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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Gaian Fascism is an Authoritarian, Economically Third Position, Culturally Center-Left to Left, Environmentalist, Fascist and highly Spiritual ideology which wants to create a fascist government to protect the environment.

    It worship Mother Earth and sees the planet in and of itself as a living godess. It believes that everything from animals to plants to the soil itself are part of this great godess. Because of this nothing on the planet can be "hurt" and it will make sure that people don't mess with the Earth. Humans are seen as different entities. They are not part of the greater godess and are instead its protectors. It is therefore not bad to kill a human, but its not something that should be done if it can be avoided since humans have a purpose.

    It shares many similarities with Eco-Fascism, but there are still some major differences. Unlike Eco-Fascism it is not a Traditionalist and instead wants the culture of the nation to evolve with the times. This is seen as something good as this brings forth new ways to worship the godess. It is also very pro-drug and loves to get high.

    It is an Ultranationalist as it sees its nation as the only nation that is correctly worshipping Mother Earth. It wants to use imperialist tactics like those used by the Nazis to create a greater nation where everyone respects the planet. Its nationalism is not based on race and is instead, like Fascism, based on culture and rejuvenation.

    If you go against the state or in some way hurts nature the ideology won't be scared to kill you. It constantly rants about "Polluters" who are the number one enemy of the regime.





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