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    Future Unitism is Estonteco's Ideology. He believes in a Mutualism ecnomy without money. He is  Culturally Right and Nationalists, but is progressive in case of science. He likes an  Anarchists society with a sole leader as the Monarchists and AI making decisions.

    Political Journey

    Socialism > Libertarian Marxism + Technocracy > Mutualism > National Anarchism > Future Unitism



    Carry out reforms (companies into worker-owned communes), implement rural industrialization policies, carry out on-site urbanization, promote county development, gradually reduce the urban-rural gap. The state abolishes taxes and provides the living materials for people for free, but on the other side, no salary. People are forced to work by a simple idea: no qualified work done, no living materials. Private property is allowed, but not money. The economy operates on a straightforward promise: the number of hours you work correlates directly with the amount of compensation you receive. In this system, the principle is clear and dependable, establishing a direct connection between an individual's labor input and their living nessessities. Jobs are assigned by the AI and it depends on personal abilities, to get the adequate job.


    In this system, workers are empowered with complete control over the production process, while the government maintains a moderate level of oversight. A significant aspect of this economic approach is the promotion of cooperatives (Co-ops) and unions, which are actively encouraged to form and participate in the economic landscape. Notably, privately-owned production is prohibited, reinforcing the principle that the means of production are collectively managed by the workers and communes, ensuring a more equitable and worker-focused economic system.

    Sectors of Economy

    The national integration of two or more closely related industries with the aim of enhancing efficiency and production. All outputs of the same sector (for example, mining oil) is merged together and then relocated by the planning AI.

    markets vs planning

    There should be a planned market. The market should adjust itself to meet the planning of a central AI and while free trade within communes is allowed, free trade between communes is strictly banned and all resources exchange should go by the planning the central AI. The communal market operates as a goods-based, moderately regulated system under the control of the communal AI that it belongs to.


    Education should be publicly funded by the national government and managed by local communes. Schools are owned by the commune, and best shudents of each commune shall be sent to the central school and become the experts.


    Housing shall be publicly assigned, with each house fitting but not exeeding the needs of people, and housing shall be built systematically in high speeds that speeds up urbanization.


    All cultures, if not harming human rights, are appreciated and allowed. However, the atate does not have a culture itself and should not have one. No one shall be discriminated, but they also should not get extra rights. They are ordinary people, like everyone else is. Since humanity is the only intelligent epecies we know, humans are inheerently supreior to all other species, but within humanity, everyone is equal. I generally support culturally progressive policies. With that said, I also support progressive conservatism in regards to harmless cultural traditions, such as traditional clothing, local cui However, I DO NOT support sine, folktales, art, etc. In terms of harmful cultural practices, however, those have to go because they don’t benefit anyone and harm everyone involved. People should be able to do what they want except for causing harm to other people. As such, most of the victimless crimes that we currently have should be legalized and those who have committed them should be retroactively released from prison.


    In the framework, a deep commitment to cultural progression coexists with the principles of secular, non-biased governance. Embracing the belief that cultures should remain dynamic and adaptable rather than stagnant and bound by rigid rules, this ideology champions the continual advancement of culture, belief systems, and technological progress. This ideology firmly asserts that conservatism, characterized by an inclination to maintain the status quo, is inherently self-destructive and detrimental to the well-being of the populace, this ideology embraces a forward-looking approach, recognizing that learning from history and being receptive to change is essential for societal advancement and the betterment of its citizens.


    Technology as one of humanity's greatest assets, should continually progress. In this vision, humans and AI seamlessly cooperate to maintain an equilibrium in the workplace, preventing extensive job displacement that can arise from full automation. This partnership is rooted in the idea of mutual benefit, with AI providing automated labor through joint automation, while humans undertake the crucial task of overseeing and maintaining these AI systems. This approach ensures that both humans and AI contribute to the workforce, enhancing productivity and coexisting for the betterment of society.


    The state shall be a union of small communes of the same cultural background, (each union shall contain about 90000 people), but the decisions usually made by the national government are made by AI, and there is a surpreme leader which views these decisions, which only has the power to stop these desicions from getting through.


    Democracy? sort of, but elections are only held within the smaller communes Speech should mostly be free, except for defamation, disinformation in professional media, child porn, and explicit death threats against individuals or groups of people. However, freedom of speech doesn’t give you exemption from consequences. You can say what you want, but you can’t complain when people criticize you because of what you said. Security cameras in public are fine, but spying on private citizens is wrong.

