draw the eyes!




    • National Bolshevism - Best ideologies to play with in strategy games
    • Neo-Rebelism - Good with Roblox, OK boomer to the gore.
    • Ilminism - I know we had our differences with the Shutdown law, but you abolished it, so it's a victory royale for us. Although because of you now these two bastards created worse laws.


    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - You hate games, right? You think they caused the riots!
    • SJW - Stop censoring my slurs in the chat and stop pushing your agenda into games! Just let me game dammit!
    • Motherism - I dont wanna go outside MOM im busy GAMING!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Hey! How a gamer wants to play is his own business! Stop limiting me you totalitarian fuck!
    • Conservatism - Stop censoring my curse words in the chat just let me game dammit!
    • Mediacracy - Stop criticizing video games.
    • World Health Organization -"ADDICTION" TO VIDEO GAMES IS NOT A DISEASE.


    Further Information


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