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    Furry Nazism refers to the ideology of a small selection furries who depict themselves or depict art of furries as members of the Nazi state. People who do this are called Nazi Furries, or Nazi Furs for short. Though most Nazi Furs are not actually nazis themselves, many others in the Furry Fandom, especially the SJW-types such as Antifur aggressively despise them.


    Nazi Fur is hated by everyone, either because he makes them angry with its mere presence or it just makes everyone else cringe their eyeballs out.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Furry Nazism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it ears and a tail.
    3. Color it all red.
    4. Color the inside of the ears and underside of the tail red.
    5. Draw a white circle in the middle of the ball.
    6. Draw a black pawprint in the middle of the white circle.

    You're done UWU!




    • Foxiteism - Even if I may like your civic ideas and dream of a world purified without non-furs, you must understand that the untermensch Jewish furries need to be removed too. Not just non-furs.
    • National Socialism - Stop telling me to go in the shower dad! Furries are supposed to smell bad! But thanks to Hitler that always respected animals tho


    • SJW - Stop getting so angry. It's a paw! Not a swastika!
    • Antifur - Degenerate.
    • Zionism - NEIN NEIN!! RAWR! GRRRR... RAWR!! (haha. Just larping bro)

    Further Info





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