    Police and Law

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that a punitive justice system is not doing enough to address crime, or rather, it’s not doing enough to address the root causes of crime. Most of the crimes come from financial reasons or because the crimes that they committed were victimless crimes. So, an important step towards reducing crime is to reduce economic and social inequality in society and to legalize victimless crimes. People who support a “tough on crime” approach, despite what they say, don’t actually care about the victims or actually reducing crime in society. Serious criminals (such as mass murder) should not be considered human and therefore shall be cut off all human rights until they rehabilitate. diplomacy: every single proson is equal and has equal rights. No matter gender, skin color, or nationality, everyone is one of the human species, and all humans should be united, for we are all similar.

    Foreign Policy Views/Diplomatic

    I think that, in the long run, an internationalist foreign policy would benefit the nation a lot more than a nationalist one. We have a lot of problems in the world that it makes little sense for individual countries to solve on their own. This is why the UN is important for diplomatic relations. With that said, some of the things that I would like to see changed in the UN is that most of the members of the Security Council and the veto power of the Big Five are to be removed. And since humanity is one thing, we should slowly integrate our economies and government, and all sorts of stuff, starting from the UN , and resulting a world united into one world federation.

    Views on current Alliances

    The ideology asserts that NATO serves as a mechanism through which the United States exerts control over Western nations, effectively maintaining their influence over these states. Each European nation within NATO should have the autonomy to operate independently of American control.The European Union should take the lead in managing its own military capabilities, thereby reducing reliance on NATO for defense. This perspective reflects the ideology's commitment to regional autonomy and self-determination while expressing skepticism about external influences.

    Approach to Other Nations

    I advocate for a notably positive and proactive approach when dealing with friendly states, the positive diplomatic stance is a testament to its commitment to pursuing harmonious and mutually beneficial relations with like-minded nations in the global arena. When it comes to dealing with neutral states, this ideology adopts a diplomatic approach that, while positive, tends to be less assertive compared to interactions with friendly nations, the diplomatic approach towards neutral states reflects the nation's commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence, global cooperation, and strategic engagement, even if it takes a more measured stance compared to interactions with friendly nations. Dealing with hostile and aggressive states presents a unique challenge , prompting a defensive yet cautious approach grounded in its commitment to peaceful resolution and the preservation of its core principles, while prioritizing peaceful solutions, the state remains vigilant in its commitment to its values and the protection of its interests when confronted with hostile states, seeking a path towards stability and cooperation through diplomacy and strength.

    Some Concerns


    I believe that every individual, regardless of their gender, possesses the potential to be equally productive in the workforce. The system promotes equal pay and equal rights for all genders, emphasizing the importance of creating a level playing field where opportunities and rewards are not influenced by one's gender identity. This commitment to gender equality is a fundamental aspect of the system's principles, fostering a society where every person can contribute and prosper based on their abilities, not their gender. However, I DO NOT support or promote LGBTQ+ or Transhumanism but I have a more positive leaning towards technological progress, euthanasia should be allowed but drugs should be strictly banned because they lower the working ability. Mental education should be worth more investments too.

    Racial Concerns

    Promoting racial equality and preventing discrimination based on a person's skin tone or place of origin is extremeny important. The system has implemented specific laws designed to protect individuals from racial discrimination, regardless of their racial or ethnic background. These laws serve as a safeguard against discrimination and emphasize the principle that every individual, irrespective of their race, should be treated with fairness and respect. This approach underscores the system's commitment to building a just and inclusive society where all citizens are equal before the law. Rooted in a firm commitment to justice and equality, the system actively confronts and works to dismantle these detrimental notions, aspiring to eliminate them from society once and for all. The foundational principles revolve around fostering a society where every individual, irrespective of their racial background, is welcomed and embraced. This ethos creates an environment where everyone has the opportunity to flourish, free from the shadow of discrimination based on their race or ethnicity.


    Will this turn into a totalitarian state?

    A: No, of course not. The leader only can reject the Ai's proposal, he cannot propose anything, which stops the state becoming a tatalitarian state.

    What do the experts do?

    A: They hold places in the government only dor diplomatic purposes, but before the AI is fully developed, they take the place of the AI and make decisions. Also, the leader is chosen by the last leader among those experts.

    Your opionion towards space exploration?

    A: I see it as the only way that the absolute power of humanity can expand because that the resources on earth is limited.


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