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    Galacticism, also Galactism, is a philosophy focusing on the thought, advocacy, practicality and aesthetic of accessing the further reaches of space. This may include improving space transport, settling other planets, creating spacecrafts meant to be lived on while travelling the universe, etc.

    It is non-quadrant and has no other political leanings, with issues relating to technology (technological regression vs technological acceleration) probably being a rare exception.


    There is no one reason as to why anyone would support galacticism as there are varying motives for doing so. A common belief however is that space is the next logical step in exploration and technology that humanity would, and should, take. Some goals of galacticism often include the advancement of scientific discovery, collecting resources which are finite on Earth and expanding humanity's population reach in the case of a world-ending disaster ever happening on Earth. Since ideologies like Anarcho-Primitivism and Neoluddism reject advanced technology, they are usually excluded from the possibility of unironically supporting galacticism.

    Ideologies which are purely galacticist include Space Colonialism and Galactic Imperialism.

    Some ideologies might support to unite humanity with Globalism to have humanity cooperate to achieve galacticist ideals, and may desire Cosmocracy as an end result. Edwinism is an example of an ideology which supports globalism to achieve galacticism. On the other hand, some ideologies may still advocate Nationalism along with or to achieve galacticism. A famous fiction example of this is Darth Vader and the Dark Side from Star Wars, while some real nationalist ideologies with galacticist elements include Nkolosoism and Trumpism (see, National Space Council), although not as much the latter.

    To achieve galacticist ideals, some ideologies may also support more socialistic or more capitalistic economies. Edwinism (again), Ultravisionary Socialism and Trekism are all ideologies which support either communist or socialist economies in their space utopia. Ideologies like them tend to think either socialism is the best system for guiding their people into the space age or that socialism is system viable for long-term space travel. Porajism and Muskism are all ideologies which support capitalist economies for their galactic ambitions. Ideologies like them tend think that capitalism is the most powerful force to make it into space or that space operations should be run for capitalistic gains.


    Galacticism is fascinated with the beauty and vastness of the universe and often daydreams about exploring the cosmos. It knows a large amount of astrological knowledge and plans to work for NASA or something like that one day. It's favorite video games are No Man's Sky, Super Mario Galaxy and Universe Sandbox.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Galacticism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color it space blue(#001b55).
    3. Add the UFP (Star Trek) logo.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!






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