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    Furry Nationalism was an ideology created by SciuCaro in 2005 that manifested its beliefs through the short-lived "Furry Militia", then just through SciuCaro's own personal beliefs after that group died down and dissolved. It believes that on top of embracing the Furry Fandom to the point of it feeling more nation-like rather than like a geeky fandom, it should seek to make it its own cultural and national identity.

    It has specific views on how furry culture should be maintained and lived by and could be considered "Reactionary" (by furry community standards) due to it not liking the direction the Furry Fandom has going for a long time and yearning to return to the older days of furry culture. It also believes its proposed nationality should be recognizable from the general furry fandom, which SciuCaro states is mostly "just furries/furry fans" rather than devotees to furry nationalism.


    The following is an excerpt from Furry Nationalism's page on WikiFur:

    There are a number of things that stand out in the views of Furry Nationalism:

    • Furry as a nation should be culturally sovereign, and focus on the traditional animal lifestyle. This means Furry should not be culturally diffused with other modern subcultures of its caliber, such as the Otaku or Sci-Fi communities, and such communities can only be held as a general interest. This is to preserve the true spirit behind Furry, and what made it happen when it all started.
      • Actual world nationalities have a different respect. They shouldn't mix (again to protect the original Furry culture), but because they have an even higher prominence than small-time subcultures (with real history and background), they are more regarded.
    • The term Furry Fandom is regarded as the mainstream everyone recognizes, instead of the cultural/spiritual foundation that is stated as the base of Furry Nationality. The Furry Fandom is acknowledged to have started as a Sci-Fi gathering, but the Furry Nation stands a prominent part of those who felt born with it instead of just having a fan-club interest.
    • As Furries by supposed nationality, everyone is family as a Furry national, no matter what their interests are. This is to discourage political schisms like the Burned Furs/Freezing Furs quarrel, which is seen to the Nationalist Furries as the "Furry Civil War".
    • Patriotism in Furry nationality was exceptionally important. This was to help people stay proud of their Furry background, which to them is a part of their being.


    Furry Nationalism has great nostalgia for the older days of the furry fandom and is very patriotic for that era. It usually keeps to itself and does not wish to affiliate with the modern furry fandom as it does not like the direction it has went down. It is not a hermit however and it is willing to share its ideology with anyone who is interested.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Furry Nationalism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Add two ears and a tail,
    3. Fill it orange.
    4. Color the inside of the ears and tip of the tail white.
    5. Draw a white tetradecagonal star in the center of the ball.
    6. Draw a black paw in the middle of the star.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done UWU!



    • Furryocracy - A nation and homeland for furries! There's nothing more I could ask for!
    • Furry Market Socialism - Great for control and efficiency, and has some good nationalist variants aswell!
    • Foxiteism - I'm not too sure about all your ideas, but I respect you for wanting a furry nation as well.
    • Micronationalism - My future country may be as glorious as yours someday...
    • CHAZism - ...Perhaps even as glorious as yours.
    • Furry Apoliticism - We're all brothers of this furry nation, no political schisms!



    • Anti-Furry Nationalism - You will never impede me on my journey to make a homeland just for furries!
    • Antifur - ...But you might.
    • SJW - It's people like you who are destroying furry culture!
    • Furry Transhumanism - Enough with this Sci-Fi crap. It is a distraction from raw furry culture.
    • Multiculturalism - WE ARE NOT A GEEKY FANDOM!!
    • Furry Nazism - That's not exactly what I meant by "furry nationalism".

    Further Info

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