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    Note that this is a work in progress, do not edit it without my permission.

    Gallomarchy is a politically isolate ideology that is pretty much hated by all the other ones, believing in a totalitarian one party world-state "united" under the same religion, same values, same morals, same beliefs and a stagnant economy due to the lack of state intervention in business.

    Gallomarchy brings new solutions for society such as:

    • Work: The weak (and the lazy) can buy their very own slave to gain wealth on its behalf, buying multiple slave is also legal.
    • Religion: One new and single world religion, but people can somewhat practice it at their own guise, Nasibir claims to be God himself and, he must be worshiped all around the world.
    • Terrorism: From a Gallomarchic perspective, the total destruction of Islam and the Arabs will improve society.
    • Racism: Racism becomes universally outlawed, the sole mention of "n****r" or "white priviledge" will be severely punished either by impalement or induced irradiation.
      • However, ethnic discrimination is absolutely legal and unlimited when Nasibir's favorite people aren't victims of it. Discrimination against Gregorians[1] and other Caucasic[2] people is severely punished, often by prolonged torture or the white room.[3]
    • Sexism: Every gender laws are abolished and all kinds of sexism outlawed around the world, the only existent gender law incites that men aren't allowed to act feminine, Nasibir doesn't like it.
    • Gender issues: There's only two genders and claiming for a third one is severely punished.
      • Gender transition is punished either by sawing or quartering.
    • Sexual liberty: Excluding homosexuality, people have the right to practice any sexual acts, no buts, no exception.
      • People can even buy their own slave for it.
    • Immigration: Migrating from a country to another is strictly illegal without paying a pretty much large amount of money, usually 1500$, the price may depends on how you look.
    • Liberty: All forms of scam, thief, murder, torture, rape and exploitation are legal when the Matrocrate or major corporate bodies aren't victim of it.
    • Order: The Thought Police can read in people's mind to detect future criminal acts or hate speech.


    A man under the name of Nasibir becomes ruler of the world after building up a Matrocrate (Super-enterprise controlling all organizations, corporations, while being completely separate if not even above the state in power) and "hijacking" into governments, murdering world leaders, (and replacing them with clones or doppelgangers) and installing a worldwide regime centered on one and single country, newly built on the ruins of a desolated France (excludes Brittany, Normandy and Picardy), Nasibir decides to call it Gregoria.



    • Zionismcube - Awesome because they are Kebab-Remover Colonialists like me!



    Numeroted words

    1. The Gregorians are a Caucasic ethnic group native to Gregoria, they are usually very pale with unusual eye colors, most of them have a hooked nose, they are also descendants of the Israelite tribes and thus considered as Jewish.
    2. The Caucasic people are an ethnic category (if not race) englobing all speakers of the Caucasian languages excluding the former Muslim ones.
    3. The Caucasic people especially the Gregorians are a strictly protected ethnic group in terms of discrimination,


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