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    Note: This is only one interpretation of this ideology. This does not represent the beliefs of all fusion populists

    Fusion Populism is (usually) a statist-leaning, economically center-left to left, culturally right to far-right, nationalist and populist ideology which is the synthesis of Left-Wing Populism and Right-Wing Populism.

    It takes the economic beliefs from Left-Wing Populism. It believes that the rich elite are actively harming the common man, especially the working class, to enrich themselves. Instead of supporting Economic Liberalism it wants a regulated economy with a big welfare state or, alternatively, a Socialist economy.

    When it comes to socio-cultural issues it follows the ideas of Right-Wing Populism. It wants to limit immigration and protect old norms and customs from the liberal elite which it believes is trying to destroy its nation's culture. It is Socially Conservative and is very protective of its culture.

    Some ideas that it takes from both its parents are those of Protectionism, skepticism towards Globalization and Elitism. Protectionism protects both the wages of the native workers and limits the nation's dependency on international trade. Economic, cultural and political globalization is believed to take away the economic and political power of the people and destroy the national culture.


    The People


    The Liberal Elite

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