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    Galactic Dominationis / Planet Draconis IV

    Draconis IV
    Largest City New Draco City
    Government Factions:
    Head of State Factions:
    Societal Information
    Population 17 billion
    Historical Information

    Planet Draconis is one of the darkest planets in the Milky Way. It is embroiled in a civil war between two factions: The Liberation Front, an insurrectionary anarco nihilist terrorist organization whose goal is to eliminate society and embrace chaotic nihilism, and The New State, a totalitarian regime seeking to reestablish order and create a hyper-totalitarian state.


    The Liberation Front

    The Liberation Front is the biggest terrorist organization on the entire planet which follows an insurrectionary anarchist nihilist ideology that believes that nothing matters and that people should do whatever they want including robbing, and murdering and people must insurect and die for freedom and chaos. And these crimes are encouraged. They control almost half of the planet. Nothing is known about its leadership except that the organization consists of criminals.

    The New State

    Flag of the New State

    The New State was established in response to widespread anarchist riots worldwide. Military officers from various regions came together to bring stability to the planet and formed The New State. It is a hyper-totalitarian regime led by a high command of military officers and technocrats, aiming to eliminate The Liberation Front and establish stability on the planet.

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