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    Not to be confused with Improved Anthropomorphism.

    Furry Transhumanism is the idea that furries should alter their physical appearance to match their fursonas' with transhumanist technology.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the transhumanist symbol over it in white and light blue.
    3. Add to ears and a tail.
    4. Color the inside of the ears light blue.
    5. Color the tip of the tail lights blue too.
    6. Draw a red visor for its eyes.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light Blue 1 169 242 #01A9F2
    Grey 88 90 90 #585A5A
    Red 255 0 0 #FF0000



    • Anti-Humanism - Yeah, humans suck, that's why i'm doing this.
    • Transhumanism - With you, my dreams might actually be possible.
    • Furryocracy - You're a furry which is good... now all you have to do is become your fursona IN REAL LIFE.
    • Robotnikism - You use transhumanism technology on animals, now do it to me!
    • Second-Lifism - The sad reality I am stuck with.
    • Autism - The main source of our needs.
    • Furry Otherkinism - I wish there was no difference between me and my escape fantasy fursona...


    • Transgenderism - If you're not going through a complete body reassignment, then your not taking it far enough.
    • Anti-Mammalism - You're good for all the scaleyfags out there, but what about the majority of us!?
    • Primalism - Why just stop at turning the human species into an animal-like species when we can become AN ANIMAL SPECIES!?


    • Anti-Furry Nationalism - What are YOU going to do when I reach MAXIMUS POWER!
    • Anti-Furry Nazism - I guess I would kind of be a racially impure subhuman for you to commit genocide upon if I were to go through with this.

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