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    Gallowayism is an authoritarian left, culturally right wing and nationalist ideology which reflects the beliefs and personality of the British politician George Galloway.

    Galloway's positions can best be described as anti-Western, with a few other convictions. He will unflinchingly support all and any regime (no matter how regressive or authoritarian) so long as they're perceived as an enemy of the West. A clear example of this was how his position on Saddam Hussein changed. While the US was supplying weapons to Hussein, he was a consistent critic. But as soon as the tables had turned and the Western world set their sights on the Iraqi leader, Galloway too changed his allegiance.

    Though he is not Muslim himself, it's needless to say disaffected Muslim voters have been a key part of his political successes. Galloway has often found himself forming coalitions between the Old Left and Conservative Islam, with his anti-imperialism, strong stance against Zionism and support for groups like Hezbollah being one of the threads which tied this coalition together.

    Some of his other positions include his hard Euroscepticism, which while far from uncommon in the British Left, his heedful support for Farage's Brexit Party is a little more unusual.

    Perhaps due to his Irish Catholic background, Galloway is a strong supporter of Irish Reunification however much less supportive of Scottish independence. This is in part because he believes an independent Scotland would be deeply unsafe for Catholics due to the country's sectarian and Presbyterian history, and in part because - despite being outspokenly anti-Western for most of his political career - is heavily patriotic and one of the hardest supporters of British Unionism on the left. Along with his current patriotic grift, his contempt for the "Woke Left" and their out-there ideas like... *Checks notes* Women's rights, has led to him making easier bedfellows with those on the hard-right than the Left.

    He has served as Member of Parliament from 1987 to 2005 for Glasgow Kelvin and Hillhead, from 2005 to 2010 for Bethnal Green and Bow, from 2012 to 2015 for Bradford West and from 2024 to now for Rochdale with his newly formed party, the Workers Party of Britain.

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    • Faragism - I don't believe in you, I believe in Brexit
    • Radical Feminism - You think women shouldn't be sex slaves, but at least we agree on the Trans problem.


    Further Information


    George Galloway

    Workers Party of Britain

    All For Unity

    Respect Party

